Let’s Get This Buzzing Started!

Hello fellow small business owners.  Welcome to the official launch of @sbbuzz – an organized way for wired, innovative small business professionals to share insights and advice through Twitter.  And by organized we mean open, unstructured and evolving, but regularly scheduled for each Tuesday from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Eastern time.

First buzzup is this
Tuesday, February 10th, 8:00 PM – 10:00 pm Eastern

See the instructions for participating

So what is a buzzup?  Our plan is get a group of small business owners together regularly to talk about what is and is not working technology-wise for your business.  We’re assuming that anyone on Twitter is pretty forward thinking and willing to embrace new technologies to make your business work.  We’re blazing that trail ourselves, so figured we might as well all learn from each other how to best make all of these things work.

So please spread the word and invite anyone you know who owns a small business and is on Twitter to participate.  And to make it easier, here’s a pitch in 140 characters:

Come join innovative small business owners discussing how to make technology work for business http://sbbuzz.biz

Thank you for the interest.  We look forward to buzzing with you soon!



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2 responses to “Let’s Get This Buzzing Started!

  1. This sounds like something I would appreciate becoming a part of. My concern is that I will be less able to provide good / insightful / useful content (my kids call me technoweenie for good reason) than what I will be able to learn from everyone else! I’m really in uncharted territory here, folks.
    If that doesn’t feel problematic for you then, please count me in!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks, JT, and welcome! No matter your skill level our hope is that we can all learn something here (and I’m sure can all contribute a bit, too). Thanks for the interest – hope we see you next Tuesday.


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