Rules for participating:

  1. Chats will be each Tuesday evening from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM Eastern time.
  2. Chats will start with introductions.  One Twitter message explaining who you are and what your business is.
  3. Discussion questions should be sent to @sbbuzz (without the “#sbbuzz”) or by direct message.   During the chat we will post one question at a time for comments, responses and further discussion from the group.  As a group we will spend about 10 minutes on each question.
  4. All questions should relate to small businesses’ use of technology to run a business.  From hardware to software to social media, anything is fine but make sure it relates to using technology for small business issues.
  5. No pitching during the discussions.  There will be time at the end to pitch your company, service or product to the group.
  6. Be nice! and respectful and honest and helpful.  And if you are in the mood, witty, too.

Joining the @sbbuzz community:

  1. First, you must have a Twitter account.  It’s really easy (though can be addicting!).  Go to and click to “Join the Conversation”
  2. Go to and click to “Follow”  us.  Unless you are an evil webbot or otherwise seem to have ill intentions, we will follow you back.
  3. To send messages to the @sbbuzz folks just start your Twitter message with @sbbuzz
  4. To send messages to all the folks who are following you, just type your message in the “What are you doing” field.
  5. To send a message to the millions of people who are on Twitter but not following you, just get out there, follow a few people, add value to the conversation, enjoy yourself, join in new conversations and watch your network grow.

Participating in an #sbbuzz chat:

  1. Login from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Eastern time any Tuesday evening.
  2. There are several ways to follow a Twitter chat:
  • Tweetchat: We use Just login using your Twitter username and password, then enter the room “#sbbuzz” .  Tweetchat will automatically display all Twitter messages that folks tag with the #sbbuzz tag, so you will only see that conversation.  Tweetchat also automatically tags any message that you post with the #sbbuzz tag, so anyone following this conversation will see your message (without you having to tag it yourself).
Screenshot of #sbbuzz chat on

Screenshot of #sbbuzz chat on

  • Twitter Search: Alternatively you can use the search feature within Twitter itself.  Just go to and search on the term “#sbbuzz” or you can use the direct link to Twitter search will alert you as new messages are being posted to the chat – you can refresh your page as you see the “3 new messages” link at the top.  To post messages to the chat you must go to your normal Twitter page ( and submit you message being sure to include the tag “#sbbuzz” somewhere in your message.  Otherwise it will not show up in the chat for others monitoring the conversations.

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