And here are some of the other great resources developing out of the @sbbuzz community. You will find some great information to help you better understand how to make the most out of the @sbbuzz community.

Recommendations from #SBBuzz participants:

Other resources:

bellabuzzBella Buzz Podcast Interview with @sbbuzz Co-Founder Pamela O’Hara (@pmohara) by all-star contributor Desiree Scales and Joe Magennis. Some backstory information on the start of the @sbbuzz community and plans for the future.

discussionspaceDiscussionSpace Ning community is an open discussion forum started by a number of  @sbbuzz participants and a great place for continuing some of the conversations that start on the @sbbuzz chats.

smallbiztrends article on participating in a TweetChat.  Great tutorial on tools to use and how to keep up with the conversation.  And, awe shucks, @sbbuzz is the featured example.


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  1. I am interested in finding funding for a direct sales business. Can you help with some ideas?

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