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Small Business Networking Chat Summary from May 11, 2010.

We chatted about Customer Relationships. How do you show your customers love?

  • Weโ€™re on every Tuesday from 8-9 pm EST.ย  The next chat will be held on May 18, 2010.
  • You can read the instructions on how to participate here:ย http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
  • Invite others to join in, help them get started.ย  We started this chat to facilitate conversation between small biz owners.
bradfordshimp: The halls are alive with the sound of typing – time for the #sbbuzz Twitter chat! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Welcome to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat for the next hour of small biz talking technology on Twitter. Join us! http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
sbbuzz: Start off w/an INTRO: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Hello all. Bradford S-H-I-M-P here. Looking forward to chatting with everyone here tonight! #sbbuzz
ginabee: Good evening all!Gina w/ WriteyTidy writing & content creation.Looking forward to learning networking techniques from all you pros! #sbbuzz
pmohara: @bradfordshimp Hey – are you watching some Julie ANdrews in the background? ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
hashtager: # Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue and the moderator of #sbbuzz Let me know if you have questions or suggestions.
stellel: Evening, all! Christelle here, customer Experience @batchblue #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Hi everyone! I’m the Content Mastery Guide for coaches (with a brand new website: http://www.contentmasteryguide.com) (Intro for #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m Michelle, Comms Director for @batchblue and I can’t wait to see the bee get wild up in here. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Hi all – Scott from the @batchblue customer experience team. Also blogger, music lover and knower of things. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: jody here a cpa #sbbuzz
jmpineda: @pmohara Haven’t been on #sbbuzz in a while. Look forward to a great discussion. How’s biz, all!
ginabee: @scoblitz Things…what things? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Tonight’s topic is making the most out of networking opportunities, so lets make the most of this one. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Remember to send me any questions you want discussed with the group. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q1 How are you using social media to network with others? What types of relationships have you developed? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Twitter has been an amazing way to stay connected with people I met offline at the #wtlead conference in March. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: When I first started with social media, I hung with CPA’s cause it was safe…Now I’m finding end users of my product and I love it. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1 We’ve met many friends & made many biz deals thanks to social media networking. Friends with business benefits ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q1- I’ve used SM to be myself & talk about what I love to do. Lovely that I’ve found people who share themselves too & listen to me! #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: Making connections online and then taking it offline locally for my jewelry business as well as nationally. #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q1 – Finding lots of great people via SM. At this point, I try to move the relationship deeper with emails, chat, and phone calls. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @mriggen “Friends with business benefits,” LOL!! #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz has been a big part of my networking strategy but I also do a lot of networking offline with ppl I meet online. That’s important.
lindadessau: @JodyPadarCPA Great to hear of your progress – way to go! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q1 – I have reached a point where I am looking to go deeper rather than wider with my social media contacts. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Btw I’m Desiree Scales with Bella Web Design and I forgot how to chat it’s been so long! Forgot the #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: Yes, making genuine friendships can lead to business benefits. Genuine is important. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: It’s opened a whole new world of education to me from different horizons…A lot of professionals get caught in only what they know. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: #sbbuzz Joe Cascio – independent software developer, armchair social media researcher.
desireescales: @CharmedByDawn Hey you! #sbbuzz
ginabee: I have heard that people begun made significant business relationships thru SM…Actually I have gotten biz thru it myself! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @JodyPadarCPA Really good point. This type of networking explodes our boundaries. I learn new things every day. #sbbuzz
pmohara: I find Twitter is good for making or following up on new connections. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1: I liked this article from @batchblue customer on combining real life w/online networking: http://bit.ly/cN81c0 #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @desireescales – I know, I keep on trying new things, thanks to you! Desiree is a friendship grown online! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1: I have some great relationships that were furthered via Social Media. Much of what I do today actually. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Facebook is too much information for someone I have just met. I don’t need to know your deepest secrets, yet. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: #sbbuzz Q1: Twitter has become the primary way I meet people. For someone like me who isn’t good at “working a room”, it’s been a godsend.
JodyPadarCPA: I’ve met and done business with people from Twitter…But it always then go to an email or phone call. or even a flight to meet #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Feeling a little pyromania tonight? #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: My first chat tonight. I am Dawn Skowronnek, Jewelry Designer and Virtual Assistant for @desireescales #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q2 from @lindadessau Are business cards a must when you have an online business? #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: My first chat tonight. I am Dawn Skowronnek, Jewelry Designer and Virtual Assistant for @desireescales. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: Heck I feel like I know you all now at #sbbuzz. I think I’ve come to 4 meetings!
lindadessau: Q2 The reason I ask is that I don’t have biz cards to match my new website yet & I’m attending an event in June ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
desireescales: LinkedIn is a good resource for me personally. Not too personal but you learn about people and their viewpoints and expertise. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @CharmedByDawn Welcome, Dawn! Great to have you here ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @pmohara Most times, I agree. I use my personal FB, for personal. Then I have a business page. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @lindadessau Q2 – A good creative business card still goes a long way. I know because I just went to an event with crap biz cards. #sbbuzz
desireescales: My first chat tonight. I am Dawn Skowronnek, Jewelry Designer and VA for @desireescales #sbbuzz /via @CharmedByDawn (This gal rocks!)
rongraham1: Sorry to be late; had to launch @MARA_foundation on Twitter. Always fun to draw in someone new. Who isn’t a spammer. LOL #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @mriggen Thank you! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: When people want to connect on Facebook I let them in. I have pictures of my Kids in my Office #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q2 – I think so, you are always going to be meeting people and talking about your business. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @lindadessau Q2 I definitely think so, but they don’t have to exactly match website (you could do just logo) Check out moo.com #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q2 – But even lame cards are better than no cards. However, the alternative is to set a goal for # of new relationships to start. #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @lindadessau I think business cards are a must. I don’t think you should attend an event without them. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Anyhow, on Q2, yeah, I use ’em. Because I meet people other places than online. As do each of you. LOL #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @desireescales Thank you for a lovely compliment. It’s appreciated. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @desireescales It’s funny, I’ve more or less abandoned LinkedIn because there’s no socialization there. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: My husband has “blog” cards. Minicards with just a url #sbbuzz
pmohara: @lindadessau We use @overheardatmoo cards w/all our soc media identities. And the backs have quotes from our Twitter stream. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @mriggen They don’t? Phew! I don’t have a logo – I have a banner (hard to fit on a biz card!) I will check out that site, thanks. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @lindadessau You can create a cool online business card with all of your links. http://templatic.com/demo/ #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @pmohara I love quotes from the Twitter stream on the back of biz cards. Neat idea! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q2 Hopefully now that I’ve consolidated all of my identities onto one site these will be the last set of cards that I need. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2 I read that 80% of biz cards collected are never followed up on. Also read not to end sentence in preposition. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @JodyPadarCPA, @banannie uses them little things too. Hers are cool – is she in this group? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @pmohara @desireescales Thanks for the sites! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: They are all at the bottom of my purse! RT @mriggen: @sbbuzz I read that 80% of biz cards collected are never followed up on. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @JoeCascio Did you join groups? Ask and answer questions? Engage? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2 I also predict that biz cards will be obsolete within a few years. Like calling cards from days of yore. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen Take the follow up into your own hands. Collect cards and make notes, and then follow up on. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @mriggen Grammar rules are different here on Twitter, so there’s nothing for you to worry about… #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen Obsolete when they are replaced by a digital counterpart. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales Can you double-check that link? It’s not working for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @mriggen, you’re right about calling cards, but I think it’s a darn shame that you are. That would be an etiquette to resurrect. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q2 I’ve created oversized 4 color postcards which stand out a little more than biz cards and show off our work. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @sbbuzz Q2 I also predict that biz cards will be obsolete within a few years. Like calling cards from days of yore. #sbbuzz /via @mriggen
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2 In the spirit of virtual networking, gotta recommend my Small Biz Web buddies shoeboxed.com to deal with biz cards. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q2 How about taking a picture with your phone of the person holding their name tag or card? #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @desireescales I did try a group or two. Saw mostly spam, as I recall. #sbbuzz
ActiveIngreds: Q1 How are you using social media to network with others? What types of relationships have you developed? #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: #sbbuzz Don’t you all just “bump”
rongraham1: @desireescales, @DJFathaRamzee makes those postcards as a principal product. We never thought of using ’em to promote HIM. hmmm… #sbbuzz
ActiveIngreds: Q2 from @lindadessau Are business cards a must when you have an online business? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q3 Where do you do most of your virtual introductions? Twitter, LinkedIn, e-mail, other? Why? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @rongraham1 People doing new things with them tho. Playdate cards for kids, senior pix for teens. New ways to present self. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @lindadessau http://templatic.com/demo/visitingcard #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @mriggen With apps like Bump, you don’t need cards as long as you have a Bump-worthy device. Electronic exchange so much better. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @desireescales I love that idea, very good for conference. We did that at PodCamp Boston and live-tweeted the photos. Fun! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: My droid and iphone have the app where you just “bump” phones and it transfers data…That will be the new card #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @mriggen, that occurred to me when the subject of the dinky cards came up. Several good ideas you’ve launched, and there are more. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rongraham1 Guess I’m good for something after all… #sbbuzz
pmohara: @CharmedByDawn Good point. But there’s a difference btwn customers finding @batchblue & people I am connecting with personally #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q3 – Twitter, mostly. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @sbbuzz Q3 – almost all intros on Twitter. Can’t beat its personal touch. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @JoeCascio That’s what it will probably end up being, or something like it. Why not? It’s easier. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: On Q3, I do it wherever there’s someone I gotta meet. But since I lost my MySpace password about ten months ago, not much there. LOL #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Twitter – fun and quick! RT @sbbuzz: Q3 Where do you do most of your virtual introductions? Twitter, LinkedIn, e-mail, other? Why? #sbbuzz
ActiveIngreds: Q3 #twitter #LI are the key ones for me #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q3 – Twitter for me too. Amazing what can be conveyed in so little. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q3 – I do introductions in e-mail. I find Twitter inadequate for conveying to each introductee the awesomeness of the other. ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rongraham1 I think I have a Myspace floating in the ether. Hopefully they delete it after a period of no activity. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m going to say email for virtual introductions. Mostly for bizdev stuff that takes more than 140 to frame up. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q3: When introducing people to each other it is always email. For introducing myself – Twitter. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @bradfordshimp, I hope you’re right, because the MySpace procedure to kill your own is, well, byzantine. I mean complicated. LOL #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @mriggen Actually now that I think about it, I give/receive introductions thru email, too. They seem to carry more weight. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @scoblitz Yeah…what you said. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rongraham1 Heck, I can’t even figure out how to find my account again, let alone delete it. #sbbuzz
pmohara: I will say I always link to Twitter, LinkedIn & blog sites for the people I am introducing. Gives other person more insight. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @scoblitz, sometimes I can’t help saying even on Twitter, hey, have you met @iTaskVirtually or someone, y’know? Is that bad? #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz I play in the space that person feels most comfortable in. I usually pick up on that before making introductions.
ActiveIngreds: do any of you use #linkedin at all? #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @rongraham1 not really, guess it depends on the nature of the introduction. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q4 What is your favorite offline networking event? Are you making different connections at those than online events? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @ActiveIngreds I do in fact just hosted a webinar on it today for @constantcontact I definitely get leads. #sbbuzz
cjdub: Q2 – mobile apps and text marketing might replace business cards with “text XXXXX for my info” #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales Excellent point, Desiree. Meet your clients, prospective clients and colleagues where THEY’RE at & feel comfortable. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @ActiveIngreds, I do. I *should* use it more. LinkedIn has an amazingly powerful Q&A feature. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: My favorite offline networking event is my monthly Quickbooks user group meeting that I formed 3 years ago. #SBBUZZ
desireescales: #sbbuzz Q4 I love spur of the moment Tweetups! We host them on a local level. Just had one 2 weeks ago in Woodstock all via Twitter. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: CPA’s make the best referrals to other accountants #sbbuzz
cjdub: Q3 – Email and twitter respectively, and I agree with @bradfordshimp in saying go “deeper with your contacts, rather than wider” #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q4 – Working up the courage to join a local network event. Don’t get a lot of great tweet ups around here. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Yet to find one I’m really comfortable with (sorry for the dangling preposition, @mrigggen) So much more comfortable virtually! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: @bradfordshimp Absolutely Deeper! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q4 my fav offline event is Providence Geeks, but that is probably cause I already know everyone there from Twitter. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @scoblitz, for me, introductions should be based on the chance the two people will connect. Otherwise we have #FF for that. LOL #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @bradfordshimp, I’m with you: Akron’s been bad for that, and I started http://companies.to/socialmediaakron to change it up a bit. #sbbuzz
stellel: I’m hoping to get to @JoeCascio ‘s meetup one of these Wednesdays… #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4) Offline? What’s that? #sbbuzz
rongraham1: On Q4, I love to attend professional meetings to preach Twitter and stuff. Used to do http://tcf-nj.org every year ’til I moved. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @stellel: Glad you mentioned that. I find regular, *small* meetups to be much more relaxed, enjoyable *and* productive. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Create one even if it’s 2 ppl! DIY. I’d love to fly in! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @bradfordshimp I’ll come, too. Now you have 3! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q4 We have @providencegeeks (it’s tomorrow night, come if you can!) And coming soon…BatcHaรผs! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q4 I usually find offline networking events disappointing – I’d rather go to something I’m interested in & network while I’m there. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: #sbbuzz I and a couple others started a weekly coffee hangout, gab-fest. No program, no agenda. Just folks. Quality over quantity my mantra.
bradfordshimp: @desireescales @sbbuzz I would love that too. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q4 I think I may have just quoted an earlier sbbuzz conversation – sounded familiar ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q5 What is your best networking tip? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbuzz for offline networking, always put your Twitter handle on your badge. Sometimes we don’t look like our avatars (@sbbuzz!) #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @bradfordshimp by @sbbuzz I meant me, but you knew that, right? No bee costumes involved. ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
mriggen: @JoeCascio Co-working Thursdays at our new office space brother. Stay tuned for details… #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: Involve yourself in their life not in yours #sbbuzz
ginabee: @lindadessau Yes indeed!Networking events are like speed dating. You’re not in your element or comfort zone.Strike me as artificial. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q5 – Be yourself. And when that doesn’t work, pretend you’re Jack Donaghy (from 30 Rock). #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: And now it is what we affectionately call Pitch Time. Please tell us a little about your business. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: If you’d like a once-a-week e-mail reminder of #sbbuzz (including the topic) sign up at http://sbbuzz.net #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @ginabee @lindadessau – I agree. Networking should be natural – it won’t work otherwise. #sbbuzz
mskalyn: RT @sbbuzz: Q5 What is your best networking tip? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q5 If you are outgoing, try & seek out people who look shy. Everyone has something interesting to share. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: The Wind Up – if anybody here runs a small blog and is looking to grow, I am starting a mastermind group (which is filling up) @me #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q5 Follow up – since most people don’t (as we’ve already established tonight), you’ll stand out and actually start a relationship. #sbbuzz
cjdub: Do good work, ask for reccomendations, stay top of mind swith clients RT @sbbuzz: Q5 What is your best networking tip? #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @sbbuzz, the worst thing I lost when I moved was a laminated badge with my Twitter avatar and handle. Gotta get me another. <snif> #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen That works if you are shy, too. There is always someone who is more shy. (Its usually me). #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Need to create more masterful content? Idea Generator is now Content Mastery Guide http://www.contentmasteryguide.com (pitch time on #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Thanks to everyone for the lessons in valuable networking. This group leads by example! #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz Q5 Approach networking from the aspect of “Who can I help today?” and you always will and be remembered. Expect nothing back.
mriggen: @sbbuzz I met a guy who was a witch hazel scientist (!!) at the last networking event I went to. Witch hazel! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: I’m a CPA we do Tax and Payroll and QB consulting. We are in Chicago but can work virtually anywhere. Our site http://ow.ly/1JSvJ #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: And the Pitch: Read my blog, http://allbizanswers.com, you won’t regret it. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @bradfordshimp Well, I would also come to your networking event. Put me on the guest list ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I like that. Too many people go for the sell. Instead, go for the helping hand. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: RT @sbbuzz: Thanks to everyone for the lessons in valuable networking. This group leads by example! #sbbuzz
desireescales: Thanks to everyone for the lessons in valuable networking. This group leads by example! #sbbuzz That’s the truth!
cjdub: Content and strategy services, small to medium sized business marketing, http://www.contentandstrategy.com #sbbuzz Thanks for the chat tonight!
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m Michelle Riggen-Ransom with @batchblue and I think you’re all smashing! Thanks for coming by. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @desireescales, I like the helping hand thing too. In that spirit, I got a tagline that should go on the nametag and business cards. #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz Pitch time already? Goes fast! http://www.allbizanswers.com rocks!
pmohara: #sbbuzz pitch – Pamela here from @batchblue, the social CRM that loves social networking. And wine trails!
sbbuzz: Thanks, everyone. #sbbuzz is a small business Twitter chat hosted each Tuesday night by the folks from @batchblue Come again soon!
ginabee: Appreciate the networking advice! Thanks to all! http://www.writeytidy.com. I’ve got words when you don’t. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Oh also – we’re launching something cool tonight, if you think scheduling meetings from within your CRM is cool ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rongraham1 And it is? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen I do, I do. Now I won’t be able to sleep! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I think he is busy writing it down. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: I’m gonna spend a pitch tonight on @MARA_foundation, because I think they are doing something good in the world. I’ll talk me later. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: The Final Throw: If anyone is looking for a great task management system, check out The Action Method and read Making Ideas Happen. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Good night all, and good luck. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Joining #sbbuzz again after a few months was like riding a bike, you just remember how fun it is once you get back on it! @sbbuzz

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Show Your Customers Some Love! Chat summary from May 4, 2010.

We chatted about Customer Relationships. How do you show your customer love?

  • Weโ€™re on every Tuesday from 8-9 pm EST.ย  The next chat will be held on March 30, 2010.
  • You can read the instructions on how to participate here:ย http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
  • Invite others to join in, help them get started.ย  We started this chat to facilitate conversation between small biz owners.
sbbuzz: Welcome to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat for the next hour of small biz talking technology on Twitter. Join us! http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
sbbuzz: Start off w/an INTRO: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Howdy y’all – I am a small biz blogger and I also help small biz create their own blogs. Looking fwd to the chat! #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Hey everyone! I’m Mike & I do social media consulting for companies & small biz. How about u? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: I help coaches & other small biz owners write masterful content for newsletters, blogs, etc. http://snipr.com/t1pw5 (Intro for #sbbuzz)
ginabee: Good evening buzz friends! Gina w/ WriteyTidy joining the group. I create written content for the web. Glad to be here tonight! #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Susan here from Selah Synergy, Strategic Innovation Partner to Small Business. Nice to be with you tonight. #sbbuzz
urbanamulets: Deandra, developing a new small business, artsy handcrafted jewelry. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Hello everyone! Pamela here from @batchblue and the host of #sbbuzz. Looking forward to a great discussion of miy favorite topic tonight!
stellel: Christelle here, Customer Experience for @batchblue … where we show the customers love… โค #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Happy Tuesday – Scott, customer experience @batchblue, blogger, music lover, and chief dandelion ignorer. #sbbuzz
jpwint: Hey there! I run a web maketing consultancy in La Verne, CA #sbbuzz
mikestenger: @scoblitz “chief dandelion ignorer” Love that! #sbbuzz
cjservia: Chris Servia, CBCP with Lighthouse Continuity Partners, LLC. We provide business protection services. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @scoblitz To my kids, dandelions are wishes. So my yard is just full of wishes. Isn’t that nice? #sbbuzz
ginabee: @scoblitz At least you noticed that you’re ignoring them! #sbbuzz
stellel: @ginabee hi Gina! See you soon! #sbbuzz
ginabee: @bradfordshimp Yeah, I *wish* the dandelions would go away! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Tonight’s topic is customer relationships. Not talking about tools, yet – just goals. Send me ?s you want discussed with the group #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: We’ll use tonight’s chat re: goals for improving customer relationships to shape the discussion agenda for rest of the month. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Evening #sbbuzz – I’ll be hanging out here for a while to say howdy!
scoblitz: @mikestenger I’m quite dedicated to the task! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @ginabee My neighbor’s yard is dandelion free, so I always feel bad that I have so many. Ah well! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: I’m with VerticalResponse these days – self-service email marketing for small to mid-sized businesses. We rock. #sbbuzz
amyaddventure: When it comes to relationships in business, “care like you mean it”…overheard at #sobcon #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q1 What do you enjoy most about your relationships with your customers? #sbbuzz
ginabee: @bradfordshimp Your neighbor – too much time on his hands? Life’s to short to sweat the d-lions. #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Q1: The fact that they allow me to do what it is I do. They write the checks & I love helping them! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q1 One thing I enjoy about working with my customers is that the thing I love doing the most is the thing they hate doing the most. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: Their success #sbbuzz
cjservia: #sbbuzz Q1 – Personalization. One on one time resulting in the feeling I’ve helped someone.
rzazueta: Q1: I *LOVE* working with small businesses because they are BRIMMING with ideas and excitement. Best part of my job. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @bradfordshimp My 5yo told me w/every dandelion she wishes a princess would come to our house. Anyone have a princess costume? #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q1 to quote Mother Teresa “I served and I saw that all service is joy”…JOY to help them succeed! #sbbuzz
amyaddventure: Q1. Their problems are our opportunities and assisting them is what we’re passionate about. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q1: These days, I get to help innovative companies do really cool development. Geek heaven. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q1 Another thing I enjoy about my customers is that most are coaches and so we have a common viewpoint plus they’re NICE people!! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Hi guys, Michelle from @batchblue joining a bit late. Q1: I love pretty much everything about our customers. I’m smitten! #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q1 – That they respect my talent, abilities & time. Nice to be treated like a professional! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q1 What I love most about our customers is hearing their stories. They are doing such amazing things. It’s really inspiring. #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @rzazueta So true! Isn’t it awesome to observe the genius of entrepreneurs? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q1 – I love that my customers want to improve their businesses. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1) I love how passionate our customers are about their work – it’s contagious! I also love when I can learn from them. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @ginabee Nice, yes, one of the qualities of my “ideal client” is that they value me and my work – so important to feel that. #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Q1: The enjoyment of helping them reach their desired result. That’s TRUE satisfaction #sbbuzz
amyaddventure: Q1.Our Customers are authentic,hard-working,dedicated folks who R pursuing their passion in their own way.They’re inspiring. #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1 I think especially helping folks figure out how tech can help them succeed. They’re doing such awesome stuff out there. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @selahsynergy It is. I love the creative spirit and the can-do attitude that comes with. It’s infectious. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @lindadessau Amen. Appreciation is often as good as $. #sbbuzz
jpwint: Q1 The mutual respect and desire to acheive a common goal. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @amyaddventure @selahsynergy @rzazueta Agree whole-heartedly! We thinks small biz folks are super heroes, truly. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q2 What is most challenging about keeping good relationships with your customers? #sbbuzz
amyaddventure: @mriggen I like that, super heroes. Totally! #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @ginabee Yeah, but money’s good, too ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes it much easier to keep showing up. #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @pmohara I agree. Small biz is full of amazing, creative and inspiring people. U don’t have a pulse if u can’t catch the spirit #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q2 – Communication. Communication. And don’t forget communication. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q2 – I think it is challenging when customers don’t communicate the same way you do – ie. phone vs. email / text vs. twitter #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q2: For me, it’s always been communicating back. I get so caught up in the work that I sometimes drop off. CRM tools help #sbbuzz
ginabee: @lindadessau Well, I wouldn’t take it in lieu of $ of course, but it’s nice nonetheless. #sbbuzz
amyaddventure: Q2. The increasing demands on our time and resources. It is good but it’s hard until systems are ready to facilitate realtionships #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q2: I also find that setting future dates to return calls and emails or reminder task lists help me stay on top of things. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: #sbbuzz sometimes I feel like I let them down. Even when not in my control.
mikestenger: Q2: I think it’s simply being in consistent communication but there are LOTS of tools to help do so #sbbuzz
amyaddventure: @rzazueta yep. I know what you mean #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Ditto – clarity & communication are key to good relationships – I haven’t always gotten it right but I’ve learned each time. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @amyaddventure http://batchblue.com/super-heroes.html Planning this year’s contest…coming soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q2 Clarifying expectations and requirements is the necessary evil of the job – getting communication structure in place #sbbuzz
amyaddventure: @mriggen Awesome. Keep me posted! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @lindadessau Yeah, I’m constantly improving the process. Better now than ever before, but LOTS of room to grow. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @rzazueta Great! #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Q2: I agree w/@selahsynergy & @lindadessau. Being clear & making sure both sides are on the same page. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q2 – I tend to worry more than I need to about details & consequently feel I’ve performed poorly when client is actually thrilled. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q2 #sbbuzz Most challenging is finding the time to just talk to customers (not customer service – just learning their goals & aspirations).
bradfordshimp: I always feel like I am not doing enough. How do you find that out if the customer doesn’t come out and tell you? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2: Tracking conversation in so many places, making sure folks are getting heard. You can’t be everywhere, but you can try! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @ginabee Right there with you! #sbbuzz
jpwint: Q2 Managing expectations. Things change. Sometimes the result desired is not the result delivered. A good relationship must last #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q2 – Trying to anticipate my customers’ needs to be proactive instead of reactive to better serve them . #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
mikestenger: @bradfordshimp I think it helps to ask questions when you maybe feel uncertain. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @ginabee That’s happened to me as well. It’s dangerous when I start thinking I can read minds! #sbbuzz
pmohara: @bradfordshimp SO true. And often silence it the real warning bell, but hard to listen for that. #sbbuzz
jpwint: @ginabee I can sympathize. It’s so important to have clear metrics for success #sbbuzz
ginabee: @lindadessau Drawback of being a perfectionist with my clients, I guess… #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: #sbbuzz. How do you transition. Work and still have that intimate relationshp
sbbuzz: Q3 How has social media affected your relationships with your customers? #sbbuzz
ginabee: @jpwint Yeah, it comes back to that simple communication thing. Gotta spell it out so I know I met (or exceeded) expectiation #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @ginabee Don’t be so hard on yourself – nothing wrong with being committed to delivering customer satisfaction! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Is it possible to have relationships w/customers without social media? Ha ha ha, I kid. Sort of. #sbbuzz
cjservia: Q3 I feel better able to more broadly provide customers information to help them. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q3 – They know more about the “real” me than they would in a strictly business setting. Let my hair down & be real. #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Q3: It’s really allowed me to keep more up-to-date with them & to answer quick questions. #sbbuzz
jpwint: Q3 Absolutely. Clients see we are engaged with the community. Not the best lead generation tool for us though. #sbbuzz #socialmedia
lindadessau: Q3 There’s a casual, informal rapport with people I’ve met via Twitter that warms up the relationship before we even talk business. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q3 – Social media makes it easier to have deeper and wider relationships with customers in many ways. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q3: It’s a new line of communication that helps keep your message from being missed. It’s improved my comm. with customers. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: #sbbuzz filter always on. Don’t know who’s watching. But much more touch points. Good/bad
selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q3 SM opens new markets for new customers, opens new communication channels with existing customers #sbbuzz
leoraw: Some clients I try to teach to use social media. Newer clients I’ve gotten because of social media. Different situations. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q3: But I don;t find it as appropriate for one-to-one communication. For that, nothing beats email or the phone. #sbbuzz.
ginabee: @selahsynergy Never ashamed to do that! I just makes things difficult for me. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q3: Having said that, it opens a conversation to everyone who happens to be listening, and that’s where the value is in SM. #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Q3: It’s allowed me to build deeper relationships at a much more rapid level. Lots of communication. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q3 #sbbuzz Social media has done so much – real time conversations, new insights into people, uhm, meet you fine people. ๐Ÿ™‚
ginabee: @bradfordshimp Exactly! Multi-dimensional relationships can be formed thru SM. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta I think it provides doors for further communication, like you said, via email or phone or in-person. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp Excellent way to put it, I totally agree. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @JodyPadarCPA Because SM is well, social, I don’t say anything that I wouldn’t say in any public forum. Just more natural convos. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q3 #sbbuzz Back to time issue, quick interactions on Twitter mean I stay in touch w/more folks. But e-mail better for real communications.
mikestenger: @ginabee Good point. We already have conversations, SM is just another place we do so. #sbbuzz
stellel: Twitter is more fun, friendlier… #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q4 from @JodyPadarCPA How do you maintain your relationships as you grow? #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q3: Has helped me share info that can sometimes lead to faster responses and future conversations #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q4 – Great question. One big problem is ignoring customers in search for new ones. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q4: There’s the struggle. If you’re growing to the point of hiring, make sure EVERYONE has good customer relationship skills. #sbbuzz
jpwint: Q4 A documented system for maintaining relationships is critical. You cannot rely on your brain. This is a good use of CRM. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q4 – I would say that you need to put a premium on current customers. Do something every day for them, blog, email, new service, etc #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q4: I tend to think everyone you hire should be customer facing and be able to represent your company well in person. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q4 My earliest clients hold a very special place in my heart. I never forget that they put their trust in me when I was new at this. #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q4 Communications plan in place to match my biz plan. I organize, weed, prune contact lists, nurture by priority. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4) That’s the million dollar question there. There are only so many hours, only so much time you can spend. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q4 – Also, always add a future task when you finish one for a customer (with your CRM (Batchbook, for instance)) – Maintain contact. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q4 #sbbuzz Can be harder to keep same level of personal interaction, so just hire amazing people who are equally awesome and personal.
ginabee: @bradfordshimp Yeah, there’s that “loyalty factor” you can’t turn your back on, even if you’ve moved on to bigger clients. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q4: Schedule a set amount of time (1 hr) everyday to work on and improve relationships with customers. Additional training also. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Am I allowed to say the same thing as @pmohara? #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Q4: Have a plan to keep in consistent contact. Keep track. Hire those w/ur same relationship ideals. #sbbuzz
pmohara: #sbbuzz Hmm, I think I just called myself awesome. I actually hire people MUCH awesomer than me. That is the real secret.
jpwint: @bradfordshimp re: future task. Great recommendation. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen I try to repackage what she says – makes me look smart. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @jpwint Thanks. You also might want to assign certain days for certain tasks, so they don’t all go on one day. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @bradfordshimp Ah, so that’s your secret to success! Good to know ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: @pmohara Hard to find in Accountants ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen Actually, I do that w/ every smart person I know. That IS my secret, now that you mention it!! #sbbuzz
pmohara: @JodyPadarCPA Not for me. ๐Ÿ˜€ #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Q4: Remember that relationships are ongoing. No “set & forget”. More like “communicate & keep at it”. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: @CASUDI #sbbuzz so how do you incentivize(pay) that skill?
sbbuzz: Q5 What would you like to learn more about to help you with customer relationships? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q5: Where to find awesome summer interns! Let me know if anyone knows anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @JodyPadarCPA Make projects /work fun (even accounting)~ organize so there are many wins (accomplishments) your ppl wil do you well #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @mriggen @bradfordshimp You guys are making me blush. #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @mriggen Paid or unpaid? Virtual? I am surrounded by college kids. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q5 – Mind reading! (Ha!) But seriously, I’d like to learn more about how to gauge client expectation & communication style. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: @mriggen #sbbuzz Try your community college…usually great but talk to professor and have them hand picked. I can find you a chicago one.
bradfordshimp: @sbbuzz That is why you wear the bee mask. #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @sbbuzz Q5: When is it time to cut your losses ~ no longer try & make an employee work (who will never work:-) #sbbuzz
pmohara: @bradfordshimp Yep. If only I could remember to take it off. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: And now it is what we affectionately call Pitch Time. Please tell us a little about your business. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q5: More systems in addition to CRM (i.e. live chats via website, etc) that can help improve customer relationships. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: On the topic of customers, Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit is a great read. Review: http://tinyurl.com/esepreview #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: If you’d like a once-a-week e-mail reminder of #sbbuzz (including the topic) sign up at http://sbbuzz.net #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @ginabee Yes – a good assessment, pre-selection process that helps everyone start on the same page. #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @pmohara So agree ~ build a team of players more talented & accomplished then you are #sbbuzz
cjservia: Solidify disaster plans for your small business. Follow @cjservia to learn more. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: I’m taking a stand for the quality of your content! http://bit.ly/content-creation-manifesto (pitch time on #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @bradfordshimp I’d like to add speed of response ~ quick makes clients/ customers feel important ~ slow the opposite #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Read my small biz advice at http://www.allbizanswers.com #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @CASUDI Good point. That is something I have been working on, slowly… #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: #sbbuzz I am your friendly customer service based accountant. We do Tax and Payroll and QB consulting http://ow.ly/1H3js
ginabee: I write your web content so you don’t have to! http://www.writeytidy.com (Sorry – I don’t do dandelions!) #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: If you are interested in blogging for your biz, I can help. Design, coaching, and a course coming soon. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: For dollar stretching & money-saving biz tips tune in to my show on Blogtalkradio, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stretchingadollar #sbbuzz
pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue – the social CRM that hosts this chat. Great, great discussion tonight. My favorite topic! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: @CASUDI But sometime they have not timely requests and are just itchy! How do you balance from your own work needs #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Thanks to everyone for all the great discussion! We’ll get the #sbbuzz summary posted on the site soon at http://sbbuzz.biz
CASUDI: Designing Success for Start Up companies ~ and having a lot of fun doing it esp. the team building #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m Michelle from BatchBlue and I try to put three year-olds to bed during SBBUZZ. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @bradfordshimp Oh, & here’s the “o” I owe you from an earlier “to” instead of “too!” Hate when I do that! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: #sbbuzz is a small business Twitter chat hosted each Tuesday night by the folks from @batchblue Come again soon!
bradfordshimp: @BizMoneySaver Cool, I am going to check it out. If you do guest posts, that would be a great topic on http://www.allbizanswers.com #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @JodyPadarCPA My clients expect 24/7 response ~ even get back to you later works (always time for that via iphone ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @ginabee I was feeling an “o” short. #sbbuzz
mikestenger: Social media consulting, minus the self proclaimed expert or guru status? That’s me. http://www.mikestenger.com #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: @bradfordshimp Thanks! I love guest posts and will definitely check it out :>) ! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @BizMoneySaver Wonderful, just Tweet me! Working on putting up a formal guest posting page, but not there yet. #sbbuzz

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Guest host @smallbiztrends social media #sbbuzz chat : Summary from Feb. 24, 2010

This week’s SBBuzz chat was hosted by guest moderator @smallbiztrends, Anita Campbell.ย  The topic of discussion was technology on Twitter and how to make it work for your small business.

Please note that the summary this week is in text format only.ย  #sbbuzz chat outdid itself this week with a great deal more tweets this week making it difficult to dewonkify the HTML.ย  If you see someone you’d like to follow make sure you check their username at search.twitter.com or you can go and view the original transcript over at WTHashtag!

Our chat next week is on Tuesday as usual from 8-9 EST.ย  Want to join in and get (or give) small biz advice, here’s how it works!

smallbiztrends: Welcome to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat of small biz talking technology on Twitter. Join us!http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions

smallbiztrends: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!

  • lindadessau: Thanks for stepping in to host #sbbuzz, Anita! Looking forward to it. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Nice to see Anita Campbell from @smallbiztrends be chatting tonight, looking forward to it! #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Is there anyway to record these tweets or use #sbbuzz tomorrow to look back? #sbbuzz
  • smallbiztrends: Please introduce yourselves: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Hello everyone, this is Nikhil Bonthapally from MECKids.com #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @MECKids Twitter should make all tweets searchable for at least a week. #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @MECKids You search for “#sbbuzz” on twitter and you’ll see all the tweets that happen. #sbbuzz
  • susan_w: @Bill4Time thx for pointing out the auto-attach tweet tag, it’s my 1st tweetchat! #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: when do we start introductions oh and at @MECKids can anyone start a log of this? #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Hi everyone! Great to see some new faces on #sbbuzz tonight. Excited for a great chat.
  • lindadessau: Greetings, everyone! I help coaches and other small biz owners write content for newsletters, blogs and article sites (intro for #sbbuzz
  • shashib: social media swami Network Solutions here #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: MECKids.com ? is an interactive, online health & wellness program dedicated to helping tweens get motivated to stay fit. #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m Michelle from @batchblue. We make software for small businesses (BatchBook is our social CRM). #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Ivana Taylor here from @DIYMarketers and @strategystew – DIY marketing and small business marketing strategy! #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: Hello all, I am Sean Meyer representing YourAutoAgent.com and just gonna soak everything in. #sbbuzz
  • ginabee: Gina from WriteyTidy content creation/writing services. Ready to learn! #sbbuzz
  • JohnRourke: I’m the CEO of a Social CRM/team collaboration service for small business called Bantam Live. (www.BantamLive.com) #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @MECKids That sounds cool! Will check out site. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: And I work at MECKids.com as Network Coordinator #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: Hello there. Bill4Time is a web-based time/expense tracking system. Use it to also create invoices, bill your clients, & light acc. #sbbuzz
  • familyfoodie: Hi All I am a newbie and am looking for suggestions for Family Foodie #sbbuzz
  • iPS_fulfillment: Todd form iPS – fulfillment, distribution, social sales tools, shopping carts and complete warehouse management services #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue and the ousted (happily, of course!) moderator of #sbbuzz. Very excited to be a participant this time.
  • scoblitz: @smallbiztrends I’m Scott from eSeMBe – Thanks for taking the hot seat tonight Anita. #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: eCommerce and social media blogger @ColderICE is checking out the followers here…Hi guys! #sbbuzz
  • hijinxdesign: Andi Robinson, owner / SB consultant from HiJinx Marketing #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Joe Manna from @Infusionsoft, community and social media guy who helps other small businesses. Happy to help others ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: I’m the dude w/the red hair & pink hat. Oh, and I do social media consulting. #sbbuzz
  • BlueDelivered: Hey All, we help busy people send fab gifts that truly show they care…esp during the tough stuff in life! (intro for #sbbuzz)
  • marinel: marinel from pr firm @crttanaka just checking out the #sbbuzz convo #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Damon Cortesi from Seattle with Untitled Startup. Just wrapping up another day of dev work. #sbbuzz
  • msarrel:@smallbiztrends Sarrel Group helps tech companies develop and market their productshttp://bit.ly/1cSKsX #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: Ellen Seebold, principal of Seebold Marketing Communciations – I do social media consulting for large and small biz clients #sbbuzz
  • susan_w: Susan from Network Solutions here, listening in on our Social Swami @shashiB #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: Just like the handle, I’m Joe Cascio. Independent developer and Tech Anxiety Reliever (ie, consultant) for small biz. #sbbuzz
  • FranchiseKing: I’m The Franchise King. I help folks all over the US find great franchises to buy. I do soc. media marketing, too! #sbbuzz
  • lyceum: http://Martin.Lindeskog.name (in 3rd person;) ) is a social media enthusiast and a “Trader in Matter & Spirit.” #sbbuzz
  • BlueDelivered: Forgot to say: “Hi, I’m Dawn with Out of the Blue Delivered :o) Excited to be here… #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Quite a few folks on with us tonight … should be a spirited discussion. Out of kindness for my FB friends, I’ve X’d syncing. #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Tonight’s chat topic is social media usage by small businesses. Send me any questions you want discussed with the group #sbbuzz

  • marketervirtual: Hello I’m Anllelic, founder of {tem_va} :the eclectic marketing virtual agency in NYC. Marketing for small biz…sans overhead costs #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Is this a better intro? “Hi, buy my shit. Thanks.” #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Hello, Jacqueline Business Manager helping to manage, run and grow your companies Nationwide #sbbuzz #smiz
  • JoeManna: @shashib Yo, do you work with @joelogon ? Netsol sounds familiar to the folks in my network. #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: @smallbiztrends is Twitter like a well that is drying up? It seems since so many companies are spamming, people are afraid to listen #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: @smallbiztrends: question – what are your tips for very targeted hyper local marketing? #sbbuzz
  • JohnRourke: @HardcoreCanada We’re trying to solve that problem by introducing a signal to the Twitter noise to build relationships… #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: I’ll be sharing some statistics tonight from the recent Small Business Success Index about social media; would like your thoughts #sbbuzz

  • HotBlogTips: @mikestenger unfortunately, you don’t have any shit to buy Mike! #sbbuzz
  • kikscore: Kikscore team here, listening to Social Media Swami @shashiB & @smallbiztrends discuss social media use #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: I run a marketing services agency focusing on trend & prod. dev. and just launched a pet bed co. of my own. #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
  • pprlisa: @smallbiztrends looking forward to the stats – I work for a SMB PR firm so it will be interesting to hear for myself and my clients #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @smallbiztrends Question: What types of KPIs or metrics actually matter for a small business? #sbbuzz
  • iPS_fulfillment: has anyone heard of or used the new social media monetization widget Vwala? #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q1: One in 5 smallbiz use social media acc. to @netsolcares http://tinyurl.com/d6gqc9. Suprise you? #sbbuzz

  • mikestenger: Q1: Not surprised. Most look at social media like a toy & not an extension of what they already do #sbbuzz
  • lyceum: @sbbuzz Do you have tips on how to create a communication policy for your social media activities? Example IBM: http://bit.ly/ds1qo0 #sbbuzzcraigsutton:
  • @smallbiztrends it doesn’t, what surprises me is that they don;t spend more time finding out why and how. Not enough planning #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q1. Not too surprising. Social media is a great way to connect directly with current/potential customers. #sbbuzz
  • tinafalasca: #sbbuzz – not surprised – every small business I talk to either use it or want to know how
  • shashib: @FranchiseKing The king is here – long live the franchise king #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: @JoeManna That depends on what the call to action is or if you are using one at all….however I would say conversion # is a must! #sbbuzz
  • JohnRourke: @HardcoreCanada I mean selectively searching for, engaging with, and created social CRM workflows to build a biz relationship… #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q1: Not surprised – not all small business owners aren’t free souls to engage on social media. Doesn’t spell $ for them. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: @smallbiztrends 1 in 5 businesses using social media seems about what I’d expect #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @tinafalasca True. Very true. MECKids is trying to get out there. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q1: Many also think social media is some place for teens when it’s full of customers & relationships #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1: I am encouraged by that actually. I think more people are finding it useful & inexpensive, but a bit overwhelming. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @smallbiztrends Q1 – yes, I think that sounds high. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @colderICE I was suggesting to Anita a possible question… good to hear your take on it, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • FranchiseKing: Social Media Marketing is not THE answer. It’s another spoke in the wheel. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: @marinel Q1 I see a lot of small business being confused about HOW to most benefit from social media. Many see it as vapid #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: pepsi decided to put millions in SM instead of superbowl ads this year… #sbbuzz
  • pineappleshop: @colderICE I’m ready…cocktail party at my condo on 300 Peachtree St on Thurs, 3/18…r u ready? #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q1: Social media isn’t a toy, it’s a tool. And just like any tool, u gotta learn how to use it properly #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: @JoeManna LOL….oops, I thought that was the topic. Newbie goof, my bad #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @HotBlogTips yeah – but I don’t think they qualify as small business ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • shashib: I think the message is all smallbiz should add social media to their marketing plan #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q2 (from @HardcoreCanada): is Twitter drying up? It seems since so many companies are spamming, people are afraid to listen #sbbuzz

  • AlaiaWilliams: Howdy. My company helps biz owners organize and streamline their business infrastructure (space, systems, etc) #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Q2 (from @HardcoreCanada): is Twitter drying up? It seems since so many companies are spamming, people are afraid to listen #sbbuzz
  • TeeRiddle: Who feels there are too many SM avenues? I mean do we really need 200 different SM accounts?? #sbbuzz
  • marketervirtual: I would think is 1/10 smallbiz who use social media -unless having FB profile counts-@netsolcares ‘s pool were those already online #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q1 #sbbuzz That surprises me (seems high). I live in this stuff, but seems 99% of businesses I encounter IRL are not engaged
  • SeeboldMarCom: Q1: in my experience, many want to use it but don’t have the staff/bandwidth to allocate appropriate time #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @shashib really? You think it’s appropriate for all small business? #sbbuzz
  • DanNieves: Hey every1, I’m interning for a company that leases generic domain names for small businesses, happy to be here! #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q2: I agree, the goldrush on Twitter has ended, too much noise. Ppl can’t make sense of why they followed 300+ accounts on startup. #sbbuzz
  • tinafalasca: #sbbuzz Q.2 – I think people are being more selective in who they follow to avoid the SPAMMERS as much as possible
  • JoeCascio: re: Q1 I’m surprised it’s that high. That indicates some significant uptake from say a year ago. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @FranchiseKing Yes, I totally agree Joel. It’s another way to market, just like any other method #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Coming in late – PR pro w/ 20 yrs experience – helping small biz put strategy behind their integrated Social Media plans #sbbuzz
  • craigsutton: Hard to know if it’s drying up, I think if you choose relevant people to follow, you help block out the noise. #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: Q2: No they have been saying that about MySpace for 2 years & it is still going strong. Please love to call something dead b4 its is #sbbuzz
  • ginabee: @mriggen I think less people would feel overwhelmed it there weren’t so many “experts” out there. Isn’t rocket science! #sbbuzz
  • susan_w: Q1: Too many avenues? The avenue you use depends on who you are trying to engage in a conversation. #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @smallbiztrends I personally think twitter still has lots of life left! we’ve still got a lot to learn #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Q2 Is Twitter drying up? I can say I’m sick of weeding through spam on Twitter sent by amateurs – is that mean of me #sbbuzz
  • TeeRiddle: @JoeManna Process…tool… put a pink bow on it and call it Sally. It’s the same thing with a different term. #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: I’m beginning to think it’s best used for events and then the occasional human element post to connect. #sbbuzz
  • theforcefield: Personally I think SM is reaching a saturation point. It isn’t possible to keep up with every single one. #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2 No way! I meet great folks via on Twitter & it’s great way to stay connected w/folks you meet IRL. It is changing, tho. #sbbuzz
  • DanNieves: @susan_w I agree, you must know who your audience is in order to effectively connect #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: Q2 I use the twitter lists to filter out the noise. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @JoeManna Yeah it’s a process but there’s a process to using any tool. At least IMO & I agree w/@TeeRiddle #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q2. Thankfully, I can choose who I follow on Twitter. If somebody is spamming, I choose not to listen or block them. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @TeeRiddle A process adapts and changes to the results, a tool is used and replaced. I see a clear difference. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @JoeManna: @mikestenger Process vs Tool: I think it depends on the user & that’s why ppl reap different results from social media #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz That said, when companies start aggresively @reply’ing me is when I’ll get frustrated. Doesn’t happen too much now. #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @strategystew nope, not mean at all! #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: I get tired of people bitching about Twitter, don’t like it? LEAVE! just like cable tv people! #sbbuzz
  • iPS_fulfillment: we all know how valuable SM is. but is there a way to actually measure it #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: I think it’s important to know whom you are following and not just follow. This makes the entire process very easy. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Q2 – I’ve been reading @kyleplacy’s Twitter for Dummies and learned that I hadn’t scratched the surface of optimizing twitter #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: Q2: However the “new car” smell has worn off of Twitter for 2010….NEXT up for media darling? Who knows #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: Q2: twitter lists and tweetdeck groups help filter out noise #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q2: I don’t think witter is drying up – it is changing. I still see many interactions, good links & biz happening here #sbbuzz
  • LisaRedShoesPR: @ginabee @mriggen No social media experts but there are expert communicators. That’s the core. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q2: I see a lot of spam on Twitter, from a sheer business perspectice, annoying. Consumer perspective – tolerable. X twitterfeed! #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: I don’t think twitter has come near it’s tipping point – I use tweetdeck and it makes it easier #sbbuzz
  • FranchiseKing: Twitter is not drying up. It’s just noisy. It’s impossible to keep up with thousands of “followers.” Good tool, though #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @ginabee True! But I’ve seen small biz folks struggle to absorb it all. I like @chrisbrogan’s advice of limiting to a few places. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @pmohara exactly – there is so much that happens outside of our network here. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Q2: I dont think witter is drying up – it is changing. I still see many interactions, good links & biz happening here #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: Also, why not concentrate on quality vs quantity of followers. #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @SeeboldMarCom Twitter lists are very helpful. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q2: I wouldn’t say Twitter is drying up. Some are just looking to make a quick buck & don’t get it #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @HotBlogTips exactly. using the site is a choice. if you hate it or don’t get it and don’t want to learn how to use it, don’t! #sbbuzz
  • BlueDelivered: @sbbuzz Q1 I think that a maj of sm biz owners are intimidated by soc media and don’t have time to put into learning and doing it. #sbbuzz
  • lyceum: @colderICE It is time for international companies to start using Twitter in their business. The “new car”? Perhaps Google’s buzz. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @colderICE New car small has worn off – but Twitter still runs and get you engaged to people that matter. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2; I think the list help you focus on your follower who matter in twitter & help U to block out the noise #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q2: When u use Twitter to just sell, u’ll fail. Period. How ‘effing hard is it to build relationships!? #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @mriggen I agree Michelle – best to limit so it’s manageable and you can build up to a good level of consistency. #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: Twitter is a complicated animal because there is not much of a barrier to entry and not all users know how to use it properly. #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: @lyceum You might be right…actually it is this week ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @SeeboldMarCom I agree – I think that Twitter lists have shifted Twitter for many – I dip into several content “streams” #sbbuzz
  • ginabee: @scoblitz what?? Life & biz not related to the internet??? Now you’re just messing with me! #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: Q2: I don’t think Twitter’s drying up either -it’s like an onion with many layers to be peeled. I learn something new each day #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @MECKids which one – and who to credit – sorry if I miss-credited an RT #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: twitter for me, is to create a relationship and have a conversation #sbbuzz
  • DailyGrind_UC: Many small business owners do not have the time to learn and actually engage in social media. #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: @JoeManna Yeah, it is a familiar old friend now, like my puppy….Twitter is potty trained LOL #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @Bill4Time agree, Twitter lists keep followers organized – almost like a very lightweight CRM. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @Bill4Time Ah but that begs the question, what is “proper use”? #sbbuzz
  • marketervirtual: Many companies are spamming but #Twitter allows consumers 2 also “shut down” very easily by “unfollowing”-unspammers will succeed #sbbuzz
  • DanNieves: @TeeRiddle I agree, I feel too many people are caught up in twitter sales pitches, they miss the boat on community building! #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q2 #sbbuzz Twitter is just getting started. The trick is finding the right community – but everyone here already knows that. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • MECKids: Everything boils down to having a conversation. And twitter is one of the ways. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @DailyGrind_UC Dude, biz’s have PLENTY of time, they just choose not to & are afraid #sbbuzz
  • EyeInfo: Twitter =evolving; some feel utility is burned out,others just discovering it- it’ll morph just like browsers, portals etc. #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @mikestenger think about it – many ppl arent great at relationships OFFLINE either…so of course online can be a challenge 4 them 2 #sbbuzz
  • Zimana_: Q2 If I had to pick the Next media darling, it’s the tool already here, Foursquare., due to interest in local search & traffic #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @mriggen Precisely. The technology is so new “proper use” hasn’t been written in stone but I think we’re beginning to figure it out. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @smallbiztrends potential question: how can we counter resistance from clients about SM – No time, No money, don;t see value… #sbbuzz
  • FranchiseKing: @MECKids True! An important spoke! #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2: Twitter has changed & adapted to the user & still meet several different needs. Otherwise usage wouldnt be so high. #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: The problem w/lists is that you may wind up recirculating the same information. You can block the noise yourself by unfollowing. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @MECKids hah, you could say that again. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But the ones who do, actually ‘get’ it and don’t waste it. #sbbuzz
  • tinafalasca: I tell business owners that they CAN’T just plug in sales copy – it is Twitter suicide! #sbbuzz
  • craigsutton: @mikestenger yup, you MAKE time for something useful, but you have to make it useful…. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: If a business doesn’t make the time to do it, their competitor will, I PROMISE YOU! #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @CathyWebSavvyPR GREAT question cc: @smallbiztrends #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Twitter chat tip: favorite tweets (star) from people who interest you – follow /add 2 lists after the chat. #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @mriggen “Proper use” of Twtr seems intuitive as in we don’t always know it when we see it, but we always know when it’s not there. #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: @AlaiaWilliams I’ve found Twitter & social media to be a real help for people who can’t “work a room”. #sbbuzz
  • wordsthatwork: @DailyGrind_UC So true. Small businesses need to outsource social media but keeping it authentic requires the right kind of person #sbbuzz
  • Mrs_Scott: Twitter is great when you learn how to use it properly. I meet and engage w/people I would otherwise never have met. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @AlaiaWilliams Right but if ur not good at relationships in the 1st place, what the hell are u doing? #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: Many do not attempt to find targeted followers. They follow people at random. #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: Social Media for business can be a complete waste of time and resources too, without a map a car is just fast way to nowhere #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Everyone here is out to know how twitter can be used? Or how Social Media can be applied/not applied at all. #sbbuzz
  • Zimana_: @mikestenger I agree, plus I think having so many Twit-ish services on top hurt the branding some beyond core users… #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @kikscore I aree with scheduling your Social Media time – but be sure not to automate it completely – or it loses something #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Social Media for business can be a complete waste of time and resources too, without a map a car is just fast way to nowhere #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: it’s a marketing tool – make the time for it. commit to 12-24 months of SM – and learn from those doing the deal #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger:
  • If ppl can’t build relationships offline, they shouldn’t be trying to online. Get it together! #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q3: 61% of those #smallbiz using social media use it to attract new customers. How exactly do you use SM to bring in new biz? #sbbuzz

  • AlaiaWilliams: @JoeCascio agreed! i also think if people stopped trying to “work the room” in a traditional sense, they’d be better off #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @wordsthatwork It’s difficult to outsource something so tightly knitted to your brand & marketing such as social media. #sbbuzz
  • shashib: @Timberry great to see you this evening #sbbuzz hail to Palo Alto software freidn of #smallbiz
  • DanNieves: @MECKids Very true, but sometimes you have to get lost in order to learn the right way #sbbuzz
  • AskTonyIT: Using social media to grow your small business – tune in to #sbbuzz http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions/via @smallbiztrends
  • hollingsworth: Using social media to grow your small business – tune in to #sbbuzz http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions/via @smallbiztrends
  • SeeboldMarCom: @HotBlogTips – I so agree with you! one is either on the bus or off it! competitors are already there #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @shashib thanks, sorry to be late, but this timing is hard for me on PST #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: I don’t schedule anything, posts go out when they are written, tweets go out when they are needed #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2: I would say research what companies you admire are doing and do that until you think of something better ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: I use social oomph to find targeted followers by keyword! It suggests people. And then I hand pick to follow or not. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @DanNieves I guess that’s how we tend to learn. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @MECKids I’ll take the implication further — Social media is not _just_ Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • hijinxdesign: We use SM to as a tool to help loyal customers market for us. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @JoeManna I agree, @wordsthatwork – use consultant to help get biz up 2 speed – create strategy; outsource staff training #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: @wordsthatwork Speaking of outsourcing. There was this article in WSJ today: http://is.gd/8ZMe5All about small biz outsourcing. #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @Timberry We need a West coast bureau! #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: I can’t underestimate the real time news value but also sharing experiences w/people otherwise wld never meet like during Olympics. #sbbuzz
  • DanNieves: @MECKids I do agree though, there needs to be an idea to the direction you want to go, but then maybe trial and error #sbbuzz
  • cjservia: #sbbuzz I’m a new small business here to help other SMBs prepare for business disasters. What is #sbbuzz?
  • GregAtGist: If you’re on #sbbuzz, try @Gist for a virtual “foot in the door” with prospects or better customer service http://gist.com
  • mikestenger: Q3: Give out GR8 value & have a clear call to action to buy from u, while also engaging w/others #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: @colderICE EXACTLY, so many times SM has been made into a black hole of time. Certain people make it as useful as an 8-track player #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: q3: I want to talk to people who are interested in what I do and vice versa – once again, as a conversation #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: But twitter gives you the realtime updates on a topic. #sbbuzz
  • tinafalasca: Find out who your target audience is following and follow them to find your customers #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: @Timberry Hi TIM – excuses, excuses – great to interact with you – one of my original Twitter friends #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: @JulieDAloiso Also, many people expect overnight results. It’s taken me nearly 3 years to build my hi-quality Twitter crowd. #sbbuzz
  • NewPR: @hijinxdesign that’s the way to do it! what specific social platform do you engage your customers engage on? #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q3 reminds me of @ducttapemarketing ‘s getting people to ‘know like and trust’ you … deeper than just ‘new leads’ #sbbuzz
  • DanNieves: @JoeCascio interesting point with outsourcing..another way is to hire interns like myself to do SM! #sbbuzz
  • Mrs_Scott: I use lists to engage w/ people & organize my followers. I have a list called “interesting new followers” which is my favorite. #sbbuzz
  • marketervirtual: @smallbiztrends Where are you getting this stats from? Can you send a URL to the study pretty plz? #sbbuzz
  • shashib: @marketervirtual you should get the report at http://growsmartbusiness.com ( U could send us a guest post ) #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Without doing a pitch, I/we use social media by engaging and delivering value to customers & contests. Let CRM follow up w/ leads. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: google.com(type a word)->show options->Update. This would give real time results. Even google accepts twitter. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: anyone ever think of using social media for the enjoyment of it? #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: I have another account for my biz – and this acct is for a new biz – interesting to build a new following #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: Q3: Social Media is spy tactics on steroids…Listening is 10x more valuable than speaking with it #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @strategystew Hi Ivana that’s right, and thanks. Seems like just last year ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q3: If u just sell, game over. I will gladly point u in the direction of how to delete ur account. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q3: I anser a public Questions on Linkedin, then they check my blog, they see my Twitter/FB link. Then call me 4 work. #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: @HotBlogTips I do both, as I would in business real life. #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: @colderICE amen – its the first rule: listen #sbbuzz
  • stevenfisher: I use some lists to manage chaos but having almost 2000 people to go through is not a day I look fiward to. #Sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q3: Monitoring and engaging with the right customers and prospects generates business and WOMM. #sbbuzz
  • marinel: @cjservia: welcome! #sbbuzz hosts tweetchats about #smallbiz. here are the direx to join:https://sbbuzz.wordpress.com//instructions/ #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: I get excited when I find my tweets in the google results. That is something people do not think about. #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: I offer SM set-up, strategy AND execution – but always recommend in-house staff carry on if possible: they know the daily biz best #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @mikestenger Q3 – yes – you nee dto give to get – you need to provide value and information that hits the pain points of yr clients #sbbuzz
  • CindyMorus: @AlaiaWilliams You can decrease the pause time the refresh speed button #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @susan_w No problem. Welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: re: Q3 Twitter is my relationship builder. Since my smallbiz clients are technophobic I connect thru fellow geeks who know them. #sbbuzz
  • marketervirtual: #smallbiz can use #socialmedia to show expertise and also use the new #Twitter geotagging tool to locate locals #sbbuzz
  • theforcefield: I use it to find and follow other tech businesses who use Twitter but don’t otherwise connect with their colleagues online. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @kimbrotoo I do both too, but seems people are losing sight of having fun #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @colderICE I am with you on that! Competitive intelligence is a huge w/ social media. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q3: Yes, u want to sell, but u want 2 have something else in between & not have it take over everything. #sbbuzz
  • kikscore: The site that published this report growsmartbusiness.com looks like it has lot of good resources for smallbiz. check it out. #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @mikestenger that’s not a social media problem, thats a people problem! #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: @JoeCascio What happens when the people you are trying to reach just aren’t tech savvy. We use different platforms, but can’t connct #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @tinafalasca Good idea, but don’t be creepy about it. A lot of sleestaks out there… #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @HotBlogTips I use it for fun – 11/k REAL tweets later, I still love it. I meet ppl from Twitter, too. #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q3 Social media allows me to identify, connect, and build relationships w/people interested in what I’m building. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Social media for the FUN of it – yes – makes me remember the early days of Twitter – FUN meeting new folks #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @colderICE ouch! but ‘spy tactics’ sounds sinister. It’s just listening to conversations. Not secret. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR:
  • @HotBlogTips You know, I have begun to do that more again. I had a blast tweeting during huge snow storms. Tweeting 4 fun works 2 #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @HotBlogTips that’s why i use it. if business comes of it, fine. if not, that’s okay too! #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q3 #sbbuzz Finding customers in social media is easy. Be a good company. Build a good product. Have fun and tell people how you’re doing it
  • stevenfisher: I never sell on Twitter. Thought Leadership? Yes. Good content? Yes. Respond to people in feed? Yes. Sell? No. TMI? Heck no. #Sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @HotBlogTips @CathyWebSavvyPR I have a personal account on Twitter and
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @shashib I know – selfish of me – I’ll give it up to the Twitterverse! #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: Q3: read a piece the other day how marketers on Twitter need to Lighten Up and have more fun! #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: I take the time to click on other’s links and comment on other’s blogs. It’s a great way to connect beyond Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q3: Let’s be honest…we all want ppl to buy from us but when ppl pitch u like crazy, u unfollow correct? #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @Bill4Time I just think some are turning it into strictly business, and business can be fun too…. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @stevenfisher I think it’s important to sell at the right time and balance w/ valuable, hot info and ‘soft’ sell. Earn sales. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: I never sell on Twitter. Thought Leadership? Yes. Good content? Yes. Respond to people in feed? Yes. Sell? No. TMI? Heck no #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: @stevenfisher yeah, what you said. selling is for hawkers. I am not a hawker. I am a conversationalist #sbbuzz
  • SteveKoss: Small biz needs strategic intent 2 engage social media/commerce not more yellow pages mentality, need2 ask if a web site is needed #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: @Timberry I got into SM to make friends among smart ppl. Still doing that. Just making friends. Friends help you out without asking. #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: @Timberry This is business and business is competitive. Not sinister, just tactical #sbbuzz
  • stlconciergeguy: @tinafalasca Can you tell who your target market is just from a twitter profile? #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @HotBlogTips Altough I have to say – tweeting about the topics I do and interacting with my followers is also fun – I enjoy helping #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: @HardcoreCanada They could find you on the search engines and not even use Twitter! #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @HotBlogTips The fine line with business and fun is that you’re representing the company culture on Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Twitter is more like a platform to get feedback and connect. Not for selling. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: @smallbiztrends – Is there a social media measuring tool where you can measure all your activities? Twitter, Facebook, etc #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: @HardcoreCanada I reach them thru friends who are on Twitter, who refer me. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @AlaiaWilliams Totally agree, it is a ppl problem but if they don’t have it together, they shouldn’t be using SM #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: I just became a member of the Twub for #sbbuzz at http://twubs.com/sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @CathyWebSavvyPR that is still having fun then, that is what I am talking about #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @colderICE agree but I still think ‘listening’ is a good strong happy word and more accurate than ‘spying’. #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @strategystew What do you want to measure? #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @CathyWebSavvyPR Yes, solving problems and collaborating on twitter IS fun ~ #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @colderICE Businesses still depend on humans to run their presence on social media. People save the brand when the brand fails. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @Bill4Time are companies not allowed to have fun? have you seen googles office? #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @JoeCascio that’s awesome – best thing I’ve heard all night! Is working for me as well. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Love this article on social media mistakes – which ones have come back to bite you? #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @MECKids Twitter is not for direct seling, but I have gotten clients becasue they saw value in the info I give, went 2 my site etc. #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: @JulieDAloiso @JoeCascio from the Analytics I follow, I won’t reach them until an abacus app is made for twitter IDK how 2 get em in #sbbuzz
  • shashib: @joelogon cosmic mantra #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @stlconciergeguy I hope people can tell our target market from our Twitter profile. If not, I’m smoking crack. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @CASUDI “solving problems and collaborating on twitter IS fun” – especially with peeps like you! #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: Q3: if you have a good product, social media will help you sell it; if your product sucks, nothing will help #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: @HotBlogTips Well, true, businesses do have fun. The degree of it depends on the company culture. Take Wells Fargo for example. #sbbuzz
  • tinafalasca: @stlconciergeguy I’m looking for small business owners – so I find them looking for small biz info and joining those groups #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Did I forget the link to the “mistakes on social media” article? http://bit.ly/bkXaCi #sbbuzz
  • theforcefield: @timberry Hi Tim, thanks for a great discussion on business planning! It’s been getting great feedback #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @CathyWebSavvyPR That’s great. But I think it should never be used as a selling platform. If it sells, its great. #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: Q3: Another great use for SM is reducing the 6 degrees of separation down to zero #sbbuzz
  • stevenfisher: @JoeManna Sure. You can provide me good content with a landing page and take action. If I get “get rich” or “buy this” I block them. #Sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @SeeboldMarCom U couldn’t have said it better Ellen! Too many crappy products out there, that’s 4 sure #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: @pmohara Amen, Pam. Be a good company, with a good product, and treat people right. It show thru w/o even trying! #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @Bill4Time I think that is where companies on SM lose, there are no suits/ties allowed! LOL #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @HotBlogTips Culture and style are one of many reasons why a company should use Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @theforcefield cool, thanks for that feedback. Happy to hear it. #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: metrics? check out http://altitudebranding.com/2010/02/my-best-of-social-media-learning/ @ambercadabra one of the best #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: I just want to know how to get the non-tech savvy crowd to actually come to SM. It just has SO much more 2way communication to offer #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: @Timberry Never sell on Twitter – Great rule. People come to Twitter to read and learn and NOT buy. Go to ebay for that #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @MECKids I agree n theory – but I rarely talk in absolutes about Social sites – unwritten rules are changing often. #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q4: Is there a social media measuring tool where you can measure all your activities? Twitter, Facebook, etc. #sbbuzz

  • HotBlogTips: @HardcoreCanada I was a fence contractor when I started using twitter, pretty non-tech #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @MECKids Is someone tweeting a link to a book they published – that is aligned with the content they tweet about – bad? not 2 me #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @smallbiztrends Hootsuite provides tools and methods to track tweets. I liked it so far. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @HardcoreCanada It all comes down to communicating an idea, a benefit, & not a “thing” #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @strategystew What if your Twitter followers would genuinely be helped by what you offer? What is you’re not selling, but helping? #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @HardcoreCanada tTue what U say about bringing the non savvy into the fold ~ an interesting challenge #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: I think twitter is fun when you add a profile picture Twitter says “That’s a nice picture” even if u put up a picture of yr brother! #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q4: @smallbiztrends There are a few within other apps like #hootsuite helps you measure activity #sbbuzz
  • marketervirtual: @PRN has Social Media Metrix – anything free though? Is there a social media measuring tool where you can measure all ur activities? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q3: Not one tool just yet, we’re on the verge of it. I use @justsignal, Google Analytics and Hootsuite, FB Insights and monitor. #sbbuzz
  • LisaRedShoesPR: I just became a member of the Twub for #sbbuzz at http://twubs.com/sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q4 I’m enjoying the Karma feature of feedly, but that’s not a full answer. #sbbuzz
  • DailyGrind_UC: @mikestenger Actually, running a coffee shop is hard work. We don’t have the money to hire more employees. We do it ALL ourselves. #sbbuzz
  • JoeCascio: @lindadessau Great quote: “Just help me. Don’t make me endure the sales process.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Particularly true for SM. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q4: Not one tool just yet, we’re on the verge of it. I use @justsignal, Google Analytics and Hootsuite, FB Insights and adapt. #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz Q4 Well, @hubspot does a good job. And they are always coming up with cool new ways to measure stuff. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: @marketervirtual Good one! Social media content has to stay on your branded message #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: @MECKids Still you have to let people know what you do, otherwise it is a waste. #sbbuzz
  • stevenfisher: Never sell on Twitter. Don’t even get me started on DM selling and auto-following. A rant would ensue. #Sbbuzz
  • marinel: Q4: Google Analytics is always good! #sbbuzz
  • colderICE: Q4: A good call to action with a code or a landing page for tracking is a practice to use for measuring. Start with the end in mind. #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: Q4 There’s a Chrome tool. When you look at your Ggle analytics of pgs, you can see the SM reactions to them. http://j.mp/installSEO #sbbuzz
  • craigsutton: Q4: Define measure. It all depends on how you define a conversion, more sales, more contacts, more comments. #sbbuzz
  • DanNieves: @kimbrotoo Absolutely, awareness and engagement are key! #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q4 I’m a developer and only use Twitter now – I use my own tools (i.e. TweetStats) that I’ve developed as the need arises. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: Q4: what is the reason to “measure” SM? #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @DailyGrind_UC I understand that & respect that but if u make the time, u’ll find the time. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @kimbrotoo Yes I do know what we do. Thank you. But we don’t spam our followers every other day. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @strategystew but I’m often tweeting off the subject, ideas, other things that interest me … I like it when others do that too. #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: @HotBlogTips you don’t have to be techy but you still must know the presence of Twitter. How do you extend that to your public? #sbbuzz
  • shashib: so many good tips from you all tpoday #sbbuzz Small business rocks #sbbuzz
  • marketervirtual: Sorry I meant to say @PRNewswire has Social Media Metrix – anything free metrics though? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @stevenfisher I agree- MLM and other crap is crap. I’m referring to brands that actually deliver the goods and reward people. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Automating DMs and autofollows had bitten me bad – have spent months “cleaning” Twitter account for value and no more automation #sbbuzz
  • theforcefield: Q4: Not yet. The closest I’ve come to that is friendfeed. To be honest, I really don’t use it that much. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @kimbrotoo We are trying to keep up with our followers and provide information. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @JoeCascio Yes, exactly! @andreajlee recently reminded me that a “sales page” is a coaching conversation. #sbbuzz
  • LisaRedShoesPR: @strategystew Re: branded content… I just stick to who I am. But then I have a hard time separating lisa from red shoes pr. hmm #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @stevenfisher auto-sell-DMs drive me NUTS. cant believe ppl still have them. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q4: I love using http://twitteranalyzer.com/ as well #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @mriggen Increase in bottom line is the best measurement for effectiveness of Mktg and SM ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: I use Hootsuite but use tweetdeck also – no there is not just one tool – yet! #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: metrics help to determine if what you are doing is working. what do you want twitter to do for you? #sbbuzz
  • DanNieves: How has SM helped you with gaining new customers, particularly Twitter & FB? #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @HardcoreCanada not sure how to spread it, but it seems to grow in leaps and bounds #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q4: I think you have to use several tools to analyze your SM activity #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @Ndbc Social media is great for loyalty and customer service. Depends on the company though. Social media is an amplifier. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q4: there are many SM measurement tools from free to $$$: Trakur, @Radian6, bit.ly, google alerts, aterian, http://bit.ly/bYrwFt #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q4 #sbbuzz @hubspot has good Twitter and Blog tools. @dacort’s tweetstats.com & tweeps search
  • mikestenger: Q4: FB insights, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, & at the moment, looking into socialmention.com #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: Q#: inform and educate – then your product/service will sell itself #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q4. That said, I’m new to actually “doing” social media as a small biz rather than as a means of meeting/communicating. #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @CASUDI Very true! Need to know where to allocate time/resources to get there, though. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @AlaiaWilliams There’s a movement to stop auto direct messages. http://stopautodm.com/#sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @sbsmsummit I’m looking to build relationships and make connections – and have fun “getting my geek on.” #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: @HotBlogTips Yeah I keep telling myself it is just a sheet of ice I have to break through, just seems like a very thick sheet lately #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: @Timberry Agree with you – consistency with brand is important – like I won’t start spamming all of a sudden ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @smallbiztrends Q4 I’m reating a spreadsheet of the various tools (pros & cons) so I cna reccomend rt 1 for each client #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @HotBlogTips Yeah I keep telling myself it is just a sheet of ice I have to break through, just seems like a very thick sheet lately #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @JoeManna you can stop auto dm’s, just turn off the notification. I do that with every acct I start #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: @lindadessau yeah, nothing better than getting your geek on – the convos are so good! I hear you. #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: Auto-follows get you in trouble and also doing anything that guarantees you tons of followers in batches. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @strategystew I would never spam my followers. It’s always a turn-off. #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: Q4= I must say if you are having to run multiple Twitter/FB accounts HootSuite is amazing. Saves me a lot of time and hassle. #sbbuzz
  • trueUvoice: @stevenfisher I don’t even answer DMs, especially if there is a link in it. You have to be more imaginative to get my attention. #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q5: How would you respond to those who say social media takes too much time and money? #sbbuzz

  • SteveKoss: True @colderICE the key is to bring new scent of SM triangulation meeting commerce for the elegance cash flow sweet scent #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @CathyWebSavvyPR Good suggestion – though every app can be used in MANY different ways. Would be a big chart. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: q5. it takes too much money and time not to. it’s an affordable marketing tool. #sbbuzz
  • adevine1: @smallbiztrends I’m enjoying the topic tonight. Is Twitter drying up? The noise level from company spam does make it hard 2 listen. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @smallbiztrends Building a business takes time and consistent effort – whether that’s with SM or other marketing activities. #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @smallbiztrends A5: It does take time (time is money) often difficult for small biz to get started & commit #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz Q5: I would say would you say the same about the telephone? Email? Other ways you are communicating with your network? #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q5 “too much” is a tough term. But it does take time. Doing it poorly is worse than not doing it at all. No? #sbbuzz
  • tinafalasca: Q5 – I agree if you don’t know what your’e doing. Good time to call in an expert to show u the ropes. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q5: How would you respond to those who say social media takes too much time and money? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q5: Tell me the ROI of a $30K billboard and tell me the ROI of 30 min a day in social media. Better results — Guaranteed. #sbbuzz
  • Toby_Metcalf: @theforcefield not sure about saturation point, but do believe there will not be one tool to aggregate all the traffic #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Q5: Not really. It’s simple and easy if you know what you want to achieve. #sbbuzz
  • cloudspark: Q5: your customers are waiting for you, why won’t you meet them? focus on 1-2 best channels and meet them online. #sbbuzz
  • Bill4Time: Q5 If it creates positive company rep, reaches out to your market, and connects you to potential opportunities, what’s to waste? #sbbuzz
  • CindyMorus: @AlaiaWilliams I know, it irked me, too. Wonder why they even have it. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5: Time is money & if this method of using SM does not suite you then fine but U R missing out on new revenue stream #sbbuzz
  • wordsthatwork: @JoeManna difficult but not impossible. Some of the most successful people out there do it beautifully. http://bit.ly/dkVsYj #sbbuzz
  • stevenfisher: @smallbiztrends If people think SM is a waste they don’t have clear success metrics and not the right tools that work efficently. #Sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Q5: If you think social media takes too much time, you haven’t set specific goals and used focus to achieve them using SM #sbbuzz
  • lyceum: @shashib Thanks for the tip! I have to start follow @wtt & learn more about the service: “user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags.” #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q5: It’s a matter of identifying the problem in the business and deciding if social media can help resolve it. SM = Time. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q5 maybe it’s just me but I find SM takes tons of time. What helps is that I enjoy it while I do it. #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: worked w/non profit today – twitter is a perfect fit. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q5: One word – Bullsh*t. You can get started fairly easily & with very little expenses. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: Q5: they will change their minds when the competitor has already established a clear presence… too late… #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q5 I would say they need to define their goal and strategy for making use of social media and focus on that. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Q5: It shows that your brand is out in the market ready to help/support etc., #sbbuzz
  • trueUvoice: Q5: Outsource your SM to someone who specializes in your niche. It can be very cheap to hire someone to do SM for small business. #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: @marinel ha I can’t wait til I am able to post there. I definitely will visit for the advice though. #sbbuzz
  • SteveKoss: Q5 @smallbiztrends: Too much time & money a myth, best to show, prove to a skeptic the strategic roadmap to convert with pizzazz #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: @marinel Q5 How much money do you spend on marketing? This is more economical. #sbbuzz
  • craigsutton: Q5: Id ask, how much did you spend on the phonebook and other traditional ad means? How are those ads doing at representing you? #sbbuzz
  • LisaRedShoesPR: Q5: And advertising doesn’t?? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @wordsthatwork It’s not that ghostwriting is evil, it just takes the right brand, personality and style to be in-sync. #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @CathyWebSavvyPR oops forgot to add #sbbuzz to my tweet – just chiming in on chat!
  • theforcefield: Q5: As time is money, perhaps for some businesses SM may just not fit their goals. I couldn’t necessarily argue with them on it. #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @CathyWebSavvyPR A5: I’d say make the time it will be worth it ~ BUT dont go half way, really commit #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5: At the end of the day different strokes for different folks which is why all companies have different level of success #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q5: Yes, SM takes time & $, but the rewards are greater than risk. & the risk of not doing are also large. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: Q5: why the big press to get every business in SM anyway…. shhhhh it is a secret ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • cjservia: @marinel Awesome. This is great information. Thanks for the reply letting me know about #sbbuzz
  • kikscore: Q5 They often see the light eventually. If not, the convo continues without them. #sbbuzz
  • cdigennaro: Q5- I would say SM is another brick in your biz foundation and needs to be tended to to help your biz grow, #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q5: For big brands, we’re still just talking about paying the team & tools u use. U already do that! #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q5 I think SM takes tons of time, very little money. Sure time is money, but the distinction is worth making. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q5 I ran into that Qu 2day from a designer – showedhim his competitors who are using SM, showed him clients loking 4 designers! #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @HotBlogTips For some small biz NOT appropriate ~ one size does not fit all #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q5: just as much as social media can add to your business, it can be a risk. Manage it well. Example: @southwestair. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5: You need to evaluate your ROI if you think social media takes to much time & U dont see the return #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q5: Social media does take time, but if u have a good focus & structure, not 8 hrs/day kind of time. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5: Again this all goes back to where is your customer, how do you reach them? #sbbuzz
  • stlconciergeguy: @tinafalasca Interesting. I can see how finding small biz owners is pretty simple. But it’s also pretty broad. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @JoeManna don’t tell my dad that, been selling billboards for 30 years! #sbbuzz
  • shashib: Social Media works well when u integrate it into everything that you do #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @sbsmsummit Thanks for feedback! Site just got overhaul recently! #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @Timberry @CathyWebSavvyPR R we having fun yet? #sbbuzz
  • shashib: @ChristianGAdams agree levels the playing field #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: @JulieDAloiso you mean they still print yellow pages??? (j/k) #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q5: It’s a matter of expecting the right results from SM, too. Social media is not for revenue, it’s a branding investment. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @vanessaalfano join in the chat – http://is.gd/92OGK host @smallbiztrends #sbbuzz
  • stlconciergeguy: @JoeManna Yes you and I have complete profiles. Others may not and still be in your target market. #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: Q5: many small biz owners are overwhelmed and perceive a lack of time: training on mobile tools + apps like Tweetfunnel helps #sbbuzz
  • cloudspark: Q5: share insights that how customers shop has changed, it starts with search. SM + good SEO can boost your efforts in search. #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: Q5 Cheapest way to connect to an audience I’ve found. You do have to manage the time though on Twitter. I need to do better. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q5: The more u put into it, the more u get out of it. U can spend 30 minutes/day on SM & still do well. #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @shashib YES, SM is part of the whole ~ elegant integration can really pay off #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Tip: I have twitter application, firefox plugin, gmail gadget. Integrate it with everything you do. So it won’t be another work. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @HotBlogTips It’s not that billboards are bad; but $ for $, narrowcast media performs better than broadcast. #sbbuzz
  • HardcoreCanada: Q5- it all depends on who is running it. Some people will not do well in it, but the ROI possibilities of SM are extraordinary #sbbuzz
  • cpcllerret: Q5: How much do you pay for email? And Its not about how much time, but what you do with the time. #sbbuzz
  • kikscore: ROI is one thing but #SM is also needed especially today for reputation management. Otherwise negative comments go unanswered! #sbbuzz
  • FranchiseKing: Social Media can be a huge time-sucker, which CAN be a problem if not managed. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: The real problem is there are too many SM “gurus” clouding what SM is really for…. everyone wants to be a “guru” or “coach” #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q5: I haven’t ever heard a business going under BECAUSE of social media. It’s an investment, not a liability. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @JoeManna It’snot that billboards are bad – it’s just harder to track ROI and cost is really high – #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5: @MECKids Good point find a application that meets your usage need to interact on social media #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q6: What can be effectively delegated in social media? And what should NEVER be delegated? #sbbuzz

  • mikestenger: @marketervirtual No, no. Google Adwords is an advertising platform. Google Analytics tracks/shows ur web traffic. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: @JoeManna I know Joe, but ol’ Pop still doesn’t get this “twitter thing” LOL #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: Q5: 1) accept it’s reality 2) show how it’s impacting searchability, 3) find where customers are, 4) set goals & 5) get tools! #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @kikscore The ROI in that would be “perception” on “response” #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @CathyWebSavvyPR I always have fun, esp when you join a chat ~ good info chats with great contributers like this can be addictive #sbbuzz
  • shashib: Would love to get your feedback on the other aspects of the SBSI athttp://growsmartbusiness.com #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @FranchiseKing That means you are not using the application to interact online I think. What your ROI for using SM? #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Programs like @Socialoomph, @peoplebrowsr & @hootsuite – used well, with a strategy behind them can = productive SM #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: @joeManna – love the term ‘narrowcast’ in contrast to broadcast! …learned something new on Twitter today! #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: Q5 Hear lots of how to prioritize which part of SM to attend to 1st. I tend to suggest maybe blog 1st & add others as fits biz #sbbuzz
  • shashib: As with all your activities test , rinse and repeat your social media steps till you get the right formula #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @MaryAnnHalford Exactly right. It’s processes like that which make things much clearer #sbbuzz
  • sbsmsummit: 6. depends on the biz – I don’t delegate bc I am a small biz #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @CathyWebSavvyPR I would also add Tweetdeck to set of tools #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @SeeboldMarCom Hadn’t heard narrowcast before. Hmm…learning new stuff too! #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q6: Using social media as a PR getting the word out about your accomplishments & knowledge base via demonstration is good #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q5 #sbbuzz I find I wish I had more time to spend in Twitter and on blogs – not less. I’ve never regretted investments there.
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @smallbiztrends Q6 Monitoring should not be delegated 2 low person on totem pole – Needs 2 be tied into strate person #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q6 Really depends. As a small biz, I need to be myself. But I can get external help in research, analysis & setup. #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @marinel I think companies and celebs/personalities have to be careful about how much they outsource #sbbuzz
  • cloudspark: Q6: SM key tenet is authenticity, all authorship should be internal to own the relationshps. Measurement, tracking can be delegated. #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: delegation depends on the size of the company…. delegate accordingly, my company everything delegated to ME #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses:ย  Q6: Using social media is great for marketing needs and finding new resources to help expand your business #sbbuzz
  • shashib: Q6 Story telling instead of second guessing what words your audience may want to hear #sbbuzz
  • vanessaalfano: I have done a crazy amount of networking on social media, and met super valuable contacts. #sbbuzz
  • susan_w: Everyone in your biz should be listening to what’s being said about your biz and your competitors #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @dacort I like that answer to Q6 #sbbuzz
  • Toby_Metcalf: @theforcefield Different tools for different goals #sbbuzz I use facebook for different things than LinkedIn
  • MECKids: @dacort We have the same problem. The new SM person is not going to understand the brand in one go/ #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: my view on outsourcing SM is the same as I feel about ghostwriting #sbbuzz
  • Zimana_: Q4: The most comprehensive tools are usually tied to the enterprise level analytics. but nothing as a one stop shopping for measure #sbbuzz
  • AlaiaWilliams: A6 #sbbuzz – I don’t delegate SM /c my biz is me and ppl need to know my voice. if they don’t like me, they prob shouldnt work w/me!
  • helpbusinesses: @marinel @3keyscoach @shashib step 2 is interaction. So many ppl dont respond to their followers its crazy #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: keep delegation in house, and give the delegated a FACE (personality) #sbbuzz
  • LauraMattis: @shashib I enjoy listening so much more than speaking/controlling a conversation. Learn so much more, thus able to give more #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q6: Customer service inquires, minor updates, etc. CAN be delegated in social media. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q6: U gotta make sure they GET the brand & how 2 effectively serve the customer. If not, hire some1 else #sbbuzz
  • SteveKoss: Q6: TECH platforms w/SaaS can be effectively delegated, however NEVER delegate strategy & competitive intelligence of social media #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q6: you can outsource research, training of staff, consulting to help staff ramp up; but tweeting, blogging, content should be in hs #sbbuzz
  • Zimana_: Q4: SM helps further engage clients/customers – you can share your interest, new offers, and news on what you are doing #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @CASUDI know many like Seesmic – use tweetdeck and can attribute it to my participation tonight! #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q6: I would have to cover my eyes and ears if I delegated major branding/sales/biz-dev announcements on Twitter. Being honest. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q6 You can outsource conversations STARTERS, but then be ready to engage in the conversation yourself. #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz Q6 Agree with @alaiawilliams @hotblogtips and others. Content should be your own. #sbbuzz
    RS, but then be ready to engage in the conversation yourself. #sbbuzz
  • smallbiztrends: This is the most awesome and active chat! I am learning right and left from you all. Keep the wisdom flowing… #sbbuzz
  • HotBlogTips: there is a difference between delegating and outsourcing to someone that doesn’t even speak the same language as ur market #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @CathyWebSavvyPR agree on tweeting & blogging in hs – video content can be outsourced – training is IMPERATIVE for scale #sbbuzz
  • shashib: alwyas thnak people for feedback even if you do not like it #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @HotBlogTips made a GR8 point. Have a personality w/ur brand & what is said/posted. It goes a long way! #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @3keyscoach @AlaiaWilliams ~ Can U actually do any biz if there is NO connection ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Oh yeah, I don’t mean “outsource” by delegate, I mean other members of the company/business. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @lindadessau Outsourcing conversation is dangerous b/c that is your common denominator with customer. Lose that lose customer #sbbuzz
  • shashib: people will give you feedback when they care for your business- cherish it Social media makes it easy for feedback #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @MECKids I think people are forgiving if you’re honest about making a mistake and you make up for it by doing it differently. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @cloudspark Agreed – but be careful outsourceing monitoring – be sure the reports get created/read/used by strategy person – #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @pmohara You nailed it. It’s good to sync up on top trends impacting the business. Make it a “part” of your business. #sbbuzz
  • kimbrotoo: I’ve decided my blog is a priority then twitter but my work needs attention outside Twitter and blogging. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @lindadessau But then you are such a virgin you may botch the union, don’t you think by not knowing the rules of the SM U R on #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @JoeManna yes and also monitor those trends using keywords and twitter/social media monitoring tools – free and paid #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @sueyoungmedia Great discussion ~ what do you think can be delegated well in SM? #sbbuzz ~ GR8 to C
  • Zimana_: Q5: SM helps further engage clients/customers – you can share your interest, new offers, and news on what you are doing #sbbuzz
  • cloudspark: if you’re not listening to your customers, i can guarantee that a competitor is. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @lindadessau You best way to build a relationship is to know the lay of the land in social media don’t out source initiation #sbbuzz
  • marketervirtual: I believe in what I call “niche social media” where u get online influencers & “work with them”- join where there’s audience already #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @helpbusinesses Sure, whoever is helping you needs to be a SM expert and very familiar with your business, clients, content, etc. #sbbuzz
  • vanessaalfano: @CathyWebSavvyPR thx for the heads up on @smallbiztrends conver. Good stuff. A topic I may bring up on @foxnews strategy room tmrw! #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Q6 – I really don’t think you should delegate your personal account – your personal brand #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @CASUDI some things for delegation: monitoring and content e.g. promotions or video – but with a brand lens to keep consistency #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @kimbrotoo To me… Blog > Twitter > Facebook > Forum > Video. Most of the time, but not all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Q6 – Go ahead a delegate general social media accounts for product lines and brands to their managers #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @AngelaAtHp Does HP have policies against, say… taking a Twitpic of an Irish Car Bomb on a friday night w/ industry peers? #sbbuzz
  • susan_w: @smallbiztrends thanks for the great chat! Learned a lot! #sbbuzz
  • NewPR: Whether u want to do social media or not, your customers already are. At the least need to keep an eye on what’s being said. #sbbuzz
  • cpcllerret: @smallbiztrends Q6: Delegate the research, analytics, and data gathering, but keep the message & interaction close to you. #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q7: According to SBSI survey, 45% said they expected social media to be “profitable” for them within 12 mos. Is that realistic? #sbbuzz

  • JoeManna:ย  DanNieves hahaha, that’s why @briantroy shared with me. He showed some solid examples of that. Impressive. #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @MaryAnnHalford YES, just like always keep that brand consistent ~ no matter what is delegated #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @JulieDAloiso OMG you should see how many ppl fail to respond to key questions sent from their tweet, huge opportunity lost #sbbuzz
  • AngelaAtHp: Real-time feedback, the compliments, the ideas, the complaints = all valuable to drive your biz. Embrace them. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Q7 social media profitable in 12 months – depends on the resources and focus dedicated to it #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @smallbiztrends I think that SM can be profitable in 12 months, particularly if integrated w other media used #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: @shashib And you were there when it happened! We’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary at @smallbizsummit #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q7: Social media is already an asset – I guess churning a higher profit is possible if companies EARN TRUST from customers. #sbbuzz
  • shashib: @mriggen just making a point – promote your customers to promote yourself #sbbuzz
  • JohnFMoore: Most #social efforts will take time to become profitable. ROI there in time, sometimes greater cost in early months #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q7: That’s definitely realistic. It’s up to biz’s & companies if they really want it to happen or not. #sbbuzz
  • tylergarns: Q7: IMO social media should be profitable from the get-go. Depends on how you measure profit. #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @smallbiztrends Q7: 1 group that can truly profit = retailers who can integrate SM w print/radio/tv & other media #sbbuzz
  • chatterboxpr: Q7 That tells me that their expectations were wrong from the beginning. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q7: Market intelligence, support deflection, PR crisis-management are all huge cost savings, and profitable, too. It’s perspective. #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: @helpbusinesses What bugs me is on Facebook – someone could ask u a question on yr fan page and you get no notification #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q7: SM can yield a ROI sooner that 12 month if you learn how to use it correctly for your business. #sbbuzz
  • sueyoungmedia: Social media lets you keep finger on the pulse of your industry, prospects & competition. A must in this market. #sbbuzz #gifb
  • tylergarns: Q7: Retention = profit. New customers = profit. Both can be driven greatly through social media. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Q7: If u slack, are using ineffective methods &/or not taking action 2 improve, then it’s not realistic. #sbbuzz
  • SeeboldMarCom: @JoeManna it was rather intense – felt like being on a treadmill for my brain – kind of liked it! #tweetchat #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q7 Here’s @unmarketing’s story about profitability after 1 year on Twitter #sbbuzzhttp://bit.ly/aywMZ6
  • AngelaAtHp: Profitable ROI depends on the what and how. E.g. Insight activities different from coupon sharing. Both have value. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q7: If you’re not getting value from social media – doesn’t matter if it’s revenue – it’s time to re-evaluate. #sbbuzz
  • NewPR: The Small Business Success survey being discussed is available at http://www.growsmartbusiness.com #sbbuzz
  • smallbiztrends: For those just joining #sbbuzz chat, the SBSI statistics I am citing about small biz usage of social media are at: http://tinyurl.com/d6gqc9
  • JohnFMoore: There are two things to consider though. ROI/Profit is one, Cost of not implementing is other. Both factor in #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @CASUDI Oh definitely connection has become much more important for all businesses. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q7 SM to be profitable for 45% of Small biz in 2010? depends o how they count the ROI/profit. I think it’s GREAT! #sbbuzz
  • craignetworker: Q7 what was it @qualman said about Social Media ROI, “do you measure the ROI on your telephone” #sbbuzz
  • sueyoungmedia: @JoeManna Key is to be patient. Value/$ won’t come overnight, but results will come. Stay with it #sbbuzz #gifb
  • mikestenger: Q7: Like w/anything, u must act & improve when u can. If u don’t, growth is stunted & u get stuck. #sbbuzz
  • ardalis: @smallbiztrends Q4: The various grader.com services are a good start to measuring social media success. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @CASUDI Glad to see someone else in my world most think I’m nuts when I say that. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @smallbiztrends Q7 – the fact that 45% thing SM will be profitable in 20 10 is encouraging. Mo more QU: “can U make $ on Twitter?” #sbbuzz
  • ardalis: @smallbiztrends Q5: You’re doing it wrong. It’s a long-term investment, not short term marketing spend. #sbbuzz
  • sueyoungmedia: Aside from ROI we have to consider Return on trust, credibility, relationships, brand building etc. Priceless. #sbbuzz @GIFB
  • JohnFMoore: @sueyoungmedia Good points but do not completely agree. those things must map to profit, right? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @sueyoungmedia Right on the money – Imagine how much $ per second American Airlines lost with the broken guitar? #sbbuzz
  • ardalis: @smallbiztrends Q7: Depends on if you are starting from a dead stop. Someone with a lg SM presence can make it profitable fast. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: Just to let everyone know, @sueyoungmedia is a smart cookie. That is totally not biased by the way. #sbbuzz
  • shashib: @dcphotog tols me she moved and all the new customers she got were thorugh Twitter ( interview to be posted soon) #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @3keyscoach Best way to ID which site to start with: Id your goals, ID your audience – research where they “hang out” online/off #sbbuzz
  • tylergarns: Q6: Outsourced & Delegated. 2 diff things. Social media should NEVER be outsourced. Delegated, can be. Depnds on content & delegatee #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @CASUDI It dawned on me last night that we may be good fit for project. Not sure what yet but we’re creative! Let’s noodle w/ this #sbbuzz
  • JohnFMoore: Collaboration strategies must deliver on goals, only implement when you understand the goals and how to operationalize #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @craignetworker what about the ROI of your cellphone? how muc would you lose w/o it? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @JohnFMoore … But must be flexible to adapt to market conditions and “state” of the social media-sphere. ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • NewPR: @MYOBTrainer welcome to #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @ardalis Good point – profitability via SM depends on the business type, their approach, & how long doing it #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @JulieDAloiso LOL You like that don’t you, that’s hot. #sbbuzz
  • shashib: Would u agree Social media= ROTC =Return on Trust & Credibility #SBBUZZ
  • JoeManna: @CASUDI I would gain a lot of sleep and save $85 a month. But lose instant contact w/ trusted people. #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: @AngelaAtHp I’m starting to like u better than Dell. Just don’t let HP skimp on the service, alright? ๐Ÿ˜‰ #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @CathyWebSavvyPR @ardalis – and how they integrate SM with existing channels #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: I started a new website & added all major social media sites 3 weeks later I was all over page 1 for my business name #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @3keyscoach let’s co- write that post we were discussing ~ I have more input ~ relevant to smallbiz #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q7: profitability 4 SMall Biz using Social Media in 1 year is doable – 15 months – more likely – depend on many factors tho #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @JulieDAloiso Google does add some value to you usiing SM #sbbuzz
  • SteveKoss: Hammered golden nail @colderICE Q3: Social Media is spy tactics on steroids…Listening is 10x more valuable than speaking with it #sbbuzz
  • craignetworker: @CASUDI I wouldnt be able to loose cellphone, like SM its just too integral in my business now #sbbuzz
  • cpcllerret: @smallbiztrends Q7: The value is very possible, BUT, you have to have that TRUST factor there and known, being genuine. #sbbuzz
  • sueyoungmedia: @JohnFMoore Yes, I believe the other pieces all lead to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow=profit. #sbbuzz #gifb
  • MYOBTrainer: @newpr Thanks so much trying to work out the #sbbuzz theme – seems to be ROI?
  • KeithBurtis: @shashib ummm, I guess I don’t agree with that. Hard to take that to a C Level exec and convince them to invest #SBBUZZ
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @3keyscoach @MaryAnnHalford – yes – don;t forget traditional media – it ain’t dead yet. Integrated strategy works best #sbbuzz
  • NewPR: @MYOBTrainer over arching theme is social media adoption by small biz #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @MECKids @shashib – Devil’s advocate: How much is a Tweet, Blog post, FB update, etc worth to the “trust” scale? #sbbuzz

smallbiztrends: Q8: How do you keep smallbiz from turning into social media ?haves & have nots”? (when half of small biz don?t even have websites) #sbbuzz

  • CASUDI: @craignetworker so how do U put a value on your cell phone? How much biz does it contribute to ? #sbbuzz
  • NewPR: @MYOBTrainer we were citing stats from a new study released by @netsolcares at http://www.growsmartbusiness.com #sbbuzz
  • mikestenger: “There’s a reason u have 2 ears & 1 mouth: Listen 2x as much as u talk.” Are u listening in social media? #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @MYOBTrainer Eventually everything has to come to ROI for #smallbiz. Must be prudent in investing time, $, & energy #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @tylergarns it may also mean evaluating more than just SM!!!! #sbbuzz
  • JohnFMoore: I love #social but remember it is only a channel, make sure your customers are there first. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q8: Customers will let them know one way or another… Employees will tell their superiors, as well. #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @sueyoungmedia Pay / ROI = gaining credibility ~ I really like that #sbbuzz
  • leoraw: @smallbiztrends A8 I tell any small business that if they can fill out an online form, they can put up Facebook Fan page. #sbbuzz
  • theforcefield: Q7: Hmm. I’m not sure profitability from SM can be measured in quantifiable numbers in every business or industry across the board. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Q8 Everyone involved in Social Meida and blogging need to commit to “bring a biz friend.” Show 1 biz peep how it works 4 you! #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: Q8: It’s only a matter of time until a business has to realize they need to monitor their brand and reply to customer demand. #sbbuzz
  • JohnFMoore: Social media usage does not ensure trust, credibility. It is bull horn. Good msgs amplified, as are the bad #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @smallbiztrends A8 Listen 2 emotional reasons why hesitating even 4 website. Easy to know in head, hard when feeling overcommitted #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @CathyWebSavvyPR My response is it adds up, but finding the right metrics for your business is really what counts. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Q8: Make the smallbiz the importance of SM and how it can help build a brand for them. Everyone loves brand, don’t they? #sbbuzz
  • MYOBTrainer: I am MYOB consultant and use video & twitter to answer FAQ #sbbuzz
  • CrippleCreekBBQ: Q8 Social media is the great equalizer. It isn’t about he have’s and havenot’s. Its about shaking hands and being real. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q8 some #smbiz don’t have customer using SM so they don’t need use SM unless they seek to open a new revenue stream. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @JoeManna When all those are linked together, & content is in alignment w/ cmpy & customer pain pts = huge trust builder #sbbuzz
  • AngelaAtHp: Q8: I think companies are working to reach out more to help smallbiz access free resources to build their brand. #sbbuzz
  • jletourneau: @JohnFMoore ” #social is only a channel” – I thought being #social was about behavior! ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: It’s building blocks: I would not recommend Facebook Pages to a small biz who doesn’t have a Website. Let’s be honest. #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @sbbuzz Q8 Rule #1 of social media, there are no rules in social media. Most approaches are unique to biz – find similar to emulate. #sbbuzz
  • AngelaAtHp: Q8: Social media can help build awareness of a have-not’s expertise to turn the cornerinto a have. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Count everyone on social networking sites-common accounts=number of people #online for business and ready for conversation. #sbbuzz
  • JohnFMoore: @jletourneau Plus, I am just a social anti-guru anyway, what do I know? ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: SM made simple + websites made simple for small businesses = More Revs = more jobs #sbbuzz
  • tylergarns: Q8: Survival of the fittest. Those who want it bad enough will get it. Should we worry about “haves & have nots” in business? #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Q8: How do you keep smallbiz from turning into social media ?haves & have nots”? (when half of small biz don?t even have websites) #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: The hardest thing about setting up a #fb page is finding the link to set one up! #hint it is on the login screen where no one goes #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q8 #sbbuzz I think the social media “haves” are the risk takers and if they can get it right deserve the rewards.
  • OrlandoInc: @smallbiztrends I would argue that social media can allows some have nots to become haves #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: Q8 Just thinking, it might be useful to keep tech talk to minimum. Can be intimidating or offputting to some #smallbiz folk. #sbbuzz
  • the_networks: Pamela: Q8 #sbbuzz I think the social media “haves” are the risk takers and if they can get it right d… http://bit.ly/cWRH3a #socialmedia
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @smallbiztrends Q8 – with free WordPress.org software – there is NO excuse 4 a small biz not 2 have a website! #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @tylergarns Exactly, it’s the free market. If I’m get value in listening & engaging in social media and my competitor isn’t – 2 bad. #sbbuzz
  • NewPR: @3keyscoach Q8: How do u keep smallbiz from turning in2 social media haves & have nots (when 1/2 small biz don?t even have websites) #sbbuzz
  • footenotes: @smallbiztrends Maybe Small biz sh mimic countries where they are skipping websites, going directly to mobile http://bit.ly/cWVE60 #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @MaryAnnHalford YES, If we don’t all help Small Biz ~we will not have the opportunity to replace the many permanently lost jobs #sbbuzz
  • theforcefield: Q8: it has been my experience a lot of the “have nots” are have nots by choice. #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: Q9: Social media and numbers. Its importance? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @3keyscoach I agree – what is the best way to introduce tech topics to a business? Start from results and go backward? #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @OrlandoInc yes – although time does equal money in many respects – the actual $ barrier 2 Social Media entry is low #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @3keyscoach I disagree keeping the techtalk to min. They should learn it? Don’t they. Technology=growing faster.. #sbbuzz
  • AngelaAtHp: Q8: Haves can and should share knowledge and how-tos with have-nots to improve their profession and community. #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @mikestenger I don’t think I even saw question since chat is moving so fast. You have loads of company in your corner. #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @CathyWebSavvyPR agree on WP software – but it is still intimidating for SB’s – know from my pals owning SBs & I simplify 4 them! #sbbuzz
  • JohnFMoore: Haves and have nots also situational. not all markets, geographies, ready for #social haves #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @OrlandoInc yes – although time does equal money in many respects – the actual $ barrier 2 Social Media entry is low #sbbuzz
  • cjservia: @JulieDAloiso And I’d add that it is always important to develop a vanity URL too. #sbbuzz
  • ardalis: @smallbiztrends Q8: Why do I, as a ‘have’ want there to be no ‘have nots’ ? More business for my #smallbiz #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Too many interesting new people to follow after this chat – my lists will be growing tonight! #sbbuzz
  • sueyoungmedia: @JoeManna Sorry but if a sm biz owner doesn’t have website, crawl into bed & pull covers over head. #sbbuzz #gifb
  • JoeManna: @MECKids If consumers have Facebook – why shouldn’t the business? Gotta level with your customers and prospects. #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @JoeManna I’d say so but I’m partial to results/measurements. For some people,easier to go w/ what they know 1st, get them comfy #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @MaryAnnHalford Me too – a part of my niche is that I can translate “techtalk” into simple English = SM less intimidating #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @sueyoungmedia LOL… but not all small businesses _need_ a website… most do. The ones who don’t can’t complain. Srsly. #sbbuzz
  • cjservia: @sueyoungmedia It is so easy now to develop an effective web site. I agree. #sbbuzz
  • dacort: @CathyWebSavvyPR Technology is still daunting if a smallbiz isn’t savvy. Have talked with some that check email once/week! #sbbuzz
  • shashib: #sbbuzz small business need translators for geek to english
  • MECKids: @CathyWebSavvyPR I totally agree. Understand technical and non-technical stuff and explaining them to #smallbiz is great. #sbbuzz
  • MYOBTrainer: Opera is a form of communication just like social media is-u may not understand but need to respect #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @MECKids Of course they have to learn it eventually. Reduce anxiety & then show how relevant #sbbuzz
  • Zimana_: A8: Sources like Mashable best for preventing have/have nots — not evry biz can use SM, but should have access to latest info #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @dacort Ouch. I get the shakes if I don’t check email in an hour. #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @newpr Thanks for repeating Q8. #sbbuzz
  • CASUDI: @CathyWebSavvyPR @MaryAnnHalford You BOTH can make a difference being able to communicate simply & make SM less intimidating #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @smallbiztrends @mikestenger Q8 show them your blog, how easy to update/make changes. do a tradeout. send em an ebook. show results #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @smallbiztrends when is #smallbiz? would like to refer folks . . . #sbbuzz
  • sueyoungmedia: I am not loving the labels of “have” and “have not’s”- not sure why. Just saying #sbbuzz #gifb
  • dacort: @smallbiztrends Initial steps are just education. Visit your local chamber of commerce meetings and help learn about social media. #sbbuzz
  • theforcefield: @KathyHerrmann Businesses who use SM can use it in different ways, in combination with other tools. #sbbuzz
  • OrlandoInc: @CathyWebSavvyPR Yes, time is money..all the more reason to have a strategy and benchmarks #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: If social media doesn’t compliment your sales, customer service, product/service or business — Don’t do it. You’ll be burned. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @OrlandoInc yes – the biggest boost a small biz can have in makeing SM effective – put strategy behind it! #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @sueyoungmedia but think of how many who never start b/c they think they have to be tech savvy! #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q8 Using SM is a choice to grow your business & if U R not using it then your choice so that isnt a “have not” perse #sbbuzz
  • MECKids: @shashib Agree – going to local #tweetups and connecting with local thought leaders in social media is a great way to learn [free]. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: Better yet @shashib@dacort & @smallbiztrends – those of us Haves – should give workshops at ou local Chamber of commerce #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q8 Small business must go where their customer are & grow with their customer which isnt necessarily using SM #sbbuzz
  • tylergarns: 1 on 1 most ppl sell authentically. 1 to many (behind the curtain of the net) is where ppl go wrong. SM requires full authenticity #sbbuzz
  • shashib: Twitter Talk And Small Business Success Index Results 2/23/2010 – Small Business Radio on Blog Talk Radio http://ow.ly/1aBDF #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @JulieDAloiso What is advantage of Google profile? #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @MeganMcQ Love the example – Toyota though had product defect and zero social media msgs. #sbbuzz
  • MackCollier: #sbbuzz We are talking about letting the social media strategy determine the tactics, and not the other way around, right?
  • MECKids: Having a person with tech & non-tech skills imp for smallbiz. #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @3keyscoach Google Profile = another tool to enhance searchability #sbbuzz
  • SMOSEOSEM: #sbbuzz We are talking about letting the social media strategy determine the tactics, and not the other way around… http://bit.ly/aPIeXr
  • helpbusinesses: Q8 Using social media isnt a tech savvy move if you know how to use the internet you can use any SM plateform #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @sueyoungmedia SM is no go w/out content. Can learn as you go. #sbbuzz #GIFB
  • JoeManna: @MeganMcQ Great resource on the Edelman’s Trust Barometer ( http://bit.ly/769m3O ) #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: @3keyscoach You can tie in all of your sm profiles and tells google to connect them all #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: 3keyscoach: @JulieDAloiso advantage of Google profile: it comes up at bottom of pg when search 4 yr name & links 2 SM footprint #sbbuzz
  • meganmcq: @JoeManna,I believe trust = every transaction a company makes w/ customers.1 bad transaction=bad;14M bad transactions=Toyota #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q8: saying you need to be tech savvy for SM usage is a misnomer. #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @briantroy Yup – the topic for the mention is for the #sbbuzz & social media, ROI, metrics and value. You’d love it.
  • MECKids: @helpbusinesses not tech savvy but understand it. #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @helpbusinesses Is tech-aware better term? #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: @ardalis Q8 -Ther’s plenty of business 4 all of us. If more small biz come online, then I can do more strategy work, less tactics #sbbuzz
  • MaryAnnHalford: @3keyscoach my pleasure – with all the emphasis on content & SM, we also alwys need to think about searchability #sbbuzz
  • cdigennaro: @CathyWebSavvyPR agreed, i have shared my SM knowledge with small biz via lunch & learns, etc #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: @shashib I’ll let @jaybaer take the cake on that: “Twitter is not a social media strategy.” #sbbuzz
  • JohnFMoore: Yes, if your goals require #social, define strategy, tactics, metrics 4 success, in that order #sbbuzz
  • 3keyscoach: @MaryAnnHalford It’s good to review why a particular tool makes it easier or more effective. #sbbuzz
  • CathyWebSavvyPR: to my twitter followers _ I’m so sorry for s many tweets, but I hope they ahve be of value. @smallbiztrends chat has been great! #sbbuzz
  • JulieDAloiso: @3keyscoach Yes and you can use the same google account 4 your buzz, google analytics webmaster tools #sbbuzz
  • JoeManna: To bridge the gap in the haves/have-nots — entrepreneurs need to become less competitive and more collaborative. #sbbuzz
  • alizasherman: Q8: Have & have nots? Is that really a social media question? Jumping in late. Thought I time warped back to 90s & talking about Web #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: And thank you to @shashib and @growsmartbiz for the SBSI statistics discussed tonighthttp://tinyurl.com/d6gqc9 #sbbuzz

  • dacort: And Q8 drew a lot of comments w/over 80 tweets! RT @shashib: 1,508 tweets, 182 contributors, 215.4 tweets per day #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue and hostess of #sbbuzz. Thanks so much to @smallbiztrends and @shashib for bringing so many friends tonight!
  • leoraw: Thanks so much to @smallbiztrends and @shashib and to our hostess @pmohara #sbbuzz


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Small Biz Tech Advice & Resources: May 19, 2009

Advice and resources, we’re all looking for some help when we jump into a new strategy.ย  Many small business are just getting the hang of social media, networking, etc.

This week SBBUZZ focused on advice to small business owners on getting started with Twitter, resources and how to guides for tweeting, local community involvement, time management with socnets, conversion from followers to customers, and much more.

If you have a small business question that you need answered or knowledge to share with others, here’s when, where and how to participate!

  • Next buzz-up is Tuesday, May 26th from 8:00 PM โ€“ 10:00 PM Eastern Time.ย  Join us – We’ll get your small biz questions answered.
  • Know small businesses that need help?ย  Spread the word! The more voices, the better the conversation.
  • Instructions for participating are atย http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
  • Below is a summary of the most recent discussion. To see the full conversation, go to: http://bit.ly/JYU6N

sbbuzz: Q1 What advice would you give a small business owner brand new to Twitter? #sbbuzz

  • samuraivt: Q1 Listen, follow those who interest you, be social and engage in conversation. Don’t just pitch. Don’t automate. Be human. #sbbuzz
  • yourjobmyoffice: Q1 don’t hesitate to join the conversation. Most welcome your input. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: one of my favorite tips for Twitter newbies is to focus on developing relationships, not on selling #sbbuzz#sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1 – Don’t just broadcast. Communicate and interact with people (we are people behind the avatars) #sbbuzz
  • SCOREChicago: Believe your personal opinion is of interest to people #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q1: Be yourself, be genuine, twitter may be good for advertising, but try to connect with folks, not spam them! #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q1: Search for people in your field. Those you can learn from & those you can reach out to. Then start building relationships. #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Q1 I see a lot of sm biz neglecting to broaden their follower base – a waste of time to talk to no one #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Q1 Use apps not just twitter.com. Look into @cotweet if you’re developing twitter profile for biz. Use Twhirl. Seesmic Desktop etc #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q1 Quality not quantity. Participate not stand by and wait for someone to talk to you. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q1 – Take as much time as you need to figure it out first. Then make a plan for how it can help your business. What will it lead to? #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q1 Follow ideas, not people ie. Don’t worry about numbers of followers and following… Follow topics found via search.twitter etc #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q1 Know what you want out of Twitter so you can follow the people who best meet that need. #sbbuzz
  • yourjobmyoffice: Q1 find out where/when are the chats that discuss topics relevant to your biz and then – follow. Like tonight! #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q1 use the hashtags http://hashtags.org/ as well & start off by following a few who peak your interest in a particular category #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: I would suggest avoiding twitter clutter. Tweet about posts, sites, ideas, books, etc., never about lunch, dinner, TV, drinks … #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q2 What should businesses talk about? What are businesses doing on Twitter? #sbbuzz

  • bradfordshimp: Q2 – Businesses should educate and engage – just don’t go in there with a constant stream of sales pitches – big no no. #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q2 Provide advice, share information and resources, answer questions, ask questions and avoid linking to your site too often. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2 – talk about your profession & what you know well, find article you read & tweet them if u think others are interested too #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q2: Personally I talk about the projects I’m working on, things I learn, emotions, I think it’s key to show a person there too #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q2: Promote with links to their blog, articles, free valuable information. Not sales pitches. Workshop announcements, etc are good. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2 – over all provide valuable information about your industry, product and services that you think other will find helpful #sbbuzz
  • NJinsuranceGirl: Q2: I like to follow people who share their expertise. Will come to rely on them for their point of view. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q2: Take advantage of #followfriday to share valuable tweeps with your followers in their field (me = book people for writers) #sbbuzz
  • allcaughtup: Q2 Share what you do know. Answer questions and simply chat too. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2 – it’s great to provide direct links to your blog or use your twitter account for customer service #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q2: Ask followers for questions relating to your field. If you don’t know the answer, find it & @ reply it back. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q2 Listen & engage. Again, use search tools to track related terms and business name then communicate with others. #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q2 follow key words via tweetdeck. Then provide some quick tips, guidance vs. ur company pitch… better to start a dialogue #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q2 I like to give and get suggestions on my interest area, what’s up, what’s new, interesting posts, like that …. #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q2 if you have case study info, content other SB owners can benefit from reading, tweet the link to that useful content #sbbuzz
  • 99designs: Q2 – know your audience and find valuable information to provide them and identify ways to engage them…offer help…etc… #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q3. Any good resources for Twitter how-tos, reference guides, etiquettes, etc? #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q4 Is your local community (govt/academic/private) doing anything to promote entrepreneurship/small business? What is working? #sbbuzz

  • imaginestudios: Q4: Free workshops offered by business professionals on everything from offline marketing to social media – been great. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q4 we just had an angel investor event last week developed and organized by consortium of local chamber and sbdc-related groups. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: @sbbuzz We are trying with a group of volunteers, but I am the only biz person and don’t have a lot of time, so it is uphill. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q4: our local chamber has established a group for young professionals, we meet monthly and have 3 or 4 events a month. Great network #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q4 Con’t: We’re blessed to have a center for Entrepreneurship doing many workshops & a great group of biz owners willing 2 contrib. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q4 – MWBE registered to work with NYC & NYS have networking events hosted by city or state for the MWBE to network directly w/them #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q4 and we have a group called smartups, with chamber and SBDC support, meets for workshops and such … in Eugene OR #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q4 Dallas area is steady on entrepreneurial activities. At #swfv gig this morning where more VCs focused on seed & early stage co’s #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q4 – NYC & NYS have targeted workshop for small businesses as well & gov’t agencies are always there to network with us directly #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4 – The Economic Dev group here is fabulous at working with small business. Quarterly Biz breakfasts are a big hit. #sbbuzz
  • jonedm: @sbbuzz Q4 Local Econ Dev Committee and entrepreneurs pulling together local bar camps and meet ups. Very useful networking. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q4 and in general I’m a huge fan of the SBDC network, 1,000 locations, supported by federal, state, local higher ed funds. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q4. Funny you should ask. Spent the day new RI entrepreneurism program. Brilliant people. Lot of plans. I’m hoping things get done.
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz There is also a non-profit (I’m on the board) working to build a virtual community for our village to offer more exposure. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q4: There are a ton of networking groups in every area. Seek one out & you’re sure to find 4 more. Many offer training & support. #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Q4 “We must be the change we seek.” Gandhi… Local chamber promote biz and get involved with gov. some. Not sure if its working. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: we have many small biz programs here in the SF Bay Area — one of my faves is the green biz program http://www.greenbiz.ca.gov #sbbuzz
  • DIYSiteExpress: Meetup.com is a great to find local groups in your area. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @DIYSiteExpress I’ve tried MeetUp a couple of times and haven’t had great luck, need to revisit it again though. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q5 How do you find time to stay involved, engaged and contributing to online and offline networks? #sbbuzz

  • SpeakingTech: q5 – never sleep #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q5 – You focus your time on the things that have impact and that you have a passion for. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5 – Find what works for you and work it. You cannot be everywhere at all times so create a plan & execute it concerning networking #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q5. Finding the time – that is the $1B question!
  • imaginestudios: @sbbuzz Set myself a time limiting schedule (10-12 one activity, 12-1 Twitter, 1-1:30 lunch, 1:30-4 client work, etc.) #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Schedule time for online and offline networking – keep biz plan in mind + focus on what’s important #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Q5-on a more serious note, Outlook & my Blackberry r my BFF. Schedule everything-can’t overbook and I commit 2 what’s onthe plan #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5 – networking has now become a online & offline task. Find the social networks that work for what you do & fully participate #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q5: Regarding time management, don’t overschedule networking events 7 in one month is plenty! Give yourself time to rest. #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q5 1. No one can do it all. 2. Pick three to contribute regularly . 3. Create profiles on various. 4. Connect accounts. #sbbuzz
  • 99designs: Q5 – It is a serious struggle…like most things in life…it is just a matter of finding the right balance #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q5 I use my BB with smart phone apps (Ubertwiter (new release is GREAT), as well as Twitterberry) to monitor Twitter while on the ru #sbbuzz
  • Workchic: @sbbuzz Q5 manage your time wisely and pick those that have more impact for your business #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q5: I have to make time. I can sleep when I’m dead right? #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q5 Create an email folder for social media and filter EVERYTHING in there to check once or twice a day. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q5: I don’t have an iphone or any special apps. Makes it easier to get away, yet be accessible to clients when I need to. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q5 @timberry‘s advice on biz planning has helped with time management. Focusing goals helps prioritize work, networking, everything
  • helpbusinesses: Q5- Find the offline resource that provide quality events & attend that too but be selective in where you give your commitment #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Good tips – but don’t avoid twitter apps, use wisely. RT @merylkevansHow to manage your time w/ social networks http://bit.ly/51Rdx #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q5 don’t forget the follow up… so busy answering and monitoring the next thing, a quick follow up goes a long way! #sbbuzz
  • yourjobmyoffice: Q5 I use a Twitter app for outlook called OutTwit. It collects Tweets in folders by @ name. Very organized. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q5 I limit where I am active. Since I really enjoy the online aspect, having fun with it makes it easy to find the time. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q5 Suess read, teeth brushed, girls tucked … Social Networking is not a task, it is a way of life.. Participate as you can. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q6 How many social media networks do you actively participate in? Do connections overlap? How do you keep track? #sbbuzz

  • imaginestudios: Q6: Probably 6-8 I think. Don’t really keep track. Linked all to http://www.ping.fm to update all with one click! #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Q6 FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, BrandTampa, Eagles Connection, My Space…not much overlapping. Each one has a different angle. #sbbuzz
  • fsphotography: Q6: I use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (rarely). I keep track with email for LinkedIn and Tweetdeck for Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q6- I use to participate in 2 actively & connections did overlap. But many don’t use MS anymore so now it twitter & works well 4 me #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q6 I use the big three like many of you and connect them to FriendFeed and other networks so they’re automatically updated. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: Q6 I’m most active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and XING – have profiles on numerous others #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q6 – all my active clients are on twitter and we use it to stay in contact with them & have captured new clients too. #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q6 Sorry I am late. I am active on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and several local networks – diff platforms, different people. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz I use Twitter which feeds my Facebook profile for friends and family. I dislike too much repetition caused by cross posting. #sbbuzz
  • DIYSiteExpress: Q6 You can find me as DesignLeap on LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumble, there are others but I’m not as active. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q6 many, an early adopter evaluating tools. Friendfeed pulls in all streams, plus there is great conversation happening there. #sbbuzz
  • leoraw: Q6 Social Media networks: Twitter, my own blog, Facebook – I’m on LinkedIn, too; much overlap because of my own blog. #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Q6 Connections do overlap on some of the SM networks. Each network is different with its own conversations. Auto updating=not cool. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q7 from @madhousefl Has anyone been successful converting a follower into a customer? How? #sbbuzz

  • rzazueta: @madhousefl I’m glad to report that, yes, I did. I tweeted about a trojan and a follower hired me to clean it for them #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @madhousefl Yes I have. I tweeted advise about problems they were having and they used my services. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q7: I think sharing my projects boosted my rep, folks found out I was designing for clients like Pepsi and they realized my cred #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q7 we’ve gotten customers, partners, press all from relationships started on Twitter. No magic tweet, though. It takes time & trust.
  • wordpost: Q7 no followers to customers, but for some conversion isn’t the primary goalโ€”it’s listening, learning, and building relationships. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q7 – Yes and no. Many new readers for my blog. Haven’t done a lot of selling of any kind but plan to step it up a bit. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: Q7 I’ve received quite a few book/product sales and media placements through social media – most based on visibility and trust #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q8 from @eyeini Anyone here had good ideas on transferring large digital files via the internet? #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q9 from @scoblitz Are people using identity sites like DandyID or chi.mp? Opinions? #sbbuzz

  • merylkevans: Q9 Haven’t heard of DandyID or chi.mp. Just OpenID, Blogger, the usual crowd. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q9 I incurred huge true name identity theft so I’m mindful where I place lots of information about me personally. #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Q9; dont know either one; more info? #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q9 is that like nombray.com, or maybe squidoo, setting up a hub for twitter, FB, linkedIn, etc? #sbbuzz
  • DIYSiteExpress: Don’t know either of them, just OpenID. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q9 So when online I promote my company instead of me personally now to avoid future “true name identity fraud” #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz They are basically ways to make it easier for folks to find you – a dashboard of my online personas with various services. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: @scoblitz I am maintaining my Google Profile as up to date as possible .. valuable because it appears in search results #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q9 I know dandyid. Way to manage your profile across many socmed sites. Very powerful – will be more so as use proliferates

sbbuzz: Q10 from @bradfordshimp Is anyone using affiliates and partnerships with other businesses to bring in new customers? #sbbuzz

  • helpbusinesses: Q10 Yes I do partnership with companies. Just start so have no real results at this time. It’s been 3 months #sbbuzz
  • DevotionalChef: @sbbuzz, on Q10, we actually share our office with another start-up. Eventually we think that may be mutually advantageous. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q10 the partnerships are with businesses using the social networks & we cross promote at events we attend too #sbbuzz
  • SteveStrauss: I have started partnering up with big businesses who have bigger budgets and its working well #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q10 the partnerships are with businesses using the social networks & we cross promote at events we attend too #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Creating partnerships is what I’m working on. I think that is an important part of ‘partner’ships! #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q10 yes, answering for Palo Alto Software, all the time, and since we started on the web in Jan of ’95. Hundreds of affiliates. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q10: Certainly! I have a couple local partnerships, we throw business to each other, been so great we’ve discussed a merger #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q10: I’m a firm believer in working WITH your competitors. Everyone has a different style & specialization. Only helps business! #sbbuzz
  • Whistletree: @sbbuzz We are exploring the idea of affiliates currently. Is it advantageous? Any tips to avoid? #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q10 I constantly try to refer businesses to clients and colleagues — it’s about relationships and looking out for ’em. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: I use affiliate programs for my products — am in the process of revamping the whole system, but they’ve been a great marketing tool #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @Whistletree well there is the obvious get it in writing, especially the who does what when part of it … vague is way too common #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q10 we do integrated partnerships with other small business Saas products – huge driver of accounts for us.
  • imaginestudios: Q10: Also, carry cards of some of your fav people around. I hand out my cleaning gal’s & accountants’ cards everywhere! #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: In effort to outdo @bradfordshimp, squeezing in Q11 from @samuraivt Follow competition or don’t follow? Secretly? Why? #SBBUZZ

  • Timberry: Q11 is a good reminder that you should always assume your competition is following you. You’ll never know for sure. #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: I follow. Why not? Might learn something. Not spying, just interacting. #sbbuzz
  • DevotionalChef: @sbbuzz, on Q11, I follow everyone who isn’t a spammer or determined to get under my personal skin. Yeah, they can be competitors. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q11: Always follow. AND ReTweet their brilliant tweets! Don’t follow secretly. Glean ideas, but keep your stuff original. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q11 I follow competition openly. No reason to hide yourself from them you are not doing anything wrong want to connect with them #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q11 Absolutely essential to follow competitors. I recommend all my clients follow also. Benchmarking Best practices Strategy #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q11: I do follow, have even found opportunities to scratch each other’s back, mutual benefit. And yes sometimes I also spy. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q11 and if you’re a social media consultant or Internet marketing consultant or life coach then every other tweep is competition ๐Ÿ™‚ #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q11 – Your competition may be doing something right. You will want to learn from that. #sbbuzz
  • allcaughtup: Q11 openly follow. and connect.There might be an opportunity down the road to collaborate. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q11 You maybe surprised and form a friendly alliance that works for you both. You never know. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q11 should have competition setup on search.twitter RSS feed, Google Alerts, following .. focus on the IDEAS they are discussing #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: competitive intelligence and competitor relationship-building is just a smart business practice #sbbuzz


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