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Small Business Networking Chat Summary from May 11, 2010.

We chatted about Customer Relationships. How do you show your customers love?

  • We’re on every Tuesday from 8-9 pm EST.  The next chat will be held on May 18, 2010.
  • You can read the instructions on how to participate here: http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
  • Invite others to join in, help them get started.  We started this chat to facilitate conversation between small biz owners.
bradfordshimp: The halls are alive with the sound of typing – time for the #sbbuzz Twitter chat! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Welcome to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat for the next hour of small biz talking technology on Twitter. Join us! http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
sbbuzz: Start off w/an INTRO: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Hello all. Bradford S-H-I-M-P here. Looking forward to chatting with everyone here tonight! #sbbuzz
ginabee: Good evening all!Gina w/ WriteyTidy writing & content creation.Looking forward to learning networking techniques from all you pros! #sbbuzz
pmohara: @bradfordshimp Hey – are you watching some Julie ANdrews in the background? 🙂 #sbbuzz
hashtager: # Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue and the moderator of #sbbuzz Let me know if you have questions or suggestions.
stellel: Evening, all! Christelle here, customer Experience @batchblue #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Hi everyone! I’m the Content Mastery Guide for coaches (with a brand new website: http://www.contentmasteryguide.com) (Intro for #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m Michelle, Comms Director for @batchblue and I can’t wait to see the bee get wild up in here. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Hi all – Scott from the @batchblue customer experience team. Also blogger, music lover and knower of things. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: jody here a cpa #sbbuzz
jmpineda: @pmohara Haven’t been on #sbbuzz in a while. Look forward to a great discussion. How’s biz, all!
ginabee: @scoblitz Things…what things? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Tonight’s topic is making the most out of networking opportunities, so lets make the most of this one. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Remember to send me any questions you want discussed with the group. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q1 How are you using social media to network with others? What types of relationships have you developed? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Twitter has been an amazing way to stay connected with people I met offline at the #wtlead conference in March. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: When I first started with social media, I hung with CPA’s cause it was safe…Now I’m finding end users of my product and I love it. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1 We’ve met many friends & made many biz deals thanks to social media networking. Friends with business benefits 😉 #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q1- I’ve used SM to be myself & talk about what I love to do. Lovely that I’ve found people who share themselves too & listen to me! #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: Making connections online and then taking it offline locally for my jewelry business as well as nationally. #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q1 – Finding lots of great people via SM. At this point, I try to move the relationship deeper with emails, chat, and phone calls. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @mriggen “Friends with business benefits,” LOL!! #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz has been a big part of my networking strategy but I also do a lot of networking offline with ppl I meet online. That’s important.
lindadessau: @JodyPadarCPA Great to hear of your progress – way to go! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q1 – I have reached a point where I am looking to go deeper rather than wider with my social media contacts. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Btw I’m Desiree Scales with Bella Web Design and I forgot how to chat it’s been so long! Forgot the #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: Yes, making genuine friendships can lead to business benefits. Genuine is important. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: It’s opened a whole new world of education to me from different horizons…A lot of professionals get caught in only what they know. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: #sbbuzz Joe Cascio – independent software developer, armchair social media researcher.
desireescales: @CharmedByDawn Hey you! #sbbuzz
ginabee: I have heard that people begun made significant business relationships thru SM…Actually I have gotten biz thru it myself! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @JodyPadarCPA Really good point. This type of networking explodes our boundaries. I learn new things every day. #sbbuzz
pmohara: I find Twitter is good for making or following up on new connections. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1: I liked this article from @batchblue customer on combining real life w/online networking: http://bit.ly/cN81c0 #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @desireescales – I know, I keep on trying new things, thanks to you! Desiree is a friendship grown online! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1: I have some great relationships that were furthered via Social Media. Much of what I do today actually. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Facebook is too much information for someone I have just met. I don’t need to know your deepest secrets, yet. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: #sbbuzz Q1: Twitter has become the primary way I meet people. For someone like me who isn’t good at “working a room”, it’s been a godsend.
JodyPadarCPA: I’ve met and done business with people from Twitter…But it always then go to an email or phone call. or even a flight to meet #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Feeling a little pyromania tonight? #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: My first chat tonight. I am Dawn Skowronnek, Jewelry Designer and Virtual Assistant for @desireescales #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q2 from @lindadessau Are business cards a must when you have an online business? #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: My first chat tonight. I am Dawn Skowronnek, Jewelry Designer and Virtual Assistant for @desireescales. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: Heck I feel like I know you all now at #sbbuzz. I think I’ve come to 4 meetings!
lindadessau: Q2 The reason I ask is that I don’t have biz cards to match my new website yet & I’m attending an event in June 😉 #sbbuzz
desireescales: LinkedIn is a good resource for me personally. Not too personal but you learn about people and their viewpoints and expertise. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @CharmedByDawn Welcome, Dawn! Great to have you here 🙂 #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @pmohara Most times, I agree. I use my personal FB, for personal. Then I have a business page. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @lindadessau Q2 – A good creative business card still goes a long way. I know because I just went to an event with crap biz cards. #sbbuzz
desireescales: My first chat tonight. I am Dawn Skowronnek, Jewelry Designer and VA for @desireescales #sbbuzz /via @CharmedByDawn (This gal rocks!)
rongraham1: Sorry to be late; had to launch @MARA_foundation on Twitter. Always fun to draw in someone new. Who isn’t a spammer. LOL #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @mriggen Thank you! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: When people want to connect on Facebook I let them in. I have pictures of my Kids in my Office #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q2 – I think so, you are always going to be meeting people and talking about your business. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @lindadessau Q2 I definitely think so, but they don’t have to exactly match website (you could do just logo) Check out moo.com #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q2 – But even lame cards are better than no cards. However, the alternative is to set a goal for # of new relationships to start. #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @lindadessau I think business cards are a must. I don’t think you should attend an event without them. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Anyhow, on Q2, yeah, I use ’em. Because I meet people other places than online. As do each of you. LOL #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @desireescales Thank you for a lovely compliment. It’s appreciated. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @desireescales It’s funny, I’ve more or less abandoned LinkedIn because there’s no socialization there. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: My husband has “blog” cards. Minicards with just a url #sbbuzz
pmohara: @lindadessau We use @overheardatmoo cards w/all our soc media identities. And the backs have quotes from our Twitter stream. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @mriggen They don’t? Phew! I don’t have a logo – I have a banner (hard to fit on a biz card!) I will check out that site, thanks. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @lindadessau You can create a cool online business card with all of your links. http://templatic.com/demo/ #sbbuzz
CharmedByDawn: @pmohara I love quotes from the Twitter stream on the back of biz cards. Neat idea! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q2 Hopefully now that I’ve consolidated all of my identities onto one site these will be the last set of cards that I need. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2 I read that 80% of biz cards collected are never followed up on. Also read not to end sentence in preposition. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @JodyPadarCPA, @banannie uses them little things too. Hers are cool – is she in this group? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @pmohara @desireescales Thanks for the sites! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: They are all at the bottom of my purse! RT @mriggen: @sbbuzz I read that 80% of biz cards collected are never followed up on. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @JoeCascio Did you join groups? Ask and answer questions? Engage? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2 I also predict that biz cards will be obsolete within a few years. Like calling cards from days of yore. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen Take the follow up into your own hands. Collect cards and make notes, and then follow up on. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @mriggen Grammar rules are different here on Twitter, so there’s nothing for you to worry about… #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen Obsolete when they are replaced by a digital counterpart. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales Can you double-check that link? It’s not working for me 😦 #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @mriggen, you’re right about calling cards, but I think it’s a darn shame that you are. That would be an etiquette to resurrect. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q2 I’ve created oversized 4 color postcards which stand out a little more than biz cards and show off our work. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @sbbuzz Q2 I also predict that biz cards will be obsolete within a few years. Like calling cards from days of yore. #sbbuzz /via @mriggen
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q2 In the spirit of virtual networking, gotta recommend my Small Biz Web buddies shoeboxed.com to deal with biz cards. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q2 How about taking a picture with your phone of the person holding their name tag or card? #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @desireescales I did try a group or two. Saw mostly spam, as I recall. #sbbuzz
ActiveIngreds: Q1 How are you using social media to network with others? What types of relationships have you developed? #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: #sbbuzz Don’t you all just “bump”
rongraham1: @desireescales, @DJFathaRamzee makes those postcards as a principal product. We never thought of using ’em to promote HIM. hmmm… #sbbuzz
ActiveIngreds: Q2 from @lindadessau Are business cards a must when you have an online business? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q3 Where do you do most of your virtual introductions? Twitter, LinkedIn, e-mail, other? Why? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @rongraham1 People doing new things with them tho. Playdate cards for kids, senior pix for teens. New ways to present self. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @lindadessau http://templatic.com/demo/visitingcard #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @mriggen With apps like Bump, you don’t need cards as long as you have a Bump-worthy device. Electronic exchange so much better. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @desireescales I love that idea, very good for conference. We did that at PodCamp Boston and live-tweeted the photos. Fun! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: My droid and iphone have the app where you just “bump” phones and it transfers data…That will be the new card #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @mriggen, that occurred to me when the subject of the dinky cards came up. Several good ideas you’ve launched, and there are more. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rongraham1 Guess I’m good for something after all… #sbbuzz
pmohara: @CharmedByDawn Good point. But there’s a difference btwn customers finding @batchblue & people I am connecting with personally #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q3 – Twitter, mostly. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @sbbuzz Q3 – almost all intros on Twitter. Can’t beat its personal touch. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @JoeCascio That’s what it will probably end up being, or something like it. Why not? It’s easier. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: On Q3, I do it wherever there’s someone I gotta meet. But since I lost my MySpace password about ten months ago, not much there. LOL #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Twitter – fun and quick! RT @sbbuzz: Q3 Where do you do most of your virtual introductions? Twitter, LinkedIn, e-mail, other? Why? #sbbuzz
ActiveIngreds: Q3 #twitter #LI are the key ones for me #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q3 – Twitter for me too. Amazing what can be conveyed in so little. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q3 – I do introductions in e-mail. I find Twitter inadequate for conveying to each introductee the awesomeness of the other. 🙂 #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rongraham1 I think I have a Myspace floating in the ether. Hopefully they delete it after a period of no activity. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m going to say email for virtual introductions. Mostly for bizdev stuff that takes more than 140 to frame up. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q3: When introducing people to each other it is always email. For introducing myself – Twitter. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @bradfordshimp, I hope you’re right, because the MySpace procedure to kill your own is, well, byzantine. I mean complicated. LOL #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @mriggen Actually now that I think about it, I give/receive introductions thru email, too. They seem to carry more weight. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @scoblitz Yeah…what you said. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rongraham1 Heck, I can’t even figure out how to find my account again, let alone delete it. #sbbuzz
pmohara: I will say I always link to Twitter, LinkedIn & blog sites for the people I am introducing. Gives other person more insight. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @scoblitz, sometimes I can’t help saying even on Twitter, hey, have you met @iTaskVirtually or someone, y’know? Is that bad? #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz I play in the space that person feels most comfortable in. I usually pick up on that before making introductions.
ActiveIngreds: do any of you use #linkedin at all? #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @rongraham1 not really, guess it depends on the nature of the introduction. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q4 What is your favorite offline networking event? Are you making different connections at those than online events? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @ActiveIngreds I do in fact just hosted a webinar on it today for @constantcontact I definitely get leads. #sbbuzz
cjdub: Q2 – mobile apps and text marketing might replace business cards with “text XXXXX for my info” #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales Excellent point, Desiree. Meet your clients, prospective clients and colleagues where THEY’RE at & feel comfortable. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @ActiveIngreds, I do. I *should* use it more. LinkedIn has an amazingly powerful Q&A feature. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: My favorite offline networking event is my monthly Quickbooks user group meeting that I formed 3 years ago. #SBBUZZ
desireescales: #sbbuzz Q4 I love spur of the moment Tweetups! We host them on a local level. Just had one 2 weeks ago in Woodstock all via Twitter. #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: CPA’s make the best referrals to other accountants #sbbuzz
cjdub: Q3 – Email and twitter respectively, and I agree with @bradfordshimp in saying go “deeper with your contacts, rather than wider” #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q4 – Working up the courage to join a local network event. Don’t get a lot of great tweet ups around here. #sbbuzz
ginabee: Yet to find one I’m really comfortable with (sorry for the dangling preposition, @mrigggen) So much more comfortable virtually! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: @bradfordshimp Absolutely Deeper! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q4 my fav offline event is Providence Geeks, but that is probably cause I already know everyone there from Twitter. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @scoblitz, for me, introductions should be based on the chance the two people will connect. Otherwise we have #FF for that. LOL #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @bradfordshimp, I’m with you: Akron’s been bad for that, and I started http://companies.to/socialmediaakron to change it up a bit. #sbbuzz
stellel: I’m hoping to get to @JoeCascio ‘s meetup one of these Wednesdays… #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4) Offline? What’s that? #sbbuzz
rongraham1: On Q4, I love to attend professional meetings to preach Twitter and stuff. Used to do http://tcf-nj.org every year ’til I moved. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: @stellel: Glad you mentioned that. I find regular, *small* meetups to be much more relaxed, enjoyable *and* productive. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Create one even if it’s 2 ppl! DIY. I’d love to fly in! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @bradfordshimp I’ll come, too. Now you have 3! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q4 We have @providencegeeks (it’s tomorrow night, come if you can!) And coming soon…BatcHaüs! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q4 I usually find offline networking events disappointing – I’d rather go to something I’m interested in & network while I’m there. #sbbuzz
JoeCascio: #sbbuzz I and a couple others started a weekly coffee hangout, gab-fest. No program, no agenda. Just folks. Quality over quantity my mantra.
bradfordshimp: @desireescales @sbbuzz I would love that too. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q4 I think I may have just quoted an earlier sbbuzz conversation – sounded familiar 😉 #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q5 What is your best networking tip? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbuzz for offline networking, always put your Twitter handle on your badge. Sometimes we don’t look like our avatars (@sbbuzz!) #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @bradfordshimp by @sbbuzz I meant me, but you knew that, right? No bee costumes involved. 🙂 #sbbuzz
mriggen: @JoeCascio Co-working Thursdays at our new office space brother. Stay tuned for details… #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: Involve yourself in their life not in yours #sbbuzz
ginabee: @lindadessau Yes indeed!Networking events are like speed dating. You’re not in your element or comfort zone.Strike me as artificial. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q5 – Be yourself. And when that doesn’t work, pretend you’re Jack Donaghy (from 30 Rock). #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: And now it is what we affectionately call Pitch Time. Please tell us a little about your business. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: If you’d like a once-a-week e-mail reminder of #sbbuzz (including the topic) sign up at http://sbbuzz.net #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @ginabee @lindadessau – I agree. Networking should be natural – it won’t work otherwise. #sbbuzz
mskalyn: RT @sbbuzz: Q5 What is your best networking tip? #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q5 If you are outgoing, try & seek out people who look shy. Everyone has something interesting to share. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: The Wind Up – if anybody here runs a small blog and is looking to grow, I am starting a mastermind group (which is filling up) @me #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q5 Follow up – since most people don’t (as we’ve already established tonight), you’ll stand out and actually start a relationship. #sbbuzz
cjdub: Do good work, ask for reccomendations, stay top of mind swith clients RT @sbbuzz: Q5 What is your best networking tip? #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @sbbuzz, the worst thing I lost when I moved was a laminated badge with my Twitter avatar and handle. Gotta get me another. <snif> #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen That works if you are shy, too. There is always someone who is more shy. (Its usually me). #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Need to create more masterful content? Idea Generator is now Content Mastery Guide http://www.contentmasteryguide.com (pitch time on #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Thanks to everyone for the lessons in valuable networking. This group leads by example! #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz Q5 Approach networking from the aspect of “Who can I help today?” and you always will and be remembered. Expect nothing back.
mriggen: @sbbuzz I met a guy who was a witch hazel scientist (!!) at the last networking event I went to. Witch hazel! #sbbuzz
JodyPadarCPA: I’m a CPA we do Tax and Payroll and QB consulting. We are in Chicago but can work virtually anywhere. Our site http://ow.ly/1JSvJ #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: And the Pitch: Read my blog, http://allbizanswers.com, you won’t regret it. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @bradfordshimp Well, I would also come to your networking event. Put me on the guest list 🙂 #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I like that. Too many people go for the sell. Instead, go for the helping hand. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: RT @sbbuzz: Thanks to everyone for the lessons in valuable networking. This group leads by example! #sbbuzz
desireescales: Thanks to everyone for the lessons in valuable networking. This group leads by example! #sbbuzz That’s the truth!
cjdub: Content and strategy services, small to medium sized business marketing, http://www.contentandstrategy.com #sbbuzz Thanks for the chat tonight!
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m Michelle Riggen-Ransom with @batchblue and I think you’re all smashing! Thanks for coming by. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @desireescales, I like the helping hand thing too. In that spirit, I got a tagline that should go on the nametag and business cards. #sbbuzz
desireescales: #sbbuzz Pitch time already? Goes fast! http://www.allbizanswers.com rocks!
pmohara: #sbbuzz pitch – Pamela here from @batchblue, the social CRM that loves social networking. And wine trails!
sbbuzz: Thanks, everyone. #sbbuzz is a small business Twitter chat hosted each Tuesday night by the folks from @batchblue Come again soon!
ginabee: Appreciate the networking advice! Thanks to all! http://www.writeytidy.com. I’ve got words when you don’t. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Oh also – we’re launching something cool tonight, if you think scheduling meetings from within your CRM is cool 😉 #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rongraham1 And it is? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen I do, I do. Now I won’t be able to sleep! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I think he is busy writing it down. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: I’m gonna spend a pitch tonight on @MARA_foundation, because I think they are doing something good in the world. I’ll talk me later. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: The Final Throw: If anyone is looking for a great task management system, check out The Action Method and read Making Ideas Happen. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Good night all, and good luck. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Joining #sbbuzz again after a few months was like riding a bike, you just remember how fun it is once you get back on it! @sbbuzz

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Networking : Summary from September 6th, 2009

Networking.  We do it to propel our businesses and spread the word about what we do to other people, as humanly as possible.  From face to face on to virtual events, we discussed how to get the most out of tweetups, conferences and virtual meetups.  How do you use networking to help drive your business?  If you missed the chat, share your tips in the comments!

Want to participate in #sbbuzz?

  • We’re on every Tuesday from 8-10 pm EST.  The next chat will be held on October 13th and will feature using small businesses to fight global climate change.  Check out blogactionday.com for more info.
  • You can read the instructions on how to participate here: http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
  • Invite others to join in, help them get started.  We started this chat to facilitate conversation between small biz owners.

And now on to the summary!

  • lindadessau: I help coaches and other small biz owners write content for newsletters, blogs and article sites http://snipr.com/friz9 – Intro for #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Hello all! I’m Rob Z., a man in transition business-wise but an expert in all things web.
  • chelpixie: I work with small business as a personal assistant, project manager, WordPress fanatic and more. #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: Content maven aka writer and editor who plays with words for a living. eHome is http://www.meryl.net and main ID @merylkevans #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: I’m a financial storyteller, I help organisations tell their story through numbers. I also provide contract/Part-time CFO Services #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Hi all! Long time no tweet. I’m Pamela from @batchblue, co-founder of #sbbuzz & the one pulling the strings behind the #sbbuzz bee tonight
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Scott Blitstein of eSeMBe, blogger, tech-guy, music lover and good egg. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Neal here, Co-Founder and CCO of @ideaanglers and Art Director for Outdoor Channel Outfitters, stoked for the usual great discussion #sbbuzz
  • rongraham1: I, too, help small biz owners and start-ups: Web sites, content development, strategy, full-service. http://bit.ly/FhAcw #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Hi All! Susan here from Selah Synergy dashing in before a late meeting. I am a business strategist and coach. Happy Tuesday! #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Hi all – Wendy Van Parys Marketing Communictions from CT #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: So many friends here tonight – great to see you all! #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Topic tonight is networking events & how to get the most from them (as attendee, sponsor, speaker) Please send any ?s you want asked #sbbuzz

  • selahsynergy: @rzazueta congrats! how exciting. #sbbuzz
  • sbbuzz: Q1 What types of events do you regularly attend? Local, far away, big, small, online, offline? #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: @rzazueta so we’ll be hearing all about it next week????? no sneak preview for us bees? #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: @selahsynergy Thank you! I am excited. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q1: Chamber mixers have always been the best events for me. Anything that lets me actually meet people.
  • lindadessau: Q1 – Mostly doing online networking right now (like right now 😉 with occasional live events if there’s a speaker I’m interested in. #sbbuzz
  • rongraham1: Q1 – if I have to travel further than, say, 10 miles, there must be some sort of attraction. Went twice to @garyvee‘s, for instance. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: @wvpmc Not sure I can REALLY publicly sneak preview it yet. But next week, oh yes. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: @wvpmc Having said that, I did blog about it… but I immediately second guessed it… #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: Q1 Mostly online as it’s free of barriers. I’ve been to sxsw.com a couple of times. Thinking about it for 2010. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q1: I also do seminars for the local library and SBDC. Those are also great networking events.
  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Q1. Networking events tend to be offline, I host a monthly breakfast session for CMAs http://tr.im/AV4z and use meetup …
  • whatmakesexpert: Tell Us? IN 140 Char #sbbuzz Hello all! I’m Rob Z., a man in transition business-wise but a.. http://bit.ly/vXHz6
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1: Online and some local events – looking to branch out and do more in the city proper. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q1 I do a lot of regional travel (NYC, DC, Boston) to events. I especially like to go to events where I know #sbbuzz friends will be
  • DIYMKTchat: Q1 I’ve been combining “live” events with online. I meet someone then connect on LinkedIn #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: Q1 I’ve been to a lot of Podcamps for some reason. Mostly offline, some bigger, but most smaller. #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q1 “regularly” attend online but targeted events ie. conference or such pull me out of office, dislike “cattle call” events #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Q1 online + offline prof orgs, some more general networking events – we have a multitude of chamb of comm in this area #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Q1 interested in recommendatins for really good conferences #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q2 For in-person events where do you get the most value (ie from the speakers, exhibits, networking, social events)? #sbbuzz

  • merylevans: Q2 Vibrant speakers whom I can lipread well and don’t walk behind me. Networking. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q2: Definitely from the networking. I like talking to people about their businesses. Gives me ideas and let’s me prepare a pitch.
  • pmohara: @DIYMarketers Agreed – best times for me are when I combine online network with offline events. Either with tweet-ups or follow-ups. #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: Q2 speakers depending on subject. I want speakers to teach me something or I’m dissatisfied. Social events are secondary. #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Q2. Speakers help attract the people I want to meet, but their speeches tend to hold less value.
  • chelpixie: @merylevans I’d love if events would provide screens with captions or headsets for amplification. #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Q2 speakers, networking about equal “social” eventrs tend to get too noisy, hard to hear convo #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q2 I get inspiration from hearing speakers who have great business stories to tell. Then I feel more alive & confident to network! #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: @chelpixie You know I “amen” that! Amplification won’t help me — but it will help many others. #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Q2. Social/informal tend to be the best for being able to speak to new people. To make new connections.
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q2 for me it is all of the above & the energy of the event itself which brings a nice change of pace & inspiration #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q2: I do best at informal / social events, less “pitchy” and more conversational. #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Q2 Love the comments about speakers at networking. They provide great ice-breakers for meeting new folks #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: @chelpixie #sbbuzz Q2. Sounds like you are talking about events, rather than networking? Noisy = buzz (btw: it’s quieter at the fringes) 🙂
  • chelpixie: @merylevans hearing aids only do so much. College gave me a mic for my teachers and a special headset so I could hear them in ear. #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: Q2 – Usually get the most value from panel-based session with array of experts weighing in. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q2 #sbbuzz I like speakers who are not just pimping a product. I’ve seen some great panel discussions recently.
  • chelpixie: @finstoryteller bigger events for those two suggestions but networking events are loud. yes I do seek the fringes for conversation. #sbbuzz
  • MHBoys: we like speakers that attract our target demographics if there’s time/place to talk after #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: @chelpixie Oh the FM. That didn’t work for me. Would a cochlear implant work for you? Sounds like you have better hearing than I. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: I also love following an event I am attending live on Twitter. It’s like getting the color commentary while at the ballgame. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @mcolacurcio Agreed – it’s nice to have shorter presentations from a variety of people – better for our short attention spans! #sbbuzz
  • strategystew: Tweet chats are an awesome networking event. You get to meet great people in a smaller more intimate setting #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: @lindadessau Exactly! A variety of perspectives in one foul swoop. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @pmohara When I went to an event that had wireless I’d forgotten my iPod, and then the next one didn’t have the wifi. #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Q2. if it’s a networking event my focus is always on networking, regardless of speaker, they tend to go on too long generally
  • merylevans: @finstoryteller Appreciate it when speakers limit to 30 mins (tiring to lipread that long) and interact for rest. Keynotes torture. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q3 from @wvpmc What are your recommendations for really good conferences? #sbbuzz

  • mcolacurcio: I just did 4 guest posts for @smallbiztrends on planning TweetChats if that helps: http://bit.ly/kAkXs #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: @merylevans #sbbuzz If it’s a Networking event, 30mins is too long for a speak. Max 15mins. 5mins to thank sponsors, next events, 10mins …
  • pmohara: @lindadessau I tend to go to social media centric events, so there’s a wifi frenzied crowd. 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: Q3 Depends on conf type. sxsw.com attracts a wide variety including many bloggers and social media folks. #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: Q3 Podcamp for beginners/intermediate to podcast and SM. MarketingProfs events, Inbound Marketing Summit. #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: Q3: I love specialized content at conferences that you can’t get elsewhere. Ragan.com’s conferences are great. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q4 from @lindadessau Do you prefer to network with your colleagues (potential referral sources) or your prospective clients or both? #sbbuzz

  • wvpmc: @sbbuzz Q4 both #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: Q4 Both. Never limit yourself. Meet new folks, stay strong with current folks. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q4 For me they’re often one and the same – my clients make the best referral sources, and I am a member of my own target market! #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q4: I’ve seen networking with colleagues lead to more potential clients than mingling with potential clients themselves. #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: @sbbuzz Definitely both. Most of my business is referrals, so introductions help. #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Q4. Both.
  • lindadessau: Q4 I also like what @finstoryteller said earlier about speakers who attract you, because then you’ll meet like-minded people #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: @chelpixie Hey, this is our 1 year anniversary – I met you at #IMS last year! See how awesome combo offline/online networking is!! #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: @merylevans #sbbuzz Q4. Agreed! Nuturing your network is just as important if not more so than building it!
  • lindadessau: @nrohrbach Me too! So now I’ve come to appreciate and plan for that. #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q4 I prefer networking w colleagues as it gets me out of home office. Clients are natural by good relationships/referrals #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: Q4 – both, but somehow I always end up chatting/trading war stories with competitors. Always fun to talk to! #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4: Both – either can be productive and lead to good things. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @selahsynergy I was just thinking today that I could use a “field trip” (I was passing a school bus while walking my dog 😉 #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: @pmohara Oh wow. You’re right. I’d met @mriggen already but not you! Such good things come from conferences 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q4 #sbbuzz I usually go to network with colleagues, partners & friends. Any time I go trying to sell just feels too salesy. #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @lindadessau so true. that is one way to put it…field trips. Maybe without the school bus, eh? #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q5 How do you follow-up after events? #sbbuzz

  • smallbiztrends: Small business chat going on right now, until 10 pm New York time. @sbbuzz #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: OK – I’m literally getting too caught up in this conversation. I keep forgetting to post the next question. :/ #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: Q5 Connect! LI, Twitter, FB. Email and get in touch depending on connection at conference. Review notes. Act on 1-3 tips @ a time. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q5: My most successful after event follow-ups have been invitations to another casual meeting: lunch, round of golf, etc #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q5 I follow up by email and/or Twitter and/or LinkedIn, continue conversation, send link to 1 of my special reports if applicable #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: Q5 – we typically get online events transcribed (castingwords is great) and post to our Web site (great for SEO) #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: @mcolacurcio I wish more would do that! But then again, I have enough to read as is. #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: @mcolacurcio tell me more about that #sbbuzz
  • smallbiztrends: Q5 How do you follow-up after events? A: Via email and Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Flurry of new “connections” post-event. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: I try to e-mail everyone I met w/in a few days of the conference, but it’s hard since I’m usually behind in work from being out. #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: RT@merylevans:Q5 Connect! LI,Twitter,FB. Email &get in touch depending on connection @conference.Review notes.Act on 1-3 tips @time. #sbbuzz
  • MHBoys: follow up with email, LinkedIn and phone calls – less so Twitter and Facebook #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: @wvpmc Sure. We get audio or video files transcribed into the text of the convo (HTML file) and post to our web site. #sbbuzz
  • MHBoys: phone calls work well because people rely so much on email now #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: @merylevans It is really handy for participants to access what was said after-the-fact. Great for interviews as well. #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Q5. My most important tool for following up after an event http://twitpic.com/kjoo1 (the back of my business card) 🙂
  • lindadessau: @pmohara Yeah, that’s a good point. How do you follow up from conference and catch up with your work at the same time? #sbbuzz
  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Q5. Connect! LI, Twitter, FB. Email and get in touch depending on connection . Review notes. . (via @merylevans) -That covers it!
  • spideas: @smallbiztrends Using a survey tool (Survey Monkey, etc) is a way to understand the value delivered. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: If any social media follow-up, I’ll do LinkedIn and Twitter. And sometimes send a good old fashioned note. #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @mcolacurcio thanks for the tip. I have used a VA for transcription but will have to check it out. #sbbuzz
  • merylevans: @mcolacurcio Indeed. I just remember sxsw-i producing a LOT of content online and just couldn’t read it all even a little each day. #sbbuzz
  • MHBoys: we schedule event follow up in our marketing plan #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q5: It depends on the event and person, what we discussed and their expectation of next steps. #sbbuzz
  • smallbiztrends: @spideas Good point, Scott. If you’ve hosted the event, a survey will help understand value and ways to improve next time. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q6 Do you sponsor any events? If so, what type of return do you hope to get? #sbbuzz

  • finstoryteller: #sbbuzz Good Night all, I have to sign off and attend a networking event here in Vancouver 🙂 See you all next time!
  • lindadessau: @finstoryteller Nice meeting another Canuck, Stewart, goodnight! #sbbuzz
  • thebrewcrew: Plan how U will follow up BEFORE the event. Yr engagement at the event shld take into account yr post-event campaign #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: @finstoryteller great to see you – hope you have a productive evening! #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: @sbbuzz I follow up by following on Twitter. Researching to find out more about the people I’ve met and add to appropriate socnets. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @thebrewcrew Great point – why invest the time and money without planning adequate time for follow up? Same with taking courses. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: I gotta jet guys, last minute road trip in the morning, will be up in the @desireescales neck of the woods. #sbbuzz
  • thebrewcrew: @lindadessau Thx Linda. Apparently 79% of leads are never followed up. Because we don’t plan before event & after event swamped? #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: We do sponsor some small, more personal events. Spending $10K plus to spray CRM in people’s faces as they walk by just isn’t fun. #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: it’s not just the initial follow-up we need to plan for – also succeeding contacts – all too often is once and done #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @thebrewcrew Yes, I’ve heard over and over again that it doesn’t take much to stand out because so many never follow up. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q7 What are you favorite events for online networking? (no, we are not just fishing for compliments) 🙂 #sbbuzz

  • dothewoo: Re event sponsorship, important to set Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely objectives. #sbbuzz
  • thebrewcrew: #Event sponsorship is not just about the time at the event. Imp to leverage activity with pre- and post-promotion #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @dothewoo @pmohara Can you say more about sponsorship? Even on a small scale – how to decide where to put dollars? #sbbuzz
  • smallbiztrends: Q7 What are you favorite events for online networking? A: Twitter events are interactive and foster the most networking. #sbbuzz
  • mcolacurcio: Q7 – I like it when Web casts or in-person events are summarized on Twitter. I’ve found the combos work best (webcast + Twitter) #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q7 Twitter chats are the only online events I participate in. I do quite a bit of networking in user forums though. #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: @pmohara Besides, spraying CRM in peoples’ faces can get you punched. Ask certain very large CRM outfits:) #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: Q7 #sbbuzz I find webinars great for learning and Twitter chats great for networking. That real time thing makes a difference. #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups are our two main events..and like @scoblitz, some user forums from time to time #sbbuzz
  • smallbiztrends: Webinars accompanied by a Twitter back-channel are ideal. Nice combo, in my opinion. Information + networking. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q8 How do you measure your success at a networking event? #sbbuzz

  • LogicommInc: BTW – I’ve found most webinars to be too long. 30 mins is all I have time for…most tend to be glorified PPT shows #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: Success at a networking event – I measure by new relationships formed and by current ones energized. Both often lead to new biz #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: All- join next week as part of #blogactionday.com we will be using our small biz superpowers to combat global climate change! #sbbuzz

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Networking and Small Biz Cashflow : Summary from June 16th, 2009

Cash flow, bookkeeping and money management are things that all small business owners struggle with in one way or another.  Mike McDerment, CEO of Freshbooks and our guest this week, helped answer some questions regarding invoicing, billing and outsourcing accounting tasks. The questions regarding billing lead to a epiphany by one of our participants about his cash flow issues as a result of how he was billing projects.

If you know someone who’s looking for the answer to questions like these, please take a moment and tell another small business about SBBuzz and our weekly chats.  We’re aiming to answer the questions that will help small businesses succeed.

Want to participate or have a small business question that other small biz owners can answer? Here’s how you can join us next week!

  • Next buzz-up is Tuesday, June 23rd from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Eastern Time. Join us – We’re here to facilitate the conversation between small business owners.
  • Know small businesses that need help? Let them know when this chat happens, help them get started on Twitter and let’s talk!
  • Instructions for participating are at http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
  • Below is a summary of the most recent discussion. To see the full conversation, go to: http://bit.ly/xAPvc

sbbuzz: Welcome to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat for next 2 hours of small biz talking about technology. Join us! http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions

sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!

sbbuzz: And to help us make it a good one, Q1 What type of local networking events do you find most valuable and why? #sbbuzz

  • killspamdead: @sbbuzz Ones which serve Pizza, I think this has been well established. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q1: Chamber mixers, but only bc I’m a B2B. Everyone’s there to make a sale, so going in to form relationships works best
  • leoraw: Yes, TweetUps are great. I met @rongraham1 at a TweetUp. Did some social media talks at 3 libraries with people via Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q1 For local networking I like to 1. Connect with like-minded folks who do biz online or 2. Be inspired by what others are doing #sbbuzz
  • adarowski: @sbbuzz Adam Darowski also here from @batchblue. I hear @saulcolt is here. And when he’s there, it’s a party. #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: @killspamdead Free wine or beer does it for me too. Just enough to loosen the ol’ gears. #sbbuzz
  • saulcolt: @sbbuzz tweet ups, social media mixers with a speaker or two like #wiredwedto as well as industry events #sbbuzz
  • adarowski: @sbbuzz Q1 Our local monthly geek get-together was a “meetup” before it was a “tweetup”. Perfect mix of social and techy folks. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q1 I think less formal the better. Providence Geeks here in RI is my favorite – advice from local geeks, no pitching or salesness
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz there’s a tech group that does a monthly meetup here, but it costs $20/pop. Thinking about getting a cheaper group together
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Actually, anyone know of any good trade orgs for web developers?
  • LogicommInc: Q1 The AM Prov. Entrepreneurs Group is my favourite. VERY informal, lots of great discussions,, constantly going off topic:) #sbbuzz
  • ImagineGraphics: Q1 Most valuable local networking is peer to peer roundtables in a small group w confidentiality. Ideas, support, connection – YES! #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q2 Any ideas for adding a virtual component to a Tweet-up? #sbbuzz

  • bradfordshimp: Q2 – Would that defeat the point? #sbbuzz
  • adarowski: @sbbuzz I went to one tweetup where there was a laptop open ustreaming the event to “who the heck knows”. Was weird and awkward. #sbbuzz
  • adarowski: @sbbuzz The most “virtual” a “meetup” should be is maybe a hashtagged backchannel on Twitter of attendees & friends not there. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q2: The geek in me thinks laptop + projector. But, I agree with @bradfordshimp – it would probably defeat the purpose.
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz I mean, isn’t the point of a tweetup to look people in the eye, not at your Blackberry/iPhone/Laptop all night?
  • mriggen: Q2 agree about the “weird and awkward” ustreaming thing. But I think having twitter handles on nametags (or shirts!) helps 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • sbbuzz: @bradfordshimp Maybe. Just looking for ideas. Thought I’d see if anyone has some crazy ones. 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: Q2 – I’m still trying to master the tweet up, never mind virtual components:) #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: @sbbuzz I think video chatting with other tweetups might be interesting, kind of an around the world tweetup. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: In a more formal tweetup, where there is a speaker, that could be broadcast. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q3 Are you using Twitter /social media as an HR tool? For recruiting, researching, team building, how? #sbbuzz

  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q3: Thinking about it, if I can ever get back into a hiring mode again 😉
  • lindadessau: Q3 I hired a virtual assistant after following her Tweets for awhile and I liked what I saw. #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q3 just talked to someone who finds future team members by following and watching thoughts. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Yes, for Idea Anglers especially. Finding people who have similar interests and who are givers via Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • Peer_Resources: Using it to build community and engagement but majority of tweets are broadcasting. #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: Q3 – My partner, who lives 65 miles away and drives a Detroit Chrome Mtn of a vehicle and I use a combo of Skype/LogMeIn and Twitter #sbbuzz
  • mriggen: @sbbuzz Q3 We definitely do! Last three out of four hires have been people we’ve “met” online first. #sbbuzz
  • adarowski: @sbbuzz Q3 I an also envision it going the other way… candidates finding potential co-workers on Twitter and following them. #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: Q3 – addendum: we’ve used contractors that we’ve ‘met’ through Twitter. Prov. Entrepreneur Meetups (combo of off/online) as well #sbbuzz
  • leoraw: RT @rongraham1: @sbbuzz Q3: forming a mastermind group for people in brand-new start-ups. It’s advanced networking by affinity. 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: Q3 redux – If one evangelizes a medium, one should be using it afterall…#sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Other than perm. hires, Twitter is a good place to find professionals, virtual assistants, and people who can answer questions. #sbbuzz
  • ImagineGraphics: Q3 I want to use it as team building but need to clarify boundaries 1st, esp as to time spent on twitter rather than client work #sbbuzz
  • leoraw: I use Twitter a LOT for technical research. Some very knowledgeable people have answered Qs. #sbbuzz
  • ImagineGraphics: Q3 Same bldg but diff jobs can = disconnection. Following my employees’ tweets is fun & connective. Get 2 know diff side of them. #sbbuzz

(Editor’s note: Some participants were having issues getting their tweets to show up, with the hashtag.)

sbbuzz: Q4 How are you finding new recruits or professionals to hire in social media? Does it make a difference in the work? #sbbuzz

  • LogicommInc: Q4 – As we primarily use consultants, and have used Soc. networking for about a yr, it’s easy to create a list of experts #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Relationships are key. SM is an investment – takes time to get results, but more you put in, more you get out.
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz The relationship thing is vital whether asking Qs or looking for hires or whatever. Use SM to build trust, then reap the benefits.

sbbuzz: Q6 Balance sheet, cashflow, income statement and more. Where should a new business owner start and when? #sbbuzz

  • MikeMcDerment: Q6 first things first, sort out what kind of business you are running. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q6 some businesses reply on a lot of capital (machines, bricks and morter) #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q6 but must do not. Most businesses are service based – people who get paid for time and expertise. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q6 no matter what kind of business you run, cash is king. So getting controls for your cash flow is the place to start. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q6 My bookkeeper prepares a cash flow report every two weeks via QuickBooks and it’s a great snapshot of what’s going on. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q6 so i’d start with cash flow statements for sure. #sbbuzz
  • LogicommInc: Q6 – Logicomm is a mostly virtual company. We provide IT Services to micro business (<20), mostly remotely #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q7 from @rzazueta How can project-driven service companies keep cash flowing? When should they ask to get paid? #sbbuzz

  • MikeMcDerment: Q7 I used to run a consulting firm. I’d demand 50% to start any project, 40% to deliver it and 10% holdback for housekeeping. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q7 that way I always figured if the project failed or client disappeared, I’d cover my sunk costs. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @MikeMcDerment Does “delivery” mean complete project or first draft? #sbbuzz
  • sophware: Q7 We’ve had some success with progress billing – payments after major milestones or things that represented being x% done. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q7 I also found getting paid to start closely aligned the clients with my efforts – often they are the ones slowing things down. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Wow, 50% up front? Is that common among other folks?
  • MikeMcDerment: @lindadessau in that case it would mean completion. But you can use other milestones. Main point is I liked 50% to start. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: @sophware How do you determine what % at what milestone? #sbbuzz
  • leoraw: RT @rongraham1: @sbbuzz, Q6 gotta be a business plan. Even if we don’t need funding, we do need direction, and the plan gives it. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @MikeMcDerment @rzazueta Yes, I also request 50% upfront – it’s the subsequent payment schedule that doesn’t always flow for me #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @rzazueta for project based work that is typically what I request #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: @rzazueta in my experience, yes. Also seen 25%, but mostly 50%. The biggest changes I’ve seen is in the later stage milestones. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: @rzazueta we see that frequently from our vendors – 1/2 up front. Especially for first time projects. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz I’m running off after this to restructure my contracts. Don’t know why 50% is such a revelation to me.
  • sophware: Q7 @rzazueta decide how much you can lay out there. If it’s $5k and it’s a $20 project, bill every 25%. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @MikeMcDerment @rzazueta I usually do 50 / 50 but for long projects I’ll break out to 50 / 25 / 25 #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: @rzazueta great to see that kind of epiphany in here – very exciting. And yes, run don’t walk. 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: #sbbuzz Been doing this for 3+ years and always started with 10-20% up front. No wonder my cash flow sucks! 😉
  • MikeMcDerment: @scoblitz I’ve done that too. I found I was more comfortable making changes on the back end. 50/40/10 was my preference though #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q8 How do small businesses find the time to manage their books? Any time-saving tips? #sbbuzz

  • MikeMcDerment: Q8 Start by thinking about the process consciously, most business owners just develop habits and not processes around the books. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q8 Think about ways to streamline your processes. You want to spend as little time as possible on them. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @MikeMcDerment excellent idea, something to think about for sure. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q8 I batch my record-keeping tasks. I put things invoices etc. in folders & then go through every 2 weeks on “pay day” #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q8 I also found doing the books as close to the actual work helped. The details are fresh in your mind. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q8 Especially with invoicing. Not only will it take longer if you put it off, you will loose money by forgetting work you did. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q8 Also think carefully about what you can automate and/or outsource. You do not need to do it all yourself. #sbbuzz
  • ImagineGraphics: Q8 We hire a free-lance bookkeeper. When we were small she’d come every 2 weeks, now every week for a few hours. It’s great. #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: keeping on top of process is essential – otherwise you lose track of details – takes much longer to recreate #sbbuzz
  • JoGolden: oopps #sbbuzz neat desk / neat receipts keeps our managing partner happy when it’s time to do the books http://bit.ly/qafud (expand)
  • MikeMcDerment: Q8 Things like Payroll services, recurring billing and online payments can be huge time savers, as well as receipt scanning services #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @MikeMcDerment Great point. I’ve also started noting outstanding invoices on my project list so they’re front & center #sbbuzz
  • ImagineGraphics: Q8 Whoever sells the job bills it. Bookkeeper only for paying vendors, payroll, and keeping the books. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q8 +1 @JoGolden, keeping things tidy is a big time saver. And if not tidy, ordered. I store all receipts in my wallet, then Ziplock #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: @lindadessau yes, outstanding invoices need to be easy to find and address and their lateness needs to be clear to you can prioritiz #sbbuzz
  • ImagineGraphics: Q8 we staple receipts to back of full size scrap paper so little ones don’t get lost. We write the check number upper right &file.#sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: Q8 I had to begin checking invoices daily, lots of work and I was going over hours in some cases. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q9 What part of bookkeeping should small business owners do themselves vs. outsourcing? #sbbuzz

  • MikeMcDerment: Q9 I think it’s personal choice what books you do versus outsource. Personally I only like to read the reports. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @MikeMcDerment I’m thrilled to hear you make the distinction between habit and process – so often those two get confused. #sbbuzz
  • ImagineGraphics: Q9 Preparing statements can be outsourced. but no one can monitor the numbers for you. Critical to success. Gives so much info. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: Q9 I like to be the one to contact my clients about account balances (hours remaining in a retainer payment) or payment owing. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q9 I think owners should be driving sales, therefore they should know how those numbers are shaping up. That’s paramount. #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: Q9 I’m hands on everything billing. I know what the hours are and who’s close (now) and how my cash flow is moving. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q9 Automating as much of collections as you can will help with getting reports in real time on demand. #sbbuzz
  • boghani: @ImagineGraphics Very well said. I totally agree with you on this. I got burnt few times when I outsourced it. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q9 FWIW, I think outsourcing payroll makes all the sense in the world. You need to manage it, but outsource the core of the process. #sbbuzz
  • rzazueta: Relevant to tonight’s #sbbuzz – RT @CoCoSmallBiz: New blog post: Cash Flow (Intro) http://bit.ly/CpHBH
  • MikeMcDerment: @chelpixie agree, if there is one thing to own outright, it’s the cash coming in. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: @boghani @ImagineGraphics Yes, you need to carefully select trustworthy vendors and team members to give these responsibilities to. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q10 How do small businesses keep track of online & offline activities? #sbbuzz

  • MikeMcDerment: @sbbuzz can you clarify? you mean when it comes to bookkeeping I presume? Like making sure both are getting updated? Assuming yes #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q10 The trick to managing online and offline activities is to have a consolidated view somewhere. #sbbuzz
  • sbbuzz: @MikeMcDerment Yes – just getting it all back to one place. (oops – forgot my own #sbbuzz tag)
  • IACEZ: @sbbuzz Or (if they don’t have time) they should at least know HOW to do it so they understand what they are looking at. #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @sbbuzz My very low-tech solution is a project list that I print 1x/week & always keep front & center on my desk #sbbuzz
  • boghani: Q10 I use flexwiki. I know some people claim that using flexwiki is like being water boarded. Try pbwiki #sbbuzz#sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @MikeMcDerment @sbbuzz having your various tools and services work together and share info helps with this a lot as well. #sbbuzz
  • IACEZ: @sbbuzz Which is where easy-to-use accounting apps come in handy! 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q10 You need a system that shows both online and offline payments in one place in a sane manner, ideally with payment status. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q11 from @greathomes What is best method/quickest way to get one’s biz out there? #sbbuzz

  • MikeMcDerment: @greathomes you mean to market your business? Really depends on so many things like the nature of the business and how u r different #sbbuzz
  • lindadessau: @sbbuzz Q11 #sbbuzz The best way to get one’s biz out there? Do great work and be nice to work with.
  • MikeMcDerment: Q11 How you get your business “out there” really depends on a million things (industry, budget, your unique approach). #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q11 Sometimes if you know what you want to do, it’s good to find someone who enjoys the “how to promote” question. #sbbuzz
  • IACEZ: Q11 Build relationships with people, and if they want to do business with you prove to them that you will go the extra mile. #sbbuzz
  • chelpixie: Q11 definitely different things. Find what you’re good at, do it well, and let people know. Work hard. #sbbuzz
  • MikeMcDerment: Q11 Most businesses are build through referrals. Starting with your customers is a great place to start “getting the word out”. #sbbuzz
  • boghani: Q11 Networking Networking Networking Networking Networking #sbbuzz
  • lutherlowe: #sbbuzz Q11 For a local SMB: Unlock a free listing at biz.yelp.com; view traffic, send msgs, post coupons/etc. Start a convo re:your biz
  • chelpixie: Q11 I’ve talked to people who think running your own biz is easy. It’s not. You work. A lot. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Thanks Mike for the awesome chat tonight. Think we have to end with Q12 – how do you get on the cover of Entrepreneur? 😉 #sbbuzz

  • MikeMcDerment: Q12 You string together a long line of tiny successes and hope they lead you somewhere. 😀 #sbbuzz
  • sbbuzz: Thanks to Mike and everyone for he great discussion! We’ll get the #sbbuzz summary posted on the site soon at http://sbbuzz.biz

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Small Biz Tech Advice & Resources: May 19, 2009

Advice and resources, we’re all looking for some help when we jump into a new strategy.  Many small business are just getting the hang of social media, networking, etc.

This week SBBUZZ focused on advice to small business owners on getting started with Twitter, resources and how to guides for tweeting, local community involvement, time management with socnets, conversion from followers to customers, and much more.

If you have a small business question that you need answered or knowledge to share with others, here’s when, where and how to participate!

  • Next buzz-up is Tuesday, May 26th from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Eastern Time.  Join us – We’ll get your small biz questions answered.
  • Know small businesses that need help?  Spread the word! The more voices, the better the conversation.
  • Instructions for participating are at http://sbbuzz.biz/instructions
  • Below is a summary of the most recent discussion. To see the full conversation, go to: http://bit.ly/JYU6N

sbbuzz: Q1 What advice would you give a small business owner brand new to Twitter? #sbbuzz

  • samuraivt: Q1 Listen, follow those who interest you, be social and engage in conversation. Don’t just pitch. Don’t automate. Be human. #sbbuzz
  • yourjobmyoffice: Q1 don’t hesitate to join the conversation. Most welcome your input. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: one of my favorite tips for Twitter newbies is to focus on developing relationships, not on selling #sbbuzz#sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1 – Don’t just broadcast. Communicate and interact with people (we are people behind the avatars) #sbbuzz
  • SCOREChicago: Believe your personal opinion is of interest to people #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q1: Be yourself, be genuine, twitter may be good for advertising, but try to connect with folks, not spam them! #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q1: Search for people in your field. Those you can learn from & those you can reach out to. Then start building relationships. #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Q1 I see a lot of sm biz neglecting to broaden their follower base – a waste of time to talk to no one #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Q1 Use apps not just twitter.com. Look into @cotweet if you’re developing twitter profile for biz. Use Twhirl. Seesmic Desktop etc #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q1 Quality not quantity. Participate not stand by and wait for someone to talk to you. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q1 – Take as much time as you need to figure it out first. Then make a plan for how it can help your business. What will it lead to? #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q1 Follow ideas, not people ie. Don’t worry about numbers of followers and following… Follow topics found via search.twitter etc #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q1 Know what you want out of Twitter so you can follow the people who best meet that need. #sbbuzz
  • yourjobmyoffice: Q1 find out where/when are the chats that discuss topics relevant to your biz and then – follow. Like tonight! #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q1 use the hashtags http://hashtags.org/ as well & start off by following a few who peak your interest in a particular category #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: I would suggest avoiding twitter clutter. Tweet about posts, sites, ideas, books, etc., never about lunch, dinner, TV, drinks … #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q2 What should businesses talk about? What are businesses doing on Twitter? #sbbuzz

  • bradfordshimp: Q2 – Businesses should educate and engage – just don’t go in there with a constant stream of sales pitches – big no no. #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q2 Provide advice, share information and resources, answer questions, ask questions and avoid linking to your site too often. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2 – talk about your profession & what you know well, find article you read & tweet them if u think others are interested too #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q2: Personally I talk about the projects I’m working on, things I learn, emotions, I think it’s key to show a person there too #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q2: Promote with links to their blog, articles, free valuable information. Not sales pitches. Workshop announcements, etc are good. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2 – over all provide valuable information about your industry, product and services that you think other will find helpful #sbbuzz
  • NJinsuranceGirl: Q2: I like to follow people who share their expertise. Will come to rely on them for their point of view. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q2: Take advantage of #followfriday to share valuable tweeps with your followers in their field (me = book people for writers) #sbbuzz
  • allcaughtup: Q2 Share what you do know. Answer questions and simply chat too. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q2 – it’s great to provide direct links to your blog or use your twitter account for customer service #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q2: Ask followers for questions relating to your field. If you don’t know the answer, find it & @ reply it back. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q2 Listen & engage. Again, use search tools to track related terms and business name then communicate with others. #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q2 follow key words via tweetdeck. Then provide some quick tips, guidance vs. ur company pitch… better to start a dialogue #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q2 I like to give and get suggestions on my interest area, what’s up, what’s new, interesting posts, like that …. #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q2 if you have case study info, content other SB owners can benefit from reading, tweet the link to that useful content #sbbuzz
  • 99designs: Q2 – know your audience and find valuable information to provide them and identify ways to engage them…offer help…etc… #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q3. Any good resources for Twitter how-tos, reference guides, etiquettes, etc? #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q4 Is your local community (govt/academic/private) doing anything to promote entrepreneurship/small business? What is working? #sbbuzz

  • imaginestudios: Q4: Free workshops offered by business professionals on everything from offline marketing to social media – been great. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q4 we just had an angel investor event last week developed and organized by consortium of local chamber and sbdc-related groups. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: @sbbuzz We are trying with a group of volunteers, but I am the only biz person and don’t have a lot of time, so it is uphill. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q4: our local chamber has established a group for young professionals, we meet monthly and have 3 or 4 events a month. Great network #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q4 Con’t: We’re blessed to have a center for Entrepreneurship doing many workshops & a great group of biz owners willing 2 contrib. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q4 – MWBE registered to work with NYC & NYS have networking events hosted by city or state for the MWBE to network directly w/them #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q4 and we have a group called smartups, with chamber and SBDC support, meets for workshops and such … in Eugene OR #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q4 Dallas area is steady on entrepreneurial activities. At #swfv gig this morning where more VCs focused on seed & early stage co’s #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q4 – NYC & NYS have targeted workshop for small businesses as well & gov’t agencies are always there to network with us directly #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4 – The Economic Dev group here is fabulous at working with small business. Quarterly Biz breakfasts are a big hit. #sbbuzz
  • jonedm: @sbbuzz Q4 Local Econ Dev Committee and entrepreneurs pulling together local bar camps and meet ups. Very useful networking. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q4 and in general I’m a huge fan of the SBDC network, 1,000 locations, supported by federal, state, local higher ed funds. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q4. Funny you should ask. Spent the day new RI entrepreneurism program. Brilliant people. Lot of plans. I’m hoping things get done.
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz There is also a non-profit (I’m on the board) working to build a virtual community for our village to offer more exposure. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q4: There are a ton of networking groups in every area. Seek one out & you’re sure to find 4 more. Many offer training & support. #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Q4 “We must be the change we seek.” Gandhi… Local chamber promote biz and get involved with gov. some. Not sure if its working. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: we have many small biz programs here in the SF Bay Area — one of my faves is the green biz program http://www.greenbiz.ca.gov #sbbuzz
  • DIYSiteExpress: Meetup.com is a great to find local groups in your area. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @DIYSiteExpress I’ve tried MeetUp a couple of times and haven’t had great luck, need to revisit it again though. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q5 How do you find time to stay involved, engaged and contributing to online and offline networks? #sbbuzz

  • SpeakingTech: q5 – never sleep #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q5 – You focus your time on the things that have impact and that you have a passion for. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5 – Find what works for you and work it. You cannot be everywhere at all times so create a plan & execute it concerning networking #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q5. Finding the time – that is the $1B question!
  • imaginestudios: @sbbuzz Set myself a time limiting schedule (10-12 one activity, 12-1 Twitter, 1-1:30 lunch, 1:30-4 client work, etc.) #sbbuzz
  • wvpmc: Schedule time for online and offline networking – keep biz plan in mind + focus on what’s important #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Q5-on a more serious note, Outlook & my Blackberry r my BFF. Schedule everything-can’t overbook and I commit 2 what’s onthe plan #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q5 – networking has now become a online & offline task. Find the social networks that work for what you do & fully participate #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q5: Regarding time management, don’t overschedule networking events 7 in one month is plenty! Give yourself time to rest. #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q5 1. No one can do it all. 2. Pick three to contribute regularly . 3. Create profiles on various. 4. Connect accounts. #sbbuzz
  • 99designs: Q5 – It is a serious struggle…like most things in life…it is just a matter of finding the right balance #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q5 I use my BB with smart phone apps (Ubertwiter (new release is GREAT), as well as Twitterberry) to monitor Twitter while on the ru #sbbuzz
  • Workchic: @sbbuzz Q5 manage your time wisely and pick those that have more impact for your business #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q5: I have to make time. I can sleep when I’m dead right? #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q5 Create an email folder for social media and filter EVERYTHING in there to check once or twice a day. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q5: I don’t have an iphone or any special apps. Makes it easier to get away, yet be accessible to clients when I need to. #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q5 @timberry‘s advice on biz planning has helped with time management. Focusing goals helps prioritize work, networking, everything
  • helpbusinesses: Q5- Find the offline resource that provide quality events & attend that too but be selective in where you give your commitment #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Good tips – but don’t avoid twitter apps, use wisely. RT @merylkevansHow to manage your time w/ social networks http://bit.ly/51Rdx #sbbuzz
  • gwickes: Q5 don’t forget the follow up… so busy answering and monitoring the next thing, a quick follow up goes a long way! #sbbuzz
  • yourjobmyoffice: Q5 I use a Twitter app for outlook called OutTwit. It collects Tweets in folders by @ name. Very organized. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q5 I limit where I am active. Since I really enjoy the online aspect, having fun with it makes it easy to find the time. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q5 Suess read, teeth brushed, girls tucked … Social Networking is not a task, it is a way of life.. Participate as you can. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q6 How many social media networks do you actively participate in? Do connections overlap? How do you keep track? #sbbuzz

  • imaginestudios: Q6: Probably 6-8 I think. Don’t really keep track. Linked all to http://www.ping.fm to update all with one click! #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Q6 FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, BrandTampa, Eagles Connection, My Space…not much overlapping. Each one has a different angle. #sbbuzz
  • fsphotography: Q6: I use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (rarely). I keep track with email for LinkedIn and Tweetdeck for Twitter. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q6- I use to participate in 2 actively & connections did overlap. But many don’t use MS anymore so now it twitter & works well 4 me #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q6 I use the big three like many of you and connect them to FriendFeed and other networks so they’re automatically updated. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: Q6 I’m most active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and XING – have profiles on numerous others #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q6 – all my active clients are on twitter and we use it to stay in contact with them & have captured new clients too. #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q6 Sorry I am late. I am active on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and several local networks – diff platforms, different people. #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz I use Twitter which feeds my Facebook profile for friends and family. I dislike too much repetition caused by cross posting. #sbbuzz
  • DIYSiteExpress: Q6 You can find me as DesignLeap on LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumble, there are others but I’m not as active. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q6 many, an early adopter evaluating tools. Friendfeed pulls in all streams, plus there is great conversation happening there. #sbbuzz
  • leoraw: Q6 Social Media networks: Twitter, my own blog, Facebook – I’m on LinkedIn, too; much overlap because of my own blog. #sbbuzz
  • samuraivt: Q6 Connections do overlap on some of the SM networks. Each network is different with its own conversations. Auto updating=not cool. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q7 from @madhousefl Has anyone been successful converting a follower into a customer? How? #sbbuzz

  • rzazueta: @madhousefl I’m glad to report that, yes, I did. I tweeted about a trojan and a follower hired me to clean it for them #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: @madhousefl Yes I have. I tweeted advise about problems they were having and they used my services. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q7: I think sharing my projects boosted my rep, folks found out I was designing for clients like Pepsi and they realized my cred #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q7 we’ve gotten customers, partners, press all from relationships started on Twitter. No magic tweet, though. It takes time & trust.
  • wordpost: Q7 no followers to customers, but for some conversion isn’t the primary goal—it’s listening, learning, and building relationships. #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q7 – Yes and no. Many new readers for my blog. Haven’t done a lot of selling of any kind but plan to step it up a bit. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: Q7 I’ve received quite a few book/product sales and media placements through social media – most based on visibility and trust #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q8 from @eyeini Anyone here had good ideas on transferring large digital files via the internet? #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q9 from @scoblitz Are people using identity sites like DandyID or chi.mp? Opinions? #sbbuzz

  • merylkevans: Q9 Haven’t heard of DandyID or chi.mp. Just OpenID, Blogger, the usual crowd. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q9 I incurred huge true name identity theft so I’m mindful where I place lots of information about me personally. #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Q9; dont know either one; more info? #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q9 is that like nombray.com, or maybe squidoo, setting up a hub for twitter, FB, linkedIn, etc? #sbbuzz
  • DIYSiteExpress: Don’t know either of them, just OpenID. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q9 So when online I promote my company instead of me personally now to avoid future “true name identity fraud” #sbbuzz
  • scoblitz: @sbbuzz They are basically ways to make it easier for folks to find you – a dashboard of my online personas with various services. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: @scoblitz I am maintaining my Google Profile as up to date as possible .. valuable because it appears in search results #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q9 I know dandyid. Way to manage your profile across many socmed sites. Very powerful – will be more so as use proliferates

sbbuzz: Q10 from @bradfordshimp Is anyone using affiliates and partnerships with other businesses to bring in new customers? #sbbuzz

  • helpbusinesses: Q10 Yes I do partnership with companies. Just start so have no real results at this time. It’s been 3 months #sbbuzz
  • DevotionalChef: @sbbuzz, on Q10, we actually share our office with another start-up. Eventually we think that may be mutually advantageous. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q10 the partnerships are with businesses using the social networks & we cross promote at events we attend too #sbbuzz
  • SteveStrauss: I have started partnering up with big businesses who have bigger budgets and its working well #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q10 the partnerships are with businesses using the social networks & we cross promote at events we attend too #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: Creating partnerships is what I’m working on. I think that is an important part of ‘partner’ships! #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q10 yes, answering for Palo Alto Software, all the time, and since we started on the web in Jan of ’95. Hundreds of affiliates. #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q10: Certainly! I have a couple local partnerships, we throw business to each other, been so great we’ve discussed a merger #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q10: I’m a firm believer in working WITH your competitors. Everyone has a different style & specialization. Only helps business! #sbbuzz
  • Whistletree: @sbbuzz We are exploring the idea of affiliates currently. Is it advantageous? Any tips to avoid? #sbbuzz
  • merylkevans: Q10 I constantly try to refer businesses to clients and colleagues — it’s about relationships and looking out for ’em. #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: I use affiliate programs for my products — am in the process of revamping the whole system, but they’ve been a great marketing tool #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: @Whistletree well there is the obvious get it in writing, especially the who does what when part of it … vague is way too common #sbbuzz
  • pmohara: #sbbuzz Q10 we do integrated partnerships with other small business Saas products – huge driver of accounts for us.
  • imaginestudios: Q10: Also, carry cards of some of your fav people around. I hand out my cleaning gal’s & accountants’ cards everywhere! #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: In effort to outdo @bradfordshimp, squeezing in Q11 from @samuraivt Follow competition or don’t follow? Secretly? Why? #SBBUZZ

  • Timberry: Q11 is a good reminder that you should always assume your competition is following you. You’ll never know for sure. #sbbuzz
  • madhousefl: I follow. Why not? Might learn something. Not spying, just interacting. #sbbuzz
  • DevotionalChef: @sbbuzz, on Q11, I follow everyone who isn’t a spammer or determined to get under my personal skin. Yeah, they can be competitors. #sbbuzz
  • imaginestudios: Q11: Always follow. AND ReTweet their brilliant tweets! Don’t follow secretly. Glean ideas, but keep your stuff original. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q11 I follow competition openly. No reason to hide yourself from them you are not doing anything wrong want to connect with them #sbbuzz
  • selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q11 Absolutely essential to follow competitors. I recommend all my clients follow also. Benchmarking Best practices Strategy #sbbuzz
  • nrohrbach: Q11: I do follow, have even found opportunities to scratch each other’s back, mutual benefit. And yes sometimes I also spy. #sbbuzz
  • Timberry: Q11 and if you’re a social media consultant or Internet marketing consultant or life coach then every other tweep is competition 🙂 #sbbuzz
  • bradfordshimp: Q11 – Your competition may be doing something right. You will want to learn from that. #sbbuzz
  • allcaughtup: Q11 openly follow. and connect.There might be an opportunity down the road to collaborate. #sbbuzz
  • helpbusinesses: Q11 You maybe surprised and form a friendly alliance that works for you both. You never know. #sbbuzz
  • joemagennis: Q11 should have competition setup on search.twitter RSS feed, Google Alerts, following .. focus on the IDEAS they are discussing #sbbuzz
  • PatriceRutledge: competitive intelligence and competitor relationship-building is just a smart business practice #sbbuzz


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