#SBBuzz-a-thon for Haiti

We’d like your help in planning an #sbbuzz event to help bring some attention and  resources to the small business recovery efforts in Haiti.  While the current Haiti relief efforts are focused on the most immediate survival needs, we’d like to use the ingenuity of the #SBBuzz entrepreneurial crowd to also help with the long term economic recovery efforts.  And what better way to promote economic recovery, than to support our small business brethren?

So after a spontaneous chat about this with the #sbbuzz crowd a few weeks ago, we have come up with the framework for our event.  Here’s the plan:

  • Host a 12 hour #SBBuzz-a-thon Twitter chat on Monday, July 12th, 2010, the 6 Month anniversary of the Haiti earthquake
  • Invite 12 star guests to spend 1 hour each discussing a topic relevant to small business efforts
  • Ask anyone who participates in the #SBBuzz-a-thon chat to donate to one of the charities that we have selected based on their involvement in small business recovery efforts (such as Kiva.org’s partner Esperanza International)
  • Invite 1,000,000 people or so to participate.
  • What else?

If you would like to be involved in helping us plan this event, please contact #sbbuzz queen bee Pamela O’Hara at pohara@batchblue.com for more information.


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One response to “#SBBuzz-a-thon for Haiti

  1. Hi Pam:

    I have a number of ideas. I have been a Community and Economic Development Analyst for over 20 years, but I must be doing something wrong. When I have tried to participate in the group meetings, all I can see is my comments and nothing from the other members.


    James Holley

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