Summary December 1, 2009: Holiday Promotions and Celebration

Summary from December 1, 2009
Topic: Holiday promotion ideas, celebration and gifts.

sbbuzz: Tonight we are sharing ideas for holiday promotions, celebrations and gifts. Send me any ?s you want included in the chat. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @andreayap where? I’m in SW Fairfield County #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @pmohara Haha. When you say it like that I think maybe I should start a restaurant chain with that name. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @bradfordshimp Yet to be seen, I guess… #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q1 What holiday promotions or giveaways are you doing? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q1 I’m sending out a special audio surprise (shhhh – it’s me singing a holiday tune) #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Is it December all ready? Dang, that sneaks up an a person! Especially a marketeer 🙂 #sbbuzz
TNSinc: #sbbuzz Q1 What holiday promotions or giveaways are you doing? Free Shipping Is King
pmohara: @bradfordshimp I have a Bubba Gump image on that for some reason…. 🙂 #sbbuzz
merylevans: I’ve already mailed gifts to my clients w handwritten note, success book and notebook with company logo. #sbbuzz
andreayap: ah, Ripple100 Will Design Your Micromarketing Campaign In 30 Minutes, Free:
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1 We’re doing custom-designed hot beverage transporters. Also trying to work something up with a cool card company… #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1 In the past I’ve tried to tie promotions to new PCs and such but with little success so I don’t really market the holiday #sbbuzz
iheartdesign: @sbbuzz free shipping for sweet tooth jewelry with code freeship09 online at #sbbuzz
pmohara: @merylevans I think you are at the wrong chat. This one is for the procrastinators! 🙂 #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q1 – Not sure yet. Thinking I will come up with something on Christmas Eve when I do the rest of my Christmas shopping. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Hello #sbbuzz ers! Sorry I’m a little late. Desiree Scales from Bella Web Design here.
merylevans: @pmohara Heh! I did food early on, but feared food allergies and special diets. So try to do books. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Hi Desiree, you look different. Maybe its just my glasses. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @bradfordshimp Brad you need to smile in your picture! I like the glasses though 🙂 #sbbuzz
TNSinc: @pmohara @merylevans I think you are at the wrong chat. This one is for the procrastinators! 🙂 #REDtime for an over achiever flag #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q1 I think we’re going paperless this year and sending videos to our clients via Any thoughts? #sbbuzz
Patrysha: @sbbuzz Q1 Gearing up to promote a small biz marketing year plan program #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Oh LOL. Very funny. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @mriggen Hey, that is a smile. Oh, and would you like to borrow a razor? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Supporting World AIDS Day today. Doing my part. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: Q1 cookies if I get them done – if not, clients want to know why I didn’t LOL #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @mriggen @bradfordshimp or grow a mustache – they seem to be all the rage #sbbuzz
desireescales: @mriggen I agree, a smile would be a very nice addition to the glasses. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q2 Do you do anything special for your customers at the holidays or on anniversaries? What do you do? #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @merylevans I like that idea. I usually do food but should have thought of allergies. Making a note for next year – books! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Oops – Q2 Do you do anything special for your customers at the holidays or on anniversaries? What do you do? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Surprise visits from Santa would be great for your videos. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Bring your suit! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @desireescales I like the idea of a video. We did a fun one last year on our blog. Going to try & do something like that again. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I’m tempted to put up the picture where I’m not smiling… #sbbuzz
mriggen: @bradfordshimp @scoblitz I guess it’s change my avatar night! #Movember is so yesterday! #sbbuzz
desireescales: @mriggen Very cool. We might give a donation to a great cause in our client’s names. Thinking aloud here. Well, over here that is. #sbbuzz
Patrysha: @sbbuzz Q2 Cards for everyone and little personalized gifts for the ones I am close to #sbbuzz
desireescales: @mriggen Let it be known I was following you and I am again. I never meant to leave you! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales That’s such a nice idea (and good to see you, by the way!) #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz FYI, babies make terrible interview subjects (though cute!) 🙂 #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q3 What plans do you have for holiday celebrations or gifts for your staff/vendors (we promise not to tell)? #sbbuzz
desireescales: @lindadessau Nice to “see” you too? (Read you?) #sbbuzz
desireescales: @pmohara I think everyone stopped to watch the video! CUTEEEE!!! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales Read you – loud and clear (?) #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q3: Healthy Christmas bonuses! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @desireescales Thanks for letting it be known! I don’t worry about that stuff too much, so no worries 🙂 #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q3 – I am not really a fan of parties. And I hate secret santa, sorry. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @lindadessau Get it? Read not see… ha ha #sbbuzz
TNSinc: #sbbuzz Q# staff/consultants are getting prepaid wii cards, since I know they all have one.
pmohara: @desireescales I know I did! 🙂 #sbbuzz
lovingunme: @lindadessau Get it? Read not see… ha ha #sbbuzz: @lindadessau Get it? Read not see… ha ha #sbbuzz
desireescales: @mriggen Now I’m wondering if @pmohara got “unfriended” too. I’ll have to check! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q3 My boss doesn’t give me anything – he can be sort of a scrooge… #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @scoblitz At least he smiles in his picture… #sbbuzz
desireescales: @lovingunme Nice. Yer blocked. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @scoblitz Are you kidding? My boss already bought my present and I deserved every diamond in it! Tee hee! #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q3 – I once worked for NASA. Their annual holiday calendar one year excluded Christmas but included “Bodhi Day.” #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q3 We’re hoping to work with Providence Geeks to do a food drive again this year as a team. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I don’t think she was smiling either. Thankfully TweetChat can block those out. #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Q3 For my “staff of one”, perhaps a few days off and some spa time – well-deserved. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q3 – My organization at NASA had a Christmas party that year that took up most of the building – it was join in or take vacation. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q3 – you saw our annual holiday party. Cookie baking with the kiddos. We usually to do a grown-up celebration post holidays. #sbbuzz
merylevans: Been trying to send annual gifts earlier in the year to show I appreciate them year-round, not holiday season. #sbbuzz
andreayap: Salvator will be flowing friday, dec 18 at stroke of 4. my latest find and now fave beer:
desireescales: @bradfordshimp It was kind of funny though in a sick sort of way. Still deserves el-blocko. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q3 – this year, as principal of my own start-up, I have tweets that, if RTd, will lead to a free gift. “Holiday” gift though. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @mriggen I love that idea. Thoughtful ways to mark the holidays are much more meaningful and make better memories than “stuff” #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Its weird spam. It seems to be triggered by certain phrases. What a waste of everyone’s time. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q3: Its hard with people working in different states. We’re going to try and have a get together after the holidays, in spring. #sbbuzz
andreayap: 4 comments down – oh how i love thee – a man’s testimonial on how bocks converted his wife #sbbuzz
mriggen: @andreayap Ooo, beer recommendations! That’s a good one! Thanks for the tip. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @desireescales Way to go, that’s the spirit! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend 🙂 #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q5 What do you do to personally & professionally to re-energize this time of the year? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Ack – Q5 What do you do to personally & professionally re-energize this time of the year? #sbbuzz
merylevans: Q5 I don’t think I’m gonna re-energize this time. Hubs laid off, so constantly on edge as freelance sole-breadwinner. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @desireescales seems to want a free gift. Wrong one to RT though. LOL #sbbuzz
shipwire: q3) Given the economy & need…we are going to make a donation in vendor/customer name. lottery to pick the charity. #sbbuzz
merylevans: Q5 In fact, I felt guilty throughout Thanksgiving break for not working. It would not be the case if he hadn’t lost his job. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q5 – This time of year is all about family. Spending time with them, especially the kids, re-energizes and re-focuses me. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Is this me or what? #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Q5 I look back at the gifts, accomplishments and lessons of this year, and ahead to my goals for next year #sbbuzz
desireescales: @rongraham1 At least you got this joke. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @merylevans Sorry to hear that you’re feeling so much pressure 😦 #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Dang. Missed Q4. There’s a separate discussion of Q2 started at – but I bet it’s everywhere. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Bring on the bling!! #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q5: I knit, get a massage, rinse, repeat. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @desireescales, THIS joke? There have been others? #sbbuzz
AndrewNim: @sbbuzz #sbbuzz This is my first year as a company, so thinking about best way to send out cheer, newsletter, cards, ecards….
desireescales: @merylevans DM me and let me know what he’s looking for. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q5 – Professionally, I am changing gears on focusing much more heavily on my blog, so its not all play, no work this holiday. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q5 – there is only one thing I want. Only one thing that can re-energize. A day or two with my kids. That present, I may not get. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: @rongraham1 Actually – here’s Q4 Do you participate (as a business) in any community events during the holidays? #sbbuzz
andreayap: Q5 write every greeting card like i mean it, no hallmark cliches #sbbuzz
ginabee: Q5 I’m feeling re-energized by the start of my brand new freelance writing biz, WriteyTidy. Should keep me focused thru holidays! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q5 We put a lot of thought and effort in to our family holiday gifts which gives us a lot of joy this time of year. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q4 is a good question. I wish I were doing more. There are a couple soup kitchens. Maybe I can pitch in. Yeah. Not a bad idea. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @ginabee Congrats and good luck on your new venture! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @merylevans Sorry to hear that Meryl. What line of work is he in? Maybe we can help… #sbbuzz
wvpmc: Q5 heightened awareness to reach out and offer help, support, joy to others #sbbuzz
TNSinc: Q4 #sbbuzz We donate a day to cook and deliver for elder care meals.
rongraham1: @ginabee, I’d be interested in hearing more about your venture – maybe outside of this. #sbbuzz
lindadessau: @TNSinc Nice! Tomorrow is my first shift (this year) playing music for an Out of the Cold program – my 4th or 5th year now. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @merylevans what can we do to help, Meryl? (been there done that – you both will be in our prayers) #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Sorry for rapid fire Q4 & Q5 – this shortened time slot has me packing them in. 🙂 #sbbuzz
merylevans: @mriggen Thanks, all. He’s IT mgr/PM/sys engineer who has done it all except software development. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Q5: Our church does a Kidsmas for Women’s Shelters in the area for kids who are “hiding” from abusers. We always volunteer. #sbbuzz
TNSinc: Q5 #sbbuzz I personally recharge after the holidays, since my retail clients suck my brain dry at this time.
merylevans: @TNSinc I love that! and @desireescales kidsmas. Very nice. #sbbuzz
ginabee: @desireescales Thanks so much! It’s my gift to myself, a long time coming. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q5 Sending coffee to local troops, donating coats, clothes, food, delivering meals. And lots of family time. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q5 Holidays mean lots of crafts projects (that will be presents) with the kids & holiday baking. That re-energizes me. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @ginabee Owning a business is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Its hard work but worth every minute. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @mriggen, you must be doing that coffee thing via Borders. They’re selling a bag ten feet away from me now. LOL #sbbuzz
ginabee: @rongraham1 That would be great! I look forward to hearing from you. What’s the best way to connect? #sbbuzz
pmohara: Agreed! RT @desireescales: Owning a business is one of greatest gifts you can give yourself. Its hard work but worth every minute. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @desireescales @ginabee She saw all of the fun I was having… #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @ginabee, follow me and let me return follow, for starters. LOL #sbbuzz
andreayap: this year miami and key west – want to road trip via Charleston, Savannagh, but wife wants to jet blue it from JFK #sbbuzz
ginabee: @desireescales Absolutely, especially when you feel the work you’re doing is your true calling. #sbbuzz
desireescales: @scoblitz Funny! My daughter asked me if I was glad I was done working today. I said, nope, I was having fun. She about fainted! #sbbuzz
pmohara: @andreayap I like your plan better. Cookies shmookies. 🙂 #sbbuzz
ginabee: @rongraham1 okey dokey #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Wow – we’ve already hit Pitch Time. Please tell us a little about you and your business. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @rongraham1 No, my mom’s coffee company actually ( But if I were there, I’d drink Borders (don’t tell my mom)! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz went quick this week! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Pitch: eSeMBe offers efficiency focused technology solutions for micro-biz http://esembe.comWe help you get things done! #sbbuzz
andreayap: @pmohara @TNSinc the problem with road trip is the drive back. auto train? hmmm, honey! #sbbuzz
TNSinc: #sbbuzz I have to go do some client care, All of you writers on here please DM me, I have a project in the works launching in 6 wks.
bradfordshimp: provides advice for small biz owners. Now offering advertising with a twist #sbbuzz
ginabee: @scoblitz Sure did – my first but I’ll be back! #sbbuzz
lindadessau: How to write a top 10 article that will demonstrate your expertise to prospective customers – pitch time on #sbbuzz
janapyx: @sbbuzz little office, specialized in procurement and promotion abroad. trade shows, events, services from and to Brazil. 5 year old.#sbbuzz
desireescales: I’m pitching @rongraham1 tonight. Entrepreneur, Writer, Engineer, Teacher, Big Talker, Joker. Great blog #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: This 1 hour stuff is a piece of cake. I am used to pushing through the tired to stay up for the great content for 2 hours. #sbbuzz
Patrysha: @sbbuzz an integrated marketing consultant specializing in small town small business and cooperative marketing efforts #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Me 2! But I’m glad its shorter. I can go knit now! #sbbuzz
merylevans: Pitching my husband was plenty 🙂 #sbbuzz
ginabee: Pitch: WriteyTidy’s my name and turning out tidy text is my game. I have a passion for prose – Let me write for you! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: If Desiree is pitching Ron, then I’ll pitch her great Media Connection interview. Watch it here and learn -//- #sbbuzz
desireescales: @merylevans Aw! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales I can’t believe you knitted that sweater. You’ve got the skills! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Pitch-o. I’m Michelle Riggen-Ransom and I make up words to confuse @andreayap. Plus work @batchblue software. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Pitch. OK. I finally have a start-up of my own, and the Web site in a day or two. In the meantime, on FB. #sbbuzz
desireescales: Good night everyone. See you next week! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Pamela here from @batchblue – social CRM for small businesses & Twitter conversation starter. 🙂 #sbbuzz
desireescales: @bradfordshimp Thanks….7 years of mad skillz dude. I might make you a hat one day if you’re nice… #sbbuzz
lindadessau: Thanks for another fun chat, everyone! Good night! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @desireescales Oh, I’m nice, its badboyshrimp you need to watch out for. #sbbuzz


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