All about SEO : Summary from September 22, 2009

Last week’s #sbbuzz chat opened the door for us to have a discussion about a mind bender for many: SEO.  We focused on the best and low cost ways small businesses can do SEO effectively.

This week we’re not having an #sbbuzz chat (as mistakenly noted in the last summary), our very own @pmohara will be presenting with @mriggen at Web Inno in Boston!  We’ll have more #sbbuzz next week, so stay tuned!

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sbbuzz: Welcome one and all to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat for next 2 hours of small biz talking about technology. Join us!
sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
sbbuzz: To start off we have introductions: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Bradford Shimp here, I help small businesses with web solutions … and more. Also write a blog. #sbbuzz
smallbiztrends: Tweet chat starting on small business and technology, for next 2 hours. Search for or use tag #sbbuzz to participate.
Kmacopy: #sbbuzz Hi all. Freelance marketing copywriter, SEO articles, web content, and more. Haven’t been on an sbbuzz chat in a while.
MHBoys: Michael Boys with On-Site Technical Solutions, Inc., IT Department to small and mid sized business in Southern California, 1st time #sbbuzz
pmohara: Hi all – Pamela here from @batchblue and your hostess with the mostest here on #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Scott Blitstein – Owner of eSeMBe, blogger, tech go-to guy, music lover and all around good guy. #sbbuzz
merylevans: Content maven aka freelance writer and editor here from Plano, TX and my online office at #sbbuzz
Whistletree: @Whistletree here. We provide free and toll free conferencing, webinar and podcasting services. #sbbuzz
NateRich: Howdy! Nate Rich here, Video Editor | Motion Graphics artist | Creative . What up! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Our discussion topic for #sbbuzz tonight is SEO. Please send me any questions you’d like discussed with the crowd.
deneki: Hi guys! Andrew with Deneki Outdoors – I run fly fishing lodges. #sbbuzz
black_hattitud: Our discussion topic for #sbbuzz tonight is SEO. Please send me an.. #seo
emergeformen: Hi all – EMERGE For Men here – we offer a product that will enhance hair for those suffering from male pattern baldness #sbbuzz
natecrobertson: @natecrobertson Hello! Founder and president of Ascend Technology Services, IT Support and consulting for small biz in Washington DC #sbbuzz
pmohara: @scoblitz @bradfordshimp Identity crisis, guys? I hardly recognized ya. 🙂 #sbbuzz
wvpmc: Hi all – Wendy Van Parys Marketing Communications from CT #sbbuzz #smbiz
rjleaman: Hi all – Rebecca (blogger) here. I’ll be mostly lurking tonight, loads of work to do – but didn’t want to miss another one entirely! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz What’s shakin’? Rob Z – Web Develope to the stars here.
emergeformen: @sbbuzz – how do we send you questions? Just to the #sbbuzz hashtag? Sorry, this is my first tweet chat! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz but a horrible typist, apparently.
colderICE: Hi all – Joining in on the fun tonight, be nice cause I am a newbie 😉 #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @pmohara That’s what Scott really looks like in real life. #sbbuzz
virtuallyideal1: Hello everyone. Kyra here. Fun VA 🙂 #sbbuzz
merylevans: @rzazueta Ha! We figure you are a developer or you’ve developed 😉 Stars? Like the sun or whom? 🙂 #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @bradfordshimp @pmohara I think it’s a striking resemblance actually #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @sbbuzz Hi All! Susan here from Selah Synergy hoping to learn about SEO tonight. #sbbuzz
atonti: MoFuse helps small businesses to have a mobile website for less time and money. We can help you understand your mobile audience #sbbuzz
njtwtads: From AZ, love tweeting and want to help those that don’t. Started njtwtads w/ sister #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @pmohara my old avatar was lost in the great twitter update of ’09 #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @merylevans Half developed, still developing. And all my clients are stars, dahling. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Greetings everyone. Lisa here from IT Mechanic. Interested in learning something new. #sbbuzz
selahsynergy: @colderICE Welcome colderICE! #sbbuzz
emergeformen: @sbbuzz – I’d like to know what cost-effective ways a small biz can do SEO. I know it can be expensive, capital is tight 🙂 #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q1 How are you keeping up with SEO efforts? DO you do it yourself? Have staff? Outsource? #sbbuzz
pmohara: @scoblitz I’m liking the half gloves! #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q1: I do it myself (but that’s my job 😉 I’m VERY wary of so-called SEO experts.
Infusionsoft: Need help with SEO? join #sbbuzz for next 2 hrs of small biz talking about technology (via @sbbuzz)
emergeformen: Depends on what qualifies as “SEO”. I’ve used Google Webmaster tools, but we don’t have I guess it’s just “us” 🙂 #sbbuzz
deneki: Q1: doing my best to keep up with it myself! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1: It’s all me, but my efforts haven’t been too significant beyond some basics. #sbbuzz
colderICE: All of our SEO is done in house…and ummm I AM the house its in LOL #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: I do my own SEO to save money and it’s also my job. I setup Google Alerts and RSS feeds to stay on top of new SEO trends. #sbbuzz
emergeformen: Q1: @scoblitz – yes, same here. Can’t see many small biz owners going the full SEO route – it’s a tough ROI IMHO #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz I’m very zen on SEO. Build good online relationships, exchange links with relevant, solid sites and it takes care of itself.
sanjeevaggarwal: Does anyone use tools like LotusJump or WebCEO for SEO? #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q1 – Do my own SEO, but focus more on quality and quantity of content than anything else. Working on backlinks, etc. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Write blog posts, share your links on Twitter, FB, etc. get the word out there. Let your fans talk you up.
Whistletree: Q1 We’ve outsourced SEO, but question doing so. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz form good joint marketing ventures, do some guest blogging, whatever… all of that extends your reach and helps Google find you.
pmohara: Q1 we use @hubspot to find keywords, monitor rankings.The hard part is @mriggen‘s work speaking keywordese in a natural way #sbbuzz
emergeformen: @rzazueta – that’s helpful info – we’ve got a twitter site, but haven’t yet considered blog posts or FB…yet #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @rzazueta I don’t do any formal link exchanges but I do benefit from some high profile quality sites that link to mine. #sbbuzz
chuckCGAZ: From AZ financing business owners through FACTORING A/R’s. Need to lrarn SEO. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q2 from @emergeformen What cost-effective ways can a small biz do SEO? #sbbuzz
smallbiztrends: @sanjeevaggarwal We have used LotusJump for purposes of identifying places to get visibility online. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q1 Found that online press releases work along with other social media (i.e Twitter, FB, etc.). #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @emergeformen If you write good content that useful to your customers and keyword-laden, that’s a HUGE SEO boon. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q2 – I think one of the best ways to do SEO is to blog regularly. Also, guest post. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @pmohara I use some of the free tools that @hubspot provides – they are very helpful. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q2: Write a blog, blend SEO into your other mktg efforts (online joint ventures, etc.), get involved in relevant online communities
deneki: Q2: provide quality content and update it regularly. That’s rule #1 for sure. #sbbuzz
deneki: Agreed with @bradfordshimp – regular blog posts are key. #sbbuzz
NateRich: Q2 I also find blogging to be my best friend. It really pushes relativity and gets nice results. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz One thing that hasn’t changed since the early days of the web – Content is King.
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q2: Also, make extra certain yoru site is built to be easily indexed by the search engines.
emergeformen: @bizmoneysaver – will press releases help a consumer oriented biz? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Sites done in all Flash = invisible to Google.
rzazueta: #sbbuzz don;t hide navigation in JavaScript, Flash or images with ALT tags, etc. Do a “View Source” on your site to see what spiders see.
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q2 – Google Webmaster Tools are free can give some good info on keywords and how your site is indexed. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @emergeformen I hard link key word phrases in press releases #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @smallbiztrends I’ve used LotusJump as well. I liked it, just couldn’t keep up with it. But very nice for pointing out options. #sbbuzz
MHBoys: @bizmoneysaver do you have good sites to publish online news releases? #sbbuzz
chuckCGAZ: Q My web page is a ourc copy? How can I SEO this site? or is it a wasted effort? #sbbuzz
emergeformen: @rzazueta – I followed this advice with our site. No FLASH, and indexed to Google within a week! #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: If you have a local business, try blogging about local news and events, and tie in offers to sports events, etc. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @scoblitz Exactly – I look at those and think, “Wow, how can I get OTHER people to link to me?” #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Press release can help consumer oriented businesses. It helps raise awareness about your business. #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: Q2 blogposts, press releases and weaving keywords naturally into your site copy are some of the easier “free” ways to boost rankings.#sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta Right, its my understanding that you should keep the coding simple and clean. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Make sure every trade org or whatever you’re a member of links to your site – including chamber of commerce, etc.
Kmacopy: Q2 generally press releases done for SEO purposes don’t have to be as newsworthy as traditional releases #sbbuzz keep forgetting my hashtag!
KelsonV: All-Flash sites are also invisible to smartphone users, even with iPhone & Android. @rzazueta #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz And try to convince them to not use the nofollow tag – it no longer really affects your Google juice.
Kmacopy: Q2 do have to be careful that you don’t “stuff” keywords into your copy. Spiders don’t like that. #sbbuzz
emergeformen: @bizmoneysaver – thx, must be the corp marketing person in me. Always thought those were just for the wires (am I dating myself?) 🙂 #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @bradfordshimp Precisely. Another trick is to code for the blind – add useful ALT tags to images, make sure text is in HTML, etc. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @KelsonV And to anyone behind a strict corporate firewall. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: @MHBoys I use a lot. As well as some free ones. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q3 Why does SEO have such a bad rap? #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @BizMoneySaver which are your favorite free ones? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: Q3: ‘Cause there are a LOT of shady folks who will take your money with few results. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q3: in SEO, a lot of folks focus on traffic. But traffic that doesn’t convert into paying customers is worthless.
merylevans: @sbbuzz It’s more complicated than many think, rules keep changing and spammers abuse it. #sbbuzz
shipwire: To save shipping costs place your best sellers in multiple warehouses geographically close to your buyers #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Using a variety of tactics – both shady and kosher – I can get you TONS of traffic. But most SEO folks won;t help with conversions.
BizMoneySaver: @wvpmc Some of my favorite free ones are,, and to name a few. #sbbuzz
NateRich: Q3 – Because people try to make irrelevant content relevant. They try to cheat the system. Easier 2 fake it than actually b rel. #sbbuzz
black_hattitud: #sbbuzz Using a variety of tactics – both shady and kosher – I can.. #seo
shipwire: @wvpmc we hardlink our press releases too. Great tip. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @rzazueta Mine have mostly been a result of the relationships I’ve built. Links are never the goal but sure can be a nice benefit #sbbuzz
chuckCGAZ: Q4 My page is a purch site. Can I SEO this? #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @merylevans SEO is far simpler than most people think. If you have great, fresh content and are active online, SEO just happens. #sbbuzz
joemagennis: Q3) Hi all, how’s everyone 2night. Question is really about the people not the practice. Well optimized sites are just good business #sbbuzz
shipwire: @rzazueta do you think that Video will “soon” be the new king of “content”. Thinking about Bing placement #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @merylevans speaking of spammers – SEO talk sure brings the Twitter bots out in full force. #sbbuzz
merylevans: @rzazueta Many folks (me too) have fresh content, listen and participate… yet search engines continue to not reward us. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @scoblitz I think this is the best way to get custoemrs. Build relationships, make it worth linking to you. SEO follows. #sbbuzz
SweetBizNews: Joining in late to discussion. I keep hoping that “content is king” #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Google Analytics is a good free tool to help determine what’s working on your site as well as SEO. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @rzazueta thoughts on how email (newsletter, for example) links to website affect ranking? #sbbuzz
colderICE: Q3 SEO is like magic, magicians do tricks & only other magician know how its done. Slight of hand, camera angles, smoke and mirrors #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @shipwire Sure seems like it’s going to be, but it will never replace written content. Video is too difficult to deal with. #sbbuzz
mattgillooly: @sbbuzz – Q3 – because their rhymes aren’t tight. #sbbuzz
emergeformen: @bizmoneysaver – we use Google Analytics as well #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @merylevans Are you getting a lot of links back to your site? Are you making your content easy to share? Do you encouraging sharing? #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: @shipwire Because spiders don’t index video, it would be hard for video to become the new king in terms of rankings #sbbuzz
merylevans: @rzazueta Si, oui, ja. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc Newsletter links do little for SEO unless that email is posted somewhere accessible to Google. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: I’ve found that writing articles and adding a link back to my website helps with SEO as well as linking building. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @Kmacopy Plus, have you ever tried to get something like a recipe off a video? Great for showing technique, lousy for research. #sbbuzz
SweetBizNews: Should we all start writing shorter posts? #sbbuzz
colderICE: Q3: The real deal is simply to go to #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @merylevans Are you getting a lot of linkbacks to your content? Do those links contain the keywords you’re targeting? #sbbuzz
MHBoys: @merylevans how do you make the content easy to share? #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: @rzazueta Yeah. Great point! lol Still have to match content with the right medium. #sbbuzz.
joemagennis: @Kmacopy @rzazueta .. my understanding is that there are attempts being made to index flash content. Is that fact? #sbbuzz
emergeformen: @rzazueta – +1 – video is also more time consuming. How many SMEs can devote time to developing something worthy? #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @rzazueta is bing creating new rules for SEO? how about getting ready for web 3.0? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q4 How do you balance writing good copy with getting good Google juice? #sbbuzz
merylevans: @rzazueta Yes — I’m fortunate to write for some good sites and often have linkbacks on correct topics. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @sbbuzz Creating semantic, relevant copy for people and Google will follow. (pun intended) #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc Ha, what’s your definition of Web 3.0? Mine is ubiquity. I don;t think Bing is really changing the game too much… #sbbuzz
merylevans: @MHBoys Blog has sharing tools. Ppl RT links. My main ID is @merylkevans. Might help to see that. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Q4 – The balance is weighting far more on the side of good copy. #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: @emergeformen Video is also pricier 2 if you’re having to outsource; I’m not talking You Tube videos. Cheaper to write a content pg. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz However, Twitter is… Google, Bing and others are now looking at freshness and relevance to current events and trends as a marker.
wvpmc: @rzazueta web 3.0 > semantic web #sbbuzz
colderICE: Q4 Your copy should be written to SELL while you ads can be written for GOOGLE and neither of the two should be confused IMHO #sbbuzz
emergeformen: Q4: Wow – alhough I’ve been published, writing good copy isn’t easy…I’d say focus first on copy, get the “juice” later #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @joemagennis That’s a fact, but it’s not easy. Not all Flash content is stored as readable text… #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @joemagennis My inderstanding is that Google is still trying but it’s not as big a focus. #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: @joemagennis I would imagine indexing flash is likely to be around the corner, but I don’t know for sure. #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: Q4 I’m partial of course as a writer, but good writing always prevails, in customer’s eyes and in Google’s. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Don’t forget to send me a DM or message w/o the hashtag with questions you want discussed with the group. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc The semantic web theoretically makes it easier to index information, but I don;t think it will change things too much… #sbbuzz
JoeManna: A good publisher monitors their Web stats; bounce rates are a close indicator that show relevance to visitors. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc At the end of the day, it’s still about good content placed in a readable format. The semantic web gives more control… #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc …over how a site is read, but the spammers will still game it. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @rzazueta The semantic Web also helps people logically follow a piece of copy. Headings, Lists, Alt/Title attributes, etc. #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: @colderICE A good copywriter should be able 2 write copy that sells (or compels people to act) and which features keywords naturally #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz It’s my opinion that SEO is really kind of dead. You’re best off putting your links directly in front of your customers.
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4 I just write my copy and let the rest take care of itself. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz SEO relies too much on serendipity. It’s still important, but the competition is just too tight.
JoeManna: @rzazueta But spammers can’t game the consistency of a fresh Website with good content. I see weak tactics from their part. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Identify blogs and sites where your customers are and get involved – guest blog, write articles, etc.
pmohara: Q4 Compelling writing has been our focus, but we do pay attention to a consistent us of keywords and it has paid off. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @JoeManna That’s not really the semantic web doing that – you can also do it with CSS. It’s less for readers and more for browsers. #sbbuzz
CompeteSEO: @rzazueta #sbbuzz How is SEO not putting link directly in front of your customers searching what you have to offer? Unless your SEO is weak.
rzazueta: @JoeManna Spammers constantly game the system this way. This is why pagerank relies so heavily on linkbacks from trusted sites. #sbbuzz
joemagennis: @rzazueta I agree about Dead statement. Universal & personalized search makes ranking relative. Focus on converting content #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz It still amazes me how often I see my writing on some spammer’s site because they stole it.
colderICE: I think I will add this to the conversation that a good Title will TRUMP good Copy 😉 #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @SEM_SEO_SMO It does do that, but in a very slapshot way. You’re there next to competitors and presumably relevant links… #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @rzazueta But trusted sites have become aware of their PageRank and have nofollowed user-content. It minimizes abuse. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @SEM_SEO_SMO IS a link on Google better than a link on, say, a trusted site in your industry that contains an article you wrote… #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @SEM_SEO_SMO proving your expertise in the field? #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Running late, fish weren’t biting #sbbuzz
CompeteSEO: @rzazueta figures you would talk down about SEO when your homepage has PR0. If you had any SEO success, you would be pro-SEO. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz To be clear: I don;t think SEO is not worthwhile, I just think it’s been played up as far more important than it really is.
wvpmc: @rzazueta @SEM_SEO_SMO what matters is being where your best prospects, customers are #sbbuzz
writerobrien: #sbbuzz Q# Becauze companies farm out SEO to cheap writers who write cheaply. Pay good writers, get good writing. Period.
rzazueta: @wvpmc Precisely. And I like the halo effect that comes from being on a trusted site better than Google. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @rzazueta I agree, a lot of hype in the industry. Writing content for a robot will only net so much return; write for people. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @rzazueta do’t you think SEO is most helpful in long tail biz mktg? #sbbuzz
writerobrien: @colderICE #sbbuzz I agree. A good title catches the search engines more quickly than the content.
CompeteSEO: @rzazueta #sbbuzz Want to see results? Get a bunch of bookmarks to your next blog post, on any site. I can get you 1200 social bookmarks.
sbbuzz: All – don’t forget this is a friendly discussion. We love hearing everyone’s opinion as long as it is constructive. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc Only if you have a big catalog that serves the long tail. Otherwise, you’re talking about a niche. #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: @JoeManna exactly, write for people! Those backlinks are pretty valuable in the equation as well #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc Better to target and nail that niche – get to know exactly where they are. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @sbbuzz A little conflict never hurt anyone. 😉 It builds character. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @wvpmc I think SEO in the long tail really only helps bigger companies like Amazon or eBay. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q5 How much attention do you pay to keywords? How often do you review them (if at all)? #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Local search SEO is not new, it’s just more common now to search for local establishments. It’s hot because ppl ignored it so long. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Q5: All the time, and not just for SEO. Great way to get marketing and business ideas as well.
leoraw: @rzazueta yes, I agree – often one is writing for a niche and not to be found by anyone in the whole wide world. Perfect that niche. #sbbuzz
writerobrien: @colderICE #sbbuzz What I mean is start with a good title and, of course, make sure the content is fantastic. Good writing is a given.
JoeManna: Q5: I monitor several major phrases to monitor changes and activity. Brand awareness/monitoring and Monthly SEO/SEM volume, too. #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q5: I pay a lot of attention to keywords, use them as a thesaurus, review them quarterly. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @leoraw Yup, and if you REALLY get to know that niche, they’ll learn to trust you and recommend you to others. #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: Q5 You should review keywords periodically because the way people search and the terms they use change over time. #sbbuzz
leoraw: Q5 every few months I go through sites and work on keywords. For some sites (like library) I don’t bother – they promote locally. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @colderICE Whenever I land on a larger Web property that has long-tail products, I immediately leave. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q5: Google Alerts can help monitor keywords as well. I use it all the time in addition to my web logs and Google Analytics. #sbbuzz
colderICE: @wvpmc @rzazueta SEO over TIME carries more weight than any other factor used by the SERPs (search engine rank pages) #sbbuzz
leoraw: @BizMoneySaver I have used Google Alerts a bit; you are right, should use it more for keywords! Automated. #sbbuzz
emergeformen: Q5: for our biz, keywords are highly relevant. Think of how many baldness remedies exist – you want to know what terms are searched #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @colderICE Don’t apologize – it’s my opinion and I may be wrong. How do you make it work for you? #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Q5: While not SEO, it relates to the human aspect of content relevance — monitoring social media spaces is useful for buzz-tracking #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @colderICE Good point… I think I was confusing long tail SEO with long tail selling… But I still say targeting a niche is best #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Keywords are more important for me with business sites, don’t worry about them as much on my blog, because I write what I want to. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @colderICE Plus, if it’s truly a long-tail type niche and you’re one of the few targeting it, SEO ought to be a natural. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: #sbbuzz Yikes – I gotta run home. I apologize for dominating this discussion like this – SEO is a hot button topic for me.
rzazueta: #sbbuzz But, as always, I feel like I learned a lot. You guys flippin’ rock!
colderICE: @rzazueta I just put out so much junk that it gets shelf life, LMAO #sbbuzz And I have been doing the same lines on some sku’s for years
sbbuzz: q6 from @Whistletree Does SEO work for dynamic websites? We are always upgrading our website, how does that impact SEO? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @rzazueta See ya! #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Keyword relevance is becoming more important, I’ve seen more long-tail searches more than before. 2-4 word phrases = dominance. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @rzazueta Thanks for participating. It’s my first #sbbuzz tweetchat. #sbbuzz
rzazueta: @JoeManna WHOA! Welcome, then! Look forward to seeing you at the next one! #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: Q6 I think dynamic sites have an advantage, because spiders want fresh content. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I think good reviews and write ups are just as important for a web product, such as Whistletree, as any SEO. #sbbuzz
joemagennis: @Whistletree make sure you have a good permalink structure in place at the start. Don’t break backlinks by changing site too often. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @joemagennis Great advice! I broke my backlinks once and learned that lesson. Luckily I wasn’t too far in. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @JoeManna welcome! #sbbuzz
colderICE: Q5: I try to monitor about once a quarter or 4x a year diligently, and we amp up everything in the 4th Q to maximize traffic #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Dynamic sites gain equity the more they update. Should make use of all on-page SEO elements (titles, meta desc, headings, etc.). #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: @joemagennis Great point! This is so important with blogs. WordPress does a good job of handling this for us. Just have to be aware. #sbbuzz
merylevans: @joemagennis Yeah, good advice. Unfortunately, I started blogging in 2000. Was too far along for any changes. Dislike dates in URL #sbbuzz
Kmacopy: #sbbuzz. Alright everyone. I’ve gotta run now. Enjoyed chatting and learning!
joemagennis: @merylevans @BizMoneySaver .. right. WP lets you custom structure. I also dislike dates and use keyword rich permalink structure #sbbuzz
Whistletree: @JoeManna Thanks, that makes sense. #sbbuzz
MHBoys: #sbbuzz thanks and a pleasure meeting everyone. see you next time, lots of useful information
leoraw: @merylevans If you don’t have numbers in your permalinks and you have large blog, you could have slow site. So dates=good. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: A nice clean URL structure helps dynamic sites grow logically; Agreed to not make URL changes (even if 301’ing it). #sbbuzz
leoraw: I need to write a post about permalink structure and why for large blogs it is good to use numbers like post num or date. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @joemagennis What’s your preferred mix? I enjoy “category/postslug” in WP. #sbbuzz
deneki: @JoeManna 301’ing it? #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q7 from @scoblitz What do peple think of recent info from Google that keyword meta tags are ignored ? #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @deneki 301 Redirect … a permanent redirect, passing along PageRank. Often causes Google to sandbox a URL to be safe. #sbbuzz
deneki: @JoeManna Gotcha – thanks. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Q7: I think meta tags are completely abused as an industry and Google paid minimal benefit to it. Meta description is where it’s at. #sbbuzz
joemagennis: @leoraw would love to see post so I can re-consider the process. @JoeManna .. that’s the format, but I’ll tweak the slug at times #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Oops- misspelling credited to the bee, not the scoblitz. 😛 #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Q7: cont’d – Google has way too many factors to weigh in a site’s quality; meta tags aren’t on the top of the food chain. #sbbuzz
leoraw: Q7 – keyword meta tags – one less thing to worry about – title tag most imp, then description tag; what’s in your H1 and H2 also #sbbuzz
emergeformen: @JoeManna – I agree, although I haven’t used meta description, the meta tagging was so abused, Google had to ignore. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Announcement: No #sbbuzz chat next week. We will be in DC attending the #growsmartbiz conference #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @emergeformen Meta descriptionsare golden, especially if it supplements titles. About 180 characters as a lede for the page. #sbbuzz
joemagennis: Q7) I thought that was already a discounted factor, didn’t realize it was a new update. #sbbuzz
leoraw: @joemagennis Meanwhile you can read this geeky post to understand the permalink problem #sbbuzz
colderICE: #sbbuzz Q7: I think Google ignores meta keyword, but NOT meta descriptions so not all tags are completely irrelevant…
merylevans: @joemagennis It was WP — but it was just too late when I realized the date problem. #sbbuzz
merylevans: @leoraw Well, not that big. About 3000 posts in nine years. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @joemagennis Google has long held ‘no comment’ on Meta Tags, but officially they ruled them out. But we all know it had little rank. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Alt tags that contain relevant keywords are also important. I also include relevant keywords with my image file names and others. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @merylevans A well planned, big 301-redirect would be OK; penalized temporarily but all backlinks would pass along juice. #sbbuzz
joemagennis: @leoraw thanks for that. Very interesting. I need to study that some more. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q8 Who do you trust to give you SEO advice? #sbbuzz
colderICE: I gained alot of knowledge…Great chat guys, gotta run, but I will b back in 2 weeks for the next one! #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @colderICE Have fun, nice to meet you on #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
leoraw: @joemagennis I got it off the WordPress Codex (Read the Manual, it helps! 🙂 #sbbuzz
deneki: Q8: I’ve learned a lot about SEO from @problogger #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @sbbuzz Q8: I trust no one source, specifically. I prefer experience over practice, results over theory. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @colderICE glad you could join us tonight! #sbbuzz
leoraw: @colderICE thanks for joining, nice to meet you! #sbbuzz
leoraw: Q8 I read 10 different posts on one topic and try to figure out what makes the most sense. Like Permalink Structure! #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q8 My fellow sbbuzzers of course… am learning a lot tonight! #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Q8: To be honest, I follow the blackhats so I know what I won’t do. Generally, Google targets blackhats –with reason. #sbbuzz
leoraw: Q8 @manikarthik has a nice SEO blog #sbbuzz
joemagennis: @leoraw I just never considered the site loading factor as it relates to permalink structure. #sbbuzz
leoraw: @joemagennis It might be that it has to get REALLY large for it to be a problem. And maybe they’ll fix it? #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @leoraw I think the culprit is when you have duplicate post slugs; with caching, performance is a tiny problem. 🙂 #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q8 along with are two that I read pretty often. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q9: Any other resources you would recommend for learning more about (or keeping up with) SEO? #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Q8: Test, ask around, trial and error is the best learning tool. Not all SEO pieces of advice is relevant to every industry. #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: You can setup a Google alert for SEO or SEM and choose which information you would like to read further. This is what I do. #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @JoeManna curious about your comment re: industry specificity – please elaborate #sbbuzz
BizMoneySaver: Q9: I would also suggest finding podcasts on SEO or SEM. I like them because they are FREE :>). #sbbuzz
Chris_Hendricks: I like Ed Taylor’s tactics on SEO just watched his latest video #sbbuzz
emergeformen: Q9: attend a sbbuzz-up! #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @wvpmc Example… what works great for an carpet cleaner in SEO might not work for a graphic designer. Bottom line: relevance. 🙂 #sbbuzz
JoeManna: Q9: Google around where you have deficiencies and see if SEO/SEM would improve it. Many great articles/minds out there. #sbbuzz
leoraw: Q9 I learn a lot from looking at Google Analytics and Google Webmasters stats. Just remembering to take a look can give ideas. #sbbuzz
ImmersionIT: @AcquireCom interesting discussion tonight on SEO, do a hash search for #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q9 I mentioned @hubspot before – they have a TON of great content on creating great content. Figures, huh? 🙂 #sbbuzz
wvpmc: @JoeManna are you referring to different keyword phrases – or different techniques #sbbuzz
joemagennis: Q9) I subscribe to email newsletters from WebProNews & WebProBusiness good insights. #sbbuzz
JoeManna: @wvpmc All the above. On-page SEO is relatively the same, but at different angles of attack. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: That ends tonight’s SEO throw-down. Thanks all for the passionate discourse. Great to have so many new faces! #sbbuzz

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