Summary from September 8, 2009: Small Biz, Saving Time

We all need advice on saving what precious little time and energy we have running a small business.  This week our community talked a little about their experiences saving time, shared some advice and techniques to help each other.

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sbbuzz: Welcome to #sbbuzz, a Tweetchat for next 2 hours of small biz talking about technology. Join us!
sbbuzz: Rules: 1)NO pitching till end 2)Be nice 3)Stay ON TOPIC! 4)Send ?s for group to me w/o hashtag 5)Use #sbbuzz in all messages 6)Have fun!
sbbuzz: To start off we have introductions: 1 message about you and your business and whatever else we need to know. #sbbuzz
designleap: Design Leap provides print & web, one-on-one design for small business owners and start-ups. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Scott Blitstein, owner of eSeMBe, technology go-to guy, blogger, music lover and good egg. #sbbuzz
mriggen: Hi I’m Michelle with BatchBlue Software. We make software for small businesses. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Hi #sbbuzz friends. Pamela here from @batchblue and lady behind the @sbbuzz bee for the evening.
MichaelColemire: Hi, I am Michael with Prestige Designs. We specialize in screen printed apparel. #sbbuzz
Timberry: Hi, Tim here, Palo Alto Software, I’ll be in and out because of timing … #sbbuzz
deneki: Hi everybody. I’m Andrew and I run fly fishing lodges. Happy to be back! #sbbuzz
spkrinteractive: Robert Swanwick from Speaker Interactive and twebevent where its free to mash video with Twitter Chat #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: Hi, brad here chiming in from my new iPod touch #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Tonight we are talking time management techniques. Q1: as a small business owner, where do you think you “lose” most of your time? #sbbuzz
jonedm: Hi all, I’m David, we make and sell the KitBook for the K-12 market. #sbbuzz
totalitnow: Hi all, Brian Hindman here from total IT. We provide IT services for small business #sbbuzz #sbbuzz
spkrinteractive: This chat and 62 others are listed on the Twitter Chat Schedule: #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I lose time when I don’t schedule my day to a T #sbbuzz
designleap: A1 Responding to email and keeping up with social media status updates #sbbuzz
deneki: Q1: Interruptions of all kinds making me too reactive re: how my time is spent. #sbbuzz
pmohara: #sbbuzz Q1: I think most of my time is lost in e-mail. I wish I spent more time in blogs and Twittter. I know I miss a lot.
jonedm: I agree with @bradfordshimp. Without a schedule, shiny things and interruptions kill productivity. #sbbuzz
blueskylocal: #sbbuzz Q1 hard to say, “losing” time is so subjective. I’d say we spend a lot of time reading blogs though and responding to emails
bradfordshimp: Also, unscheduled meetings #sbbuzz
spkrinteractive: A1: “lose time” when not goal oriented. Spend time on tasks that do not have good return on investment #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q1: Definitely email. I know there must be better ways to manage it, but it’s kind of an endless stream. #sbbuzz
spkrinteractive: @bradfordshimp Can’t you say no to an unscheduled meeting if it is not a productive use of time? #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1: Tough question, perhaps too much time spent to complete tasks of low importance. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q1: … and scheduling. I spend far too much time arranging meetings, briefings, service calls, etc.. #sbbuzz
Timberry: Q1 I’ve been concerned with what Fred Graham called maker time vs. manager time … different jobs & needs. #sbbuzz
blueskylocal: #sbbuzz its all matter of ROI I think. Nothing is ever lost of there is a long or short term return for the time invested
bradfordshimp: @spkrinteractive sometimes you can. Some meetings have no clear agenda and are time Easters #sbbuzz
merylevans: Q1 I check email too often. It may be because I spent all these years not getting phone calls, so it’s like I want to hear from ppl. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q1 – my biggest time-waster is uncertainty. Sometimes, even after planning and some knowledge of the biggest payoff items, I hedge. #sbbuzz
Timberry: When I was managing it was meetings and interruptions all the time … but for writing and software, I need blocks of focused time. #sbbuzz
deneki: Knowing I have an email problem, @tferriss ‘s “don’t check email before 11am rule” has been a huge help. #sbbuzz
pmohara: #sbbuzz I also get stuck in the administrative stuff. Always seems to be some form, or bill, or call that needs my attention.
blueskylocal: #sbbuzz @rongraham1 that’s interesting. Do you mean indecision or uncertainty?
Timberry: Q1: I suspect that most of us rationalize to spend more time on what we like to do than on what we ought to do. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q2 Let’s tackle the big beast first: what do you do to manage your time in e-mail correspondence? #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @pmohara Is time on admin lost time? It needs to be done. Perhaps done more efficiently? #sbbuzz
designleap: Q1 Keeping my email off until I’m done with my priorities has helped me a lot on time management. #sbbuzz
wanart: #sbbuzz administrative tasks – and these days catching/keeping up with social media updates, blogs, industry news
pmohara: @scoblitz That’s true. I guess “lost” is the wrong term. Just seems I frequently spend more time than I budget on the paperwork. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Thanks to those of you who advocate waiting on e-mail. I often go after that first, and guess where the new tasks come from? LOL #sbbuzz
merylevans: Q2: Doing a review, delete, read and quick answers. Do longer ones later or last. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q2: I filter out 60-70% of it before I even see it. Can’t distract me if I don’t know it’s there. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: I use tags and various accounts to try and stay on top of my email, but it’s hit and miss #sbbuzz
wanart: #sbbuzz Q2 set aside chunk of time to read/respond to emails and training myself not to look at it every 5 minutes
mikesax: @Timberry Check out “Maker’s, Manager’s Schedule” #sbbuzz The challenge for small business owners is to have both.
gwickes: Q2 re email. Set up rules that automatically route emails so can get to the important ones first #sbbuzz
spkrinteractive: Has anyone read about @elsua effort to not use email. Here is one of his posts:
jonedm: Q2: I try to get the Inbox down to zero at the end of each day. Often have to be a ruthless deleter. #sbbuzz
deneki: Actually set aside time for email, and clean out the inbox every session. But only after 11am! #sbbuzz
Whistletree: Hello everyone, it’s been awhile! Can’t wait to catch up on #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz I liked a post @chrisbrogan had recently on how time spent answering email pays others; creating something pays yourself. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q2 – I’m not trying to evade my own responsibility, but I’d love to see people give me more descriptive subject lines. Helps a lot. #sbbuzz
merylevans: @gwickes I have set up rules to route all messages into the appropriate folders of newsletters, unread emails, other folders. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: My big problem is finding the time To deal with emails that need a thoughtful response #sbbuzz
merylevans: @jonedm Q2 I rarely have more than 10 messages in my inbox between the quick review and the email filtering. #sbbuzz
spkrinteractive: Do people use GTD techniques for their email? #sbbuzz
wanart: #sbbuzz Q2 having a device like an iphone has also helped me manage email – i respond to emails when im waiting in line, on the bus, etc
jonedm: @merylevans Impressive. Looks like I could get value from adding more filters. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @merylevans I’m a freak when it comes to filters… It’s a never-ending struggle to keep them optimized – but I love it! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q2 I use the “Superstars” feature in Gmail to color code my e-mails as they come in. Helps me manage my responses. #sbbuzz
Whistletree: We have multiple people that respond to emails and would love to hear what types of tools people are using to manage this? #sbbuzz
merylevans: @scoblitz Q2 And when I unsubscribe to something, I also delete the filter. It’s bad enough it’s a long list in Gmail. But it works. #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: I’m here, meetings ran late! I’ll catchup quick as possible! #sbbuzz
merylevans: @pmohara Q2 I have some superstars, but haven’t made them work well. How do you manage them? #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: My only problem with filtering is remembering to check my folders #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @spkrinteractive I’ve yet to fully embrace GTD but there are bits and pieces of it in my email processing. #sbbuzz
designleap: Q2 I do a quick glance at the email and see if it needs immediate attention #sbbuzz
gwickes: Q2. When an issue surfaces in email, call or visit with that person. Don’t use email to resolve issues #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q2: to manage email correspondence by priority, I use tags and stars via gmail, once I free up enough time, I tackle my High folder #sbbuzz
IACEZ: @BizIncubation I agree. Having a Blackberry has made my Monday mornings so much less stressful! #sbbuzz
mriggen: @wanart Mobile devices definitely help with the quick stuff. As long as it’s not when I’m driving 🙂 #sbbuzz
merylevans: @bradfordshimp My folders appear bolded, so I know to check them when the time is right as each has a purpose during the day. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @gwickes I agree. Email can’t communicate tone #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @Whistletree You may want to check out sproutit, or even @zendesk – allows for easier management by a group of folks. #sbbuzz
wanart: @mriggen true – no texting/emailing while driving! although, walking while texting can be dangerous too! #sbbuzz
merylevans: @iacez @mriggen The BlackBerry made it easier to return from vacation without that awful email overwhelm. I did enough to manage. #sbbuzz
Whistletree: @scoblitz Thanks, great suggestion. I’ll check these out! #sbbuzz
jonedm: @wanart Texting while driving is now illegal in Tennessee. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @bradfordshimp Mine show the number unread. They aren’t hidden but rather keep from drawing my focus away as they come in to inbox. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @merylevans I code based on sender. Customers are blue, staff’s purple, bills are green, etc. I get “in the zone” & reply by group #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @jonedm I can barely text while texting, let alone while driving #sbbuzz
mriggen: @jonedm As well it should be. No saved time is worth risking life and limb of yourself, family, others. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @whistletree we’ve used Fogbugz and Zendesk for shared e-mail management. #sbbuzz
designleap: @pmohara: @merylevans Me too – I code based on sender. Customers are blue, staffs purple, bills are green, etc. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q4 How do you manage your time in social media? Blog writing and commenting, Twitter, Facebook, forums, etc.? #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: @bradfordshimp is u ev get txt frm me dat look lik dis I txt frm truck #sbbuzz
gwickes: Darn. I keep forgetting the #sbbuzz hashtag using ubertwitter on myBB. Haha
Timberry: Q4 I find twitter, chats like this and other twitter things, fascinating, hard to resist, and a big lure away from other things … #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q4: social media time management depends on the need. If it’s facebook day there’s a time slot for that, same with forums, blogs #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4: The first step is to find out just how much time you are really spending. @rescuetime is brilliant for this. #sbbuzz
designleap: Q4 Blog articles are planned at least a week in advanced #sbbuzz
Timberry: Oh, and re email, I should mention email center pro, which is our web app for shared email like sales@ and info@ etc. #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q4: twitter’s mostly spontaneous for me, I’ll setup some tweets in hootsuite but mostly shoot from the hip via tweetdeck #sbbuzz
jonedm: @Timberry Q4: Amen. Too many great people. Too much great content to easily ignore. #sbbuzz
wanart: Q4 i catch up on tweets and fb while im working out, etc – have you ever tried to tweet while on elliptical – it takes practice! #sbbuzz
deneki: I try to do most social media stuff off-hours. Having small kids helps with that. 🙂 A little tweeting during the day. #sbbuzz
designleap: Q4 I read all my missed Tweets from TweetDeck when I log on and RT, reply/read, then it depends on what I’m doing throughout the day #sbbuzz
mriggen: @mattgillooly Nothing makes me spill my martini. You should know this by now! #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q4 Twitter is my equivalent to cleaning my room in college. I spend more time there when I am avoiding doing something else. #sbbuzz
designleap: Q4 usually focus on Stumble at the end of the day, after hours, that’s when I find all the fun stuff #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Don’t forget to send me a DM or message w/o the hashtag with time saving topics you want discussed with the group. #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: Q4: I do alot of phone consultations so I tweet while speaking with folks or immediately after the session #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: Q4: sometimes I tweet at the end of the day all that happen that day or that morning what happened the day before. It varies #sbbuzz
Timberry: @Whistletree re multiple people responding, thats what emailcenterpro was designed for … shared addresses, accountability, etc #sbbuzz
gwickes: Q4 good Q. Social media can really suck up time since it can be fun and take away from other important stuff #sbbuzz
Whistletree: Q4: I jump on Twitter and FB periodically throughout the day just to check out the conversation. I jump in if it’s pertinent… #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: @pmohara I have many client who tweet that way #sbbuzz
Whistletree: @Timberry Thanks, I’ll check out emailcenterpro! Great:) #sbbuzz
blueskylocal: #sbbuzz social media is interspersed through out our daily routine (which can also make it distracting since it isnt structured but convo)
IACEZ: @Timberry I agree. It’s more life-like when it’s real-time interaction. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q5 Any special tricks for scheduling the administrative side of your job? How do you keep the trains running? #sbbuzz
gwickes: Q4. Blog commenting can take time, but well worth it I will record off line in Word to ensure spell & grammer correct #sbbuzz
merylevans: Q5 Invoices at first of the month or end of project, taxes quarterly (paid online), balance accounts when creativity flat. #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: I schedule my administrative days and place rewards at the end so I get them completed LOL. #sbbuzz
chelpixie: Q5 administrative side? I do mine and everyone else’s 😉 #sbbuzz
Timberry: Q5 I have to admit in 20+ years of running a company I never felt like I had a good answer to administrative & scheduling etc. Hard! #sbbuzz
gwickes: Q4. Find an actve blog and comment. Its a great way to learn how to contribute and get some awareness #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q5: find a really good partner, give each other a swift kick in the arse when necessary! 🙂 #sbbuzz
Timberry: Q5 I had a PR vendor once who billed me for 10 hours work that included 2 hours of administration. I paid and ended relationship. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: 5 I do all accounting stuff on one day. That way it’s not sucking time here and there. #sbbuzz
designleap: Q5 I push myself to do admin stuff at the end of each month. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q5 – I find that most admin tasks can be scheduled or delegated. The trick is to not wait too long to do either. #sbbuzz
IACEZ: Q5. As much as I can I try to do long projects at night when everyone else is asleep- much more productive that way. #sbbuzz
Timberry: @bradfordshimp I used to do something like that to put it off so I could enjoy the other days, and then put it off more. #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: It all comes down to grouping. Its hard to jump from technical stuff to creative to housekeeping and back and forth all day. #sbbuzz
gwickes: Q5 you either like to do admin stuff or not. Many SB don’t My wife hates it, so I fill in. Find help to do it! #sbbuzz
Timberry: One of the more powerful incentives for growing the micro business is to have people who like doing the admin stuff. As employees. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q5 About every other Friday I dedicate to admin work. Until I get distracted by Twitter. 🙂 #sbbuzz
bradfordshimp: @Timberry That’s funny. I actually enjoy it when it comes. I get my brain in a different gear for a day. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q5 We also have @chelpixie to help us out. Virtual assistants are amazing! #sbbuzz
Timberry: @pmohara that’s funny, and me too. The distraction by twitter, that is. #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: Q5: I schedule my administrative days and place rewards at the end so I get them completed LOL. #sbbuzz
IACEZ: Q5. Yes, find help! Most admin stuff can be done by someone else. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q6 How involved are you at the project level of your business? How do you balance time between the doing and the managing? #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: Q6: I’m not involved in all my project some are primarily other consultants but I do keep tabs on all projects. #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: q6: I have a consultant in each category that reports back to me with the happens in their field which helps a lot. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q6: I do very little managing – so that part of my biz is still quite manageable 😉 #sbbuzz
merylevans: Q6 One person business… so I do it all. Imaginary friend isn’t too helpful 😉 #sbbuzz
wanart: @bradfordshimp i agree – especially with a creative business – when i’m designing – i don’t even allow myself to answer the phone #sbbuzz
Chris_Hendricks: Q6 How involved are you at the project level of your business? TOTALLY #sbbuzz
jonedm: Q6: Working “on” vs. “in” the business is the same as working on near term vs. long term goals. #sbbuzz
Chris_Hendricks: How do you balance time between the doing and the managing? 1 hr prep work saves 2 hrs in the field #sbbuzz
IACEZ: Q6. I am the project level. 🙂 #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q6 I’m not involved in developing (I tend to break things). I just try to take care of the smart people who are. #sbbuzz
Timberry: Q6 I’ll say one thing for sure, I prefer the project, the actual making of something, or writing, much more than the management. #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q6: right now our business is a project, I guess we’ll cross the managing road when the highway construction is done #sbbuzz
Timberry: @merylevans LOL maybe you need to up the incentives for the imaginary friend, bonuses for performance. Imagine work getting done. #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @Timberry Q6 It’s all balance > the project and the managing & the managing CAN be great fun 🙂 #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @nrohrbach I always have multiple projects for internal business in process. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q6 – I am not *exactly* the project level, but there are only two of us, so I’d better be part of it or else. LOL #sbbuzz
merylevans: @Timberry Love that! Thanks for the laugh! #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q7 When do you fit in the “big picture” stuff? How do you make time for the long term strategery? #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q7 – for us, the day-to-day and the strategery all run together, like watery spaghetti sauce. #sbbuzz
mattgillooly: @sbbuzz – Q8: by always thinking one question ahead #sbbuzz
marfranclean: @szbuzz– I really feel the big picture but don’t quite see yet #sbbuzz
Timberry: Q7: I’d bet everybody on this chat is thinking strategy most of the time, every quiet moment, whenever you’re alone … hard not to. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q7 I have to keep those items on my radar. Managing them like client projects is key to keeping them moving. #sbbuzz
IACEZ: @mattgillooly @rongraham1 @Timberry @CASUDI Well said on Q7… or was it Q8? #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q7: typically at the task creation stage I’ll look at what needs to be done, and evaluate how to tie in the big picture, try as I go #sbbuzz
CASUDI: Q7: I know people who do a good job managing client projects BUT don’t manage their own biz the same way #sbbuzz ?
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q7: I imagine there is always a certain amount of “I’m making this up as I go along” to any project or business. #sbbuzz
pmohara: @Timberry Agreed. Strategy is the fun part. I can see our future clearly. The 1000 tiny steps from here to there are the challenge. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz I get asked about our marketing strategy a lot. I think like many small biz owners, we try things and see what works. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @pmohara, that’s too right, about the 1000 steps. Am I on step 68 or step 592? And does it even matter? Long as the goal is there. #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: Q7: Long term strategy is a daily plan if you don’t make it a daily plan/work in progress you will not grow the business #sbbuzz
CASUDI: I’m making this up as I go along ~ some peoplecall this flexible or able to improvise @scoblitz #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: Q7: Smlbiz not working the long term plan is what gets many business owners in trouble and seeking a job #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: Q9 (skipping Matt) is an OT one from @jonedm What topics should be covered in an undergrad course in entrepreneurship? #sbbuzz
marfranclean: @sbbuzz-Strategy is fun, but results are better. I see things i seek them but growth is tough when staying steady is hard #sbbuzz
rongraham1: Q9 – I taught one of those for several years. The construction of a business plan is a semester project. Forces solid planning. #sbbuzz
Timberry: Q9: Great question. I’ve taught such a course, at University of Oregon, once a year for 11 years now … and I still don’t know. #sbbuzz
CASUDI: #sbbuzz Q9: Bootstrapping ~
Timberry: Q9 I’ve got a public shared answer to that at #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @rongraham1 Q9: Isn’t writing a BizPal first thing taught #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q9 is a great question. Not sure it can be taught? May need to come from doing. Although business planning would be key. #sbbuzz
Timberry: @CASUDI Really good point. Bootstrapping is drastically underrepresented in entrepreneurship classes — in general — IMHO #sbbuzz
blueskylocal: #sbbuzz we’re a start-up so our organizational structure is pretty flat, thus we’re all heavily involved at the project level
Timberry: Q9 okay totally biased, but yes, I’ve always based the course around the business plan. #sbbuzz
mattgillooly: @sbbuzz – Q9: It should be more like a karate class than a lecture. It’s one of those things you can’t learn without doing. #sbbuzz
merylevans: Q9 Need more details on the day-to-day. Strategy well-covered, but not business planning, cash flow mgmt. I like bootstrapping sugg. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @Timberry Q9 Also public speaking. Need to be confident in what you’re doing, be able to articulate it. Need to check out your link! #sbbuzz
jonedm: Anyone include internships in entrepreneurship classes for real hands-on? #sbbuzz
IACEZ: Q9. I took an entrepreneurship class and to be honest I couldn’t tell you that it included anything diff than my other biz classes. #sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q9 – Time and task management, stress building in efficiency from the start. #sbbuzz
pmohara: Q9 Bizplan is good start, but agree any course should include fieldwork. Take something real to market. Even if it’s lemonade. #sbbuzz
mattgillooly: @sbbuzz – Q9: if you can pass an entrepreneurship course w/o talking to potential customers/partners/investors, you’ve been robbed #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: @mriggen you’re right! Public Speaking for sure! You can teach pr, marketing, etc, but you have to learn to communicate effectively! #sbbuzz
Whistletree: Q9: People over-estimate what we can do in 1 year and under-estimate what we can do in 5 years. Keep this in mind when planning… #sbbuzz
Timberry: Q9 … not to mention ethics, karma, authenticity, defining success for yourself in real terms, and having a life. Often ignored. #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @mriggen @Timberry Q9: I agree > good articulation of your message, written and spoken #sbbuzzGood presentation skills v. important.
IACEZ: Q9. I had 1 class where we developed a biz plan and set it into action for a real small biz in our community that was struggling. #sbbuzz
merylevans: @mriggen My MBA program has a public speaking and writing element. Must pass those before graduating. Not courses — but specials. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @CASUDI, if you are teaching college freshmen, it’s the first and ONLY thing. Though it’s amazing what side lessons come out of it. #sbbuzz
mriggen: @sbbuzz Q9 I would start the course by telling everyone they will fail the course. Then see who shows up for second class 😉 #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @Timberry How would YOU teach bootstrapping > I am really interested #sbbuzz
Timberry: @CASUDI by not teaching that every new business needs outside investment. Talking about financing from early sales, not overspending #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: q9: financial mgnt, marketing, customer service, business development gosh that list is so long it’s crazy but thats a good start. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @pmohara, even YOU would not assign and grade field work for what most colleges pay an adjunct. Sorry. LOL #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @Timberry then it comes down to teaching how to get those first sale 🙂 #sbbuzz
Timberry: @rongraham1 yes, good point. assigning and grading is by far the biggest downer in teaching. Threatens the joy of it. #sbbuzz
BlakeGroup: Q9: any entrepreneur course should be hands-on internship/co-op. Learn by doing! #sbbuzz
jmpineda: Q7 I joined a CEO group that meets monthly. We discuss the important stuff: strategy, financing, staffing. They keep me honest. #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @Timberry then it comes down to teaching how to get those first sales 🙂 #sbbuzz [correction]
sbbuzz: Wow folks – time flew tonight! Thanks for the awesome conversation and tips. So much time saved in these 2 hours. 🙂 #sbbuzz
Timberry: @CASUDI yes, and the second and third, and how to reinvest and how to survive without overspending. Cash flow is critical. #sbbuzz
sbbuzz: And now it is everyone’s favorite Pitch Time. Please tell us a little about your business. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: I might add for Q9 that it’s *extremely* difficult to find start-ups for hands-on work just in time for your class to run. #sbbuzz
jonedm: Q9: Thanks EVERYONE for the GREAT input. #sbbuzz
Timberry: Pitch: for email management. for entrepreneurship curriculum. 🙂 #sbbuzz
CASUDI: @merylevans @mriggen learning good public speaking skills goes a long way in presenting your products or services #sbbuzz for your business.
mriggen: @sbbuzz I’m Michelle from BatchBlue Software. We build stands for lemonade sellers. #sbbuzz
jmpineda: @MatrixGroup helps associations and non-profits market their orgs, products, ideas and events through Web sites that work. #sbbuzz
blueskylocal: #sbbuzz great discussion, thanks for hosting
greenhance: Hi. I’ve got a book called “Greening Your Small Business” coming out November 3rd from Penguin Press. Looking for promo partners. #sbbuzz
designleap: Working with small business owners one-on-one improving print & online marketing materials #sbbuzz
helpbusinesses: Always a pleasure to chat with such a great group of peeps! #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @609Media does print and online media development and strategy. Right now I’m providing such assistance to @KellyKarius in Canada. #sbbuzz
pmohara: #sbbuzz Pamela from @BatchBlue – Social CRM for small businesses. And the chatty bee lady.
scoblitz: @sbbuzz Pitch: eSeMBe provides efficiency related services to micro and nano-biz – we help you get things done! #sbbuzz
IACEZ: Focus on your business, forget about your bookkeeping. Easy-to-use, affordable online bookkeeping app for small biz. #sbbuzz
CASUDI: Building bridges between People ( often Entrepreneurs ) ~ Designing Success (often for or with entrepreneurs)#sbbuzz
scoblitz: @sbbuzz What a great chat this week! Thanks so much everyone. #sbbuzz
Whistletree: We provide free and toll free conferencing, podcasting and webinar services. #sbbuzz
blueskylocal: @blueskylocal helps restaurants increase sales by counteracting weather, seasons & time with contextually relevant coupon promotions #sbbuzz
IACEZ: Thanks everyone! It’s been fun! #sbbuzz
designleap: By the way I’m offering Free Custom Twitter Background design at check out @kitbook last months winner #sbbuzz
greenhance: Pitch: “Greening Your Small Business” available now for pre-order at 32% off MSRP. #sbbuzz
rongraham1: @greenhance, not so tiny a tinyURL there. LOL #sbbuzz
Whistletree: Great tweetchat tonight! I always learn so much. Looking forward to next week’s #sbbuzz
jonedm: KitBook: We make learning hands-on science fun and HIGHLY effective for teachers and students. Great for Xmas. #sbbuzz
Timberry: @greenhance I’d like to get press stuff for possible posting on one of my blogs … maybe you could Dm me … I am following you. #sbbuzz
jonedm: @designleap Working with Yiana is a win-win. Great background and great to work with. #sbbuzz
designleap: I’d love some feedback on my website redesign #sbbuzz
nrohrbach: Q10: from @nrohrbach: how do you manage 2 full time jobs, freelance web work AND #sbbuzz all in one Tuesday? #sbbuzz
marfranclean: @sbbuzz– Commericial janitorial cleaning and building maintenance, residential total floor care, grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, #sbbuzz

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One response to “Summary from September 8, 2009: Small Biz, Saving Time

  1. I am thankful for the new things I learned reading your post. Thanks.

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