A Few More Hours in the Day

This week we will be focusing our #sbbuzz discussion on things we can do as small business owners to claim back a little of that most precious commodity: our time. There are so many different areas that can turn into “time hogs”, we’ll try to hit as many as we can. Bring us your most prudent advice for handling the administrative work, bookkeeping, social media monitoring, general correspondence, project management, business development and whatever else you think will save us a little time.

Please DM us at @sbbuzz with any specific time killers you’d like addressed in the discussion tonight. And of course, bring your tips for the best time savers you are using. We could all use a little more time.

Please join us tonight from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT for #sbbuzz to learn and share more about small business technology.



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2 responses to “A Few More Hours in the Day

  1. I do agree. Time is best managed by planning and prioritization. Not all business matters can have the same importance. Some matters require more time than others. Without a plan, you are planning to fail.

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