Summer Schedule

The sbbuzz bees are buzzing around the country (and the beaches here in sunny Rhode Island) running our businesses and living our lives. And since Twitter herself could likely use a little respite, we’re shifting to an every-other-week schedule for the remainder of the summer.

The summer schedule:
– Tuesday, July 14 – no chat
– Tuesday, July 21th – Chat with @scoblitz re: Finding Web Applications
– Tuesday, July 28th – no chat
– Tuesday, August 4th – Chat with @adarowski & @desireescales re: Build a Better Website (tentative)
– Tuesday, August 11th – no chat
– Tuesday, August 18th – Chat with someone spectacularly cool 🙂
– Tuesday, August 25th – no chat

You can view the summer schedule on Google Calendars

Happy summer everyone!


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  1. Hey, I thought I was the spectacularly cool one around here?

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