Hashtags Problems

A few of the folks participating in our weekly Twitter chat have been experiencing problems with their Twitter messages NOT showing up in the #sbbuzz stream (even though they are using the correct hashtag). This is a problem for all of us, because we are losing some great contributions to the conversation.

So we put the Twitter detectives (actually it’s just me, @pmohara, but I did have Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuth’s on in the background) on the case and found some helpful information from a Twitter employee in their Get Satisfaction account.

According to @delbius (Twitter employee) this can happen when a 3rd party application is using your account for spam-like activities (so be careful who you give access to your Twitter login to) or it could be a caching problem on Twitter’s side.

And here is her (she goes by Del) recommendation for solving it:

a) go to help.twitter.com and under “Troubleshooting” find “I can’t find myself in search!”

(if you’d like to skip all that typing, just go here: http://bit.ly/Ig2jn)

b) make sure that you haven’t done any of those things that can get you removed from search

If you have — well, that’s probably what happened. If you haven’t, file a ticket and we’ll answer it as quickly as possible. If you feel ignored, @ me with the ticket number and I’ll do my best to take a look when I can.

In the thread of discussions, @delbius also points out that opening multiple accounts CAN result in you being flagged as spam, so is not the best way to resolve this.

Hope this helps – and hope we can all get back to the conversations!

And a big thanks to the @Twitter folks for being publicly on top of this.



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3 responses to “Hashtags Problems

  1. we had this problem with our new @startupticker acount we were using the #startup and got remove from search by the twitterbots even though each of the tweets were one of a kind and not spamy in anyway. we put in a ticket and got put back on search the next day, we decided to stop using any # on our tweets just to be on the safe side but were removed from search yet again later that day. still don’t know why or how twitter are going to fix this problem? we know they are doing there best , so all we can do is wait and hope it fixed soon.

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  3. Thanks, but no, it doesn’t help. The last tweet from my main account (@bentrem) shows up late SEP08. And when I created @bentrem2 for #IranElection, my tweets were findable in http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23IranElection for something like 2 days.

    As for “3rd party application” I use the Twhirl client … that’s a sin?
    /me shakes head


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