The Good Old Tweeps Network

Let’s take this networking gig local.  To the local Chambers, that is.  For this week’s #sbbuzz discussion we are hosting a few local chamber of commerce professionals led by Will Burns (@will_burns) from the Maryland Chamber of Commerce (@mdchamber). The Maryland Chamber has been leading the way for local chambers embracing social media as a way to expand their member’s networking opportunities.  They have a Twitter account, YouTube account, LinkedIn, Flickr and Facebook.

We’ve talked a few times about the local organizations #sbbuzz members are involved in, but there seems to be a general concensus that the online networking of an #sbbuzz network and the offline networking of more traditional organizations like Chambers and local development councils does not neatly merge together.  So we will be talking to Will about things that the MD and other Chambers are doing to bridge this gap for their members as well as things that #sbbuzz members could do to bring the their local organizations (and in turn their small business neighbors) into this new fuzzy new line-less space.

Please join us tonight, Tuesday May 26th from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT for a great discussion.  And please help us spread the word!


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