Twitter for Newcomers

We’re going to try something a little different at the #sbbuzz chat tonight.  I recently had a conversation with @GayleKesten about the difficulty in jumping into a new social media network or discussion group.  I remember my first experiences with Twitter, I would be asking my unofficial Twitter mentor  @adarowski (though mentioning him here makes him official, I guess) what RT meant, or who could see what Tweets or who I needed to be following back (this was before the hashtag phenomenon, so I wasn’t asking about that yet).

The #sbbuzz community has proven to be such a supportive group, I thought we could take a few moments out of our weekly chat to focus on the advice we would give those newly joining us in this journey.  Because what is the point of social trailblazing if not to leave a well marked path?

Tonight I will be asking a few questions focusing on advice for small business owners new to Twitter.  Questions are:

  • What advice would you give a small business owner new to Twitter?
  • What should businesses talk about? What are businesses doing on Twitter?
  • Any good resources for Twitter how-tos, reference guides, etiquette, etc?

    The plan is to take a few minutes tonight to discuss amongst ourselves, point to some “How To” guides, and just focus on our tips for model business behavior on Twitter.  The #sbbuzz team will then compile the advice into a brief  “Insiders Tips for Small Businesses on Twitter” resource that will be posted on the site.  And if the plan and format work out well, we can tackle some more topics at future chats.

    If you would like to help out with the effort, just let us know with a DM to @sbbuzz.  Look forward to seeing everyone tonight at the sbbuzz chat!


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