It’s All in the Relationships. Social CRM FTW.

So you’ve taken the plunge;  you’ve set up a Facebook page, updated your LinkedIn profile, started blogging, perhaps even podcasting and you’ve found this great #SBBuzz Twitter chat.    You are meeting great new people, starting  interesting conversations, partnering on new ideas, getting advice on new marketing strategies and just as you start to get a hang of these new communities you realize YOU CAN’T KEEP UP.

BrentLearyOur guest this week is here to help.  He is blazing the trail for businesses around the world to dive straight into the social media deep end and bring their CRM (customer relationship management) needs with them.  Brent Leary (@BrentLeary) writes his own social CRM blog, contributes regularly to  Inc., CRM Magazine, &,  was recognized by InsideCRM as one of 2007’s 25 most influential industry leaders and,  by the way, is an incredibly nice guy.  He will be joining us for the second half of the #SBBuzz chat this week tohelp us get a handle on the great relationships we are building here.

bradfordshimpAnd to facilitate the conversation we have invited #SBBuzz veteran BradfordShimp (@BradfordShimp) to serve as our guest moderator.  Bradford is the author of and the co-founder of And as anyone who’s attended #SBBuzz in the past knows, he is the model social citizen, offering an impressive stream of insightful tweets, blogs and nings.  The man has a knack for 140 characters of wisdom.

And don’t worry.  While the usual #sbbuzz crew will not be running the show this week, we will be there participating.  You see, the founders of #sbbuzz have a daytime gig developing our own small business CRM tool.  So while we recognize the importance of this topic, we felt it would not be in the spirit of #sbbuzz neutrality for us to lead the conversation.  So we leave you all in the capable hands of these incredibly talented tweeters.



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3 responses to “It’s All in the Relationships. Social CRM FTW.

  1. how do you automate your listing of tweets?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Marcus- Thanks for the message. Actually, we don’t. We have this handy dandy Co-Founder named @chelpixie who manually goes through the thread of the chat each week and pulls out the meatiest tidbits and compiles them all into an easy to read list. Just wish we could clone her. 🙂

  2. Clone me? I’m game. Totally!

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