Continuing the Conversation: Tips on Getting the Most Out of SBBuzz Participation


bradfordshimpGuest post from Bradford Shimp (@bradforshimp), Owner, where he writes an advice column for business owners. 

Keeping the SBBUZZ Conversation Going.

The SBBUZZ Twitter Chat on Tuesdays (8-10pm EDT) is a great event, full of wonderful ideas and great people. A lot of material is covered in each week’s chat. Often, a topic is discussed, and you will be intrigued to learn more.



The good news is, there is more to SBBUZZ than just the chat. There are several ways to stay in the loop with SBBUZZ all week long. You can learn more about topics, have a deeper conversation, and build on relationships established in the chats.



One tool I use for staying up to date on Twitter is TweetDeck. This is a downloadable application that allows you to create groups and searches and put them in separate columns. If you use TweetDeck, you can stay up to date with the #sbbuzz conversation by clicking on the magnifying glass (you may have to expand to full screen to see it) and typing #sbbuzz into the search box. This will create a new column with Tweets that have the SBBUZZ hashtag. Often, people will continue the conversation through out the week using this hashtag. If you do not use TweetDeck, you can use and type in #sbbuzz to see what is going on throughout the week.



Beyond listening in and contributing throughout the week, you can go deeper on the topics. has put up a new resources page to give easy access to resources and articles that take the conversation further. One of the resources available there is a discussion network at This is a social network developed for the sole purpose of discussing things. It is a great place to take some of the topic from a twitter chat and expound on them. There are also resource articles written by participants on the web site that take ideas and flesh them out.



One of the greatest things about being actively involved in a SBBUZZ chat is that you get the chance to establish new relationships. You should have a plan for growing those relationships throughout the week. Focus on people with similar interests who are active at the chat. The first thing you should do is make sure you are following them on Twitter. Then, consider following them more closely using a tool like TweetDeck to establish groups. This is especially important if you follow a large number of people. I personally add the people I have interacted with at the chat to my Favorite Tweeters column on TweetDeck (this is a custom column that I created, you can call it whatever you want). When you follow folks more closely, you will find out if you have a lot in common and you will see opportunities to expand the conversation.



Once you get comfortable with someone, it is time to see how you can further the relationship. This could happen in many ways. I have personally added new people to my LinkedIn network, and have had chats with a number of fellow participants. In fact, I am launching a business with one person that I met through SBBUZZ.
Remember, when networking, it is not about you. Its about helping and adding value to each other. I have had a fellow participant seek me out to give me an idea for one of my blogs. Now that is cool. What can you do to help out other participants?



SBBUZZ is a weekly opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to get together and talk about issues and ideas. But it is also much more than that. It is a networking event where you can share ideas and find people who you connect with. It can be the starting point for new relationships, new ideas, and energizing your business efforts. You get out what you put into it.



Take some steps this week to act on the ideas and insights from the SBBUZZ Twitter chat. Also, let those ideas play out through expanded conversations. There is much value to be had when interacting with the people and the ideas presented at a chat.


Continuing the Conversation is a series of articles that will help us continue some of the great discussions that begin at one of our weekly #sbbuzz chats. While the fast paced weekly Tweetchat is a quick way to share tips and insights, it can also inspire deeper and broader discussions on a particular topic. We invite participants in the #sbbuzz chats to contact us with a direct message at @sbbuzz if you would like to contribute a guest article to continue an #sbbuzz conversation. Or see our Resources page for additional ways to continue the conversation.


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