Show Me the Money

Whether you need a little angel investment to help you get your new business up and running, you’ve got a business model that is working and are looking for VC help to take it to the next level, or you are going the old fashioned route and boot strapping through to revenue streams that will get you to profitability, what you need to succeed is a plan. And perhaps some good connections.

Our speaker at the this week, Tim Berry (@TimBerry), knows about finding the money. He has been a recipient of VC money, he bootstrapped a company to multi-million-dollar sales without outside funding, he was on the board of one that went public, and is an angel investor as a member of an angel investment group. Oh, and by the way he is the President and founder of Palo Alto Software, the Founder of and has written a few books on business planning.

We will talk to him about business funding, developing business plans and business planning, and generally about starting a business. Please join us this Tuesday, April 28, 8:00-10:00 PM EDT at  Please send any topics you would like included as a direct message to @sbbuzz.


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