Guest Moderator for Tomorrow’s #sbbuzz

The #sbbuzz crew has been spending the past few days at the SXSWi convention in Austin, TX.  We have been tweeting up a few of the more interesting small-business focused sessions and running around doing some work on our day jobs. But our return cross-country flight means means that we will be unable to host our usual #sbbuzz chat tomorrow night.  Like your good agile small business owners, we are using our ingenuity and generous people network to work this out.

I am very excited to announce that tomorrow (Tuesday, March 17th)’s session will be guest moderated by our own frequent #sbbuzz participant Scott Blitstein (better known to us here as @scoblitz).  A little more about Scott:

Scott is known personally and professionally as “Everybody’s Technology Go-To Guy.” It is his knowledge, interest and talent in all things technical that led him to start eSeMBe Technical Services in 2005.

Constantly utilizing and contributing to the internet in the course of his business and personal life, Scott has become extremely familiar with internet technology. In 2008 he became a contributing author for WebWorkerDaily, a web site providing information, support and perspectives to those who make their living utilizing the World Wide Web.

In addition, Scott keeps a personal blog, MyThermos, as an outlet for his more personal passions.

You can also follow him on Twitter as @scoblitz

Should be a great discussion. Please send any ideas for topics or questions that you would like discussed directly to Scott at @scoblitz And don’t forget to invite some friends to join in the discussion! The more voices, the better the conversation.


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One response to “Guest Moderator for Tomorrow’s #sbbuzz

  1. Thanks so much for letting me sit in as moderator. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great community and glad to help out.

    Be sure to send any questions or topic ideas my way today.


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