Safety in Numbers

We’re gearing up for the next #sbbuzz chat tonight from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST.  We had so much fun a few weeks ago learning from @jrochelle about the proper use of chocolate bars in ROI graphing, that we decided to invite another guest Tweeter.

Tonight we will be hosting prolific (and sleep-deprived)  Security Consultant Damon Cortesi (@dacort) during the second part of our #sbbuzz chat.  We’ll grill him on data security in the cloud, finding trustworthy tech help, running back-ups and more.  He’ll be here to make sure we at least know what we need to know to keep our businesses safely and smoothly running.

Please send a direct message to @sbbuzz if you have any questions or specific topics you would like discussed.

And the offer stands – if you bring a friend to the chat, we’ll send you one of the spiffy new #sbbuzz t-shirts.

Tweet it, don’t eat it:

Come talk tech security for small businesses tonight from 8-10PM EST. #sbbuzz


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