Get a New #SBBUZZ T-shirt for Free

We are very excited to show you the new #sbbuzz t-shirts cooking their way through the printing press as we speak. The brilliant @adarowski designed them up for us.

Anyone who brings a friend to tonight’s #sbbuzz chat from 8:00 – 10:00 PM EST gets a free t-shirt. Know someone doing fun things with their business in social media? Or someone like the rest of us just trying to figure it all out? Just take a minute during the introductions to tell us who you brought and why they are great. And we’ll send you a t-shirt wet off the press.

New #SBBUZZ shirts

New #SBBUZZ shirts

Hope to see everyone there tonight. Please send any questions or topics you would like discussed to @sbbuzz before the session starts tonight. And reminder that you can see the summary from last weeks discussion session and a summary of our conversation with the Google Docs product manager.

Please help us spread the word! Invitation in <140 characters:

Come talk tech on Twitter with small businesses tonight from 8-10PM EST. Get a free t-shirt if you bring a friend.


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