Summary from #sbbuzz February 17th Edition

As promised, here is the wrap-up from the Tuesday, February 17th edition of #sbbuzz. Great session and thanks again to all who participated. For part of the evening we chatted with @jrochelle from Google Docs, a summary of which I posted earlier today. And a huge thank you to the lovely @chelpixie who pours through the hundreds of tweets each week to extract the juiciest tidbits for a listing here.

Q1 from @Yaraher How do you manage your short, medium and long term goals? business plans? planning on the road?

    jtkaufmann: When using Visio it allows you to create a visual map of any process with end goals. And maps/charts ways to get there

    bradfordshimp: I like the backward planning concept of Simpleology – figure out your goal and the step to take right before you reach it, etc.

    rightantler: @sbbuzz I use webspiration to create mindmaps which turn into short/medium/long term goals

    scoblitz: @sbbuzz I use the goals functionality in Toodledo so I can link my tasks/actions to them. It also lets me track success chains.

Q2 Many talented professionals are turning to self-employment. Where do you start when turning skillset + network into a business?

    LoganKugler: @pdxdirect I started my first business at age 10. I guess you could say I didn’t have many employment options other than self-emply. #sbbuzz

    jtkaufmann: Q2:Your passion needs to be your guide…what is it that you love to do and then what have you done which further adds value #sbbuzz

    scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q2 It was pretty organic for me. In conjunction with job search I started some contract work and it just blossomed. #sbbuzz

    DrFernKazlow: Look for a need and fill it. It must integrate w/ your skills and vision. #sbbuzz

    mriggen: Q2 I left the corporate world largely because of archaic family leave policies. Kept a good network around me & ended up consulting. #sbbuzz

    Yaraher: Q2: I think it was more an attitude. I cared too much about what I did to let any other took decisions so I made them myself #sbbuzz

    Stig: Q2 Some say jump in, but I’ve always had luck moonlighting in my passion and then jumping in once the paying client base is built. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q3 from @benrasmusen What do you use for tracking your brand in social media? Where do you track it? What do you track? #sbbuzz

    selahsynergy: @sbbuzz as an independent, I track in google alerts/reader. I track my name, company name and competitors. #sbbuzz

    nrohrbach: Personally it’s tough for me to use soc media, much less track it, I still have a day job which has twitter, facebook, etc blocked #sbbuzz

    scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q3 – I’m looking at both Filtrbox and Radian6 – Google alerts aren’t reliable enough for me #sbbuzz

    jtkaufmann: Q3: Within a limited space, using Linked In for insight into who is viewing you/your company/profile is somewhat helpful #sbbuzz

    Yaraher: Q3 I mostly track it through twitter searches, google alerts and checking media accounts sparingly #sbbuzz

    mattharrell: I have yet to use it but hear great things about fro tracking rep monitoring #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q4 How do you get good press online or off? How do you build relationships with bloggers and reporters? #sbbuzz

    LoganKugler: To build relationships with reporters: HARO ( Bloggers: There are many. One way is to guest post. #sbbuzz

    Yaraher: Q4 Being a blogger myself and sharing with online communities helps a lot #sbbuzz

    mriggen: Q4 Events like SXSW and Tweetups are great for connecting offline, which leads to stronger connections online. #sbbuzz

    gamerzombies: Q4: Participating in forums, contributing to blogs including posting good content on yours, tweeting, networking on FB/Linked/Plaxo #sbbuzz

    smallbiztrends: Q4: Get online press by commenting on blogs and publishing contact info on your own blog so you are reachable easily #sbbuzz #sbbuzz

    scoblitz: @sbbuzz Q4: Twitter has been a great vehicle for relationship building. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q5 frm @pattianastasia Anyone doing podcasting (audio only) or webcasting (video/audio)? What are you using? What do you use it for? #sbbuzz

    mriggen: Q5 My mom owns an online coffee biz ( and does videos “Cookin’ with Coffee” (on YouTube) Go mom! #sbbuzz

    smallbiztrends: Q5: We do a weekly podcast, using to broadcast — easy peesy and free. #sbbuzz

    bradfordshimp: I take part in alot of webcasts and plan on hosting them in the future – I think it is a great tool. #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q6 from @LogicommInc As a micro-business, where do you go for basic computer support? #sbbuzz

    bradfordshimp: I’m of the DIY camp on basic computer support. #sbbuzz

    gamerzombies: Q6: IRC or forums are great for computer support… and of course you can use Twitter now. Also agree with @bradfordshimp DIY = best #sbbuzz

    nrohrbach: Honestly, the first place I go for computer support: Google. #sbbuzz

    mriggen: Q6 But what about the non-techies in the house, what do they do? I know you’re out there – would love to hear your side! #sbbuzz

    bradfordshimp: We used to hire a local guy to handle things like networking and new computer set up – but I looked over his shoulder and learned. #sbbuzz

    gamerzombies: @mriggen Non-techies should do what my family does, call a techie relative… believe me, they don’t hesitate to call me! 🙂 #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Follow-up for you DIYers: what is the best way to learn about new technologies? #sbbuzz

    gamerzombies: Best way to learn about tech is to not be afraid to ask questions and to try and do it yourself. Just back up your files frequently! #sbbuzz

sbbuzz: Q7 While waiting for Google arrival, let’s start talking collaboration tools. What are you using? Is is mobile? What works/doesn’t? #sbbuzz


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